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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mega Manila TV Ratings: February 27, 2007 (Tuesday)

TV Ratings:
Mega Manila Area
AGB Nielsen Philippines
February 2007

Tuesday, February 27:

Sis, 13.2% vs. Homeboy, 14%;
Yellow Handkerchief, 18.8% vs. Game Ka Na Ba?, 21.4%;
Eat Bulaga. 20.8% vs. Wowowee, 23.4%;
Daisy Siete, 18.2% vs. Inocente De Ti, 16.4%;
Muli, 16.5%, Princess Charming, 16.3% & Full House, 16% vs. Kapamilya Cinema, 13.7%;
Jewel in the Palace, 14.8% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 10.4%;
24 Oras, 27.4% vs. TV Patrol World, 25.3%;
Asian Treasures, 35% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 26%;
Super Twins, 36.4% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 26.4%;
Bakekang, 34% vs. Maria Flordeluna, 24.5%;
Jumong, 28.8% vs. Pinoy Big Brother Season 2, 24.4%;
StarStruck, 19.6% & Bahay Mo Bato?, 14.6% vs. Princess Hours, 18.7% & Bandila, 9%.

GMA-7: 18.0
ABS-CBN: 16.2
QTV-11: 01.4

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

GMA-7, nilampaso ng ABS-CBN noong Sunday!

Sabado: Peb. 24:
Magsimula tayo sa Saturday, ang Imbestigador ay tinadyakan ng XXX by 1 point, sa Battle of Cebu na naka-28.2% laban sa underperforming na ratings ng Hokus Pokus, Sine Totoo at Walang Tulugan ng Siete.

Linggo: Peb. 25:
Nagsimula ito sa ASAP '07 tapos pinasa sa The Buzz, TV Patrol Linggo, Goin' Bulilit at ang Interview ni Kris & James sa Rated 'K' na nakatikim rin ng 34.9% na nilampaso si Mel at si Joey (Mel & Joey: 20%) sa pilot naman ng Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 noong Sunday (Peb. 25, 2007) naka-28.2% kasama si Sharon (24.4%) na tinalo ang All Star 'K' na naka-20.8% lang. Maganda yata yan! Keep up the good Work ABS-CBN!

What can I say, despite sa mga binabato na intriga kay Kris at James, Kris strengthen the rating of Rated 'K' last Sunday. Wohoo!

Mega Manila TV Ratings: February 26, 2007 (Monday)

TV Ratings:
Mega Manila Area Only:
February 2007

Monday, February 26:

Sis, 11.8% vs. Homeboy, 13.4%;
Yellow Handkerchief, 17.3% vs. Game Ka Na Ba?, 19.9%;
Eat Bulaga, 20.7% vs. Wowowee, 23.3%;
Daisy Siete 17.9% vs. Inocente De Ti, 16.5%;
Muli, 16%, Princess, 15.9% Full House, 16.4% vs. Kapamilya Cinema, 13%;
Jewel in the Palace, 14.1% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 11.4%;
24 Oras, 29.9% vs. TV Patrol World, 25.9%;
Asian Treasures, 33.5% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 28.5%;
Super Twins, 34.8% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 26.7%;
Bakekang, 30.7% vs. Maria Flordeluna, 23.7%;
Jumong, 24.2% vs. Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 , 23.8%;
Starstruck, 17.3% vs. Princess Hours, 20.3%;
Lagot Ka, Isusumbong Kita!, 12.5% vs. Bandila, 10.7%.

GMA-7: 17.3
ABS-CBN: 16.2

Monday, February 26, 2007

Mega Manila TV Ratings: February 23-25, 2007

TV Ratings:
Mega Manila Area Only

February 2007

Nilampaso ng Rated 'K' ang Mel & Joey at ang Pinoy Big Brother ay nilampaso ang mga kalaban nitong shows sa Siete. Ang Eat Bulaga ay naka-27.1% vs. Wowowee (20.5%). Ang Sharon ay nakaungus din sa All Star 'K'. Ang final episode ng KDOND: P4ME ay naka-27.3%. While ang Sana Maulit Muli ay nalampaso ni Bakekang.

Friday, February 23:

Sis, 13.4% vs. Homeboy, 13.8%;
Yellow Handkerchief, 18.9% vs. Game Ka Na Ba?, 21.2%;
Eat Bulaga, 23.1% vs. Wowowee, 22.1%;
Daisy Siete, 18% vs. Inocente De Ti, 14.7%;
Muli, 15.7%, Princess Charming, 14.5% & Full House, 15.7% vs. Kapamilya Cinema, 12.8%;
Jewel in the Palace, 15.4% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 10.2%;
24 Oras, 24.8% vs. TV Patrol World, 20.9%;
Asian Treasures, 31.9% vs. Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition (finale), 27.3%;
Super Twins, 34.2% vs. Maria Flordeluna, 21.2%;
Bakekang, 29.3% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 19.4%;
Jumong, 28.1% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 22.7%;
StarStruck, 19.5% & Bubble Gang, 14.3% vs. Maalaala Mo Kaya, 20.9% & Bandila, 7.9%;

GMA: 17.7
ABS-CBN: 15.3
QTV-11: 01.5


Saturday, February 24:

Takeshi's Castle, 15.4% vs. Game Ka Na Ba?, 14.4%;
Eat Bulaga, 27.1% vs. Wowowee, 20.5%;
Startalk, 22.3% vs. Nagmamahal Kapamilya, 15.2% & Let's Go!, 7.8%;
Wish Ko Lang, 18.6% vs. Star Magic Presents, 9% & Little Big Superstar, 8.6%;
Bitoy's Funniest Videos, 23.5% vs. TV Patrol Sabado, 12.5%;
Pinoy Pop Superstar, 22.6% vs. Komiks, 19.7%;
Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, 26.3% vs. John En Shirley, 20.9%;
Imbestigador, 26.5% vs. XXX, 27.5%;
Hokus Pokus, 13.5%, Sine Totoo, 9.7% & Walang Tulugan, 2.3% vs. Battle of Cebu, 28.2%.

GMA: 17.4
ABS-CBN: 15.5
QTV-11: No Data


Sunday, February 25:

Takeshi's Castle, 13.2% & SOP, 16.5% vs. ASAP 07, 18.1%;
Magic Kamison, 16.3% vs. Your Song, 13.6% & Lovespell, 11.8%;
S-Files, 17.3% vs. The Buzz, 18.5%;
Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang, 18.9% vs. TV Patrol Linggo, 20.5%;
StarStruck, 21.4% vs. Goin' Bulilit, 24%;
Mel & Joey, 20% vs. Rated 'K', 34.9%;
All Star 'K', 20.8% vs. Sharon, 24.4% & Pinoy Big Brother (pilot), 28.2%.

TFCGodSon's Calculator Results for the Average for Sunday:
These calculations may not match AGB Nielsen's calculations:

ABS-CBN: 21.6
GMA: 18.1

Showbiz Oriented Talkshows: Mega Manila
1.) Startalk (GMA) 22%
2.) The Buzz (ABS-CBN) 18.5%
3.) S-Files (GMA) 17.3%
4.) Showbiz Stripped (GMA) (no data)

God promised us not to create a great flood.

Did we Mother Earth betrayed us? OR Did we BETRAYED MOTHER EARTH?

Scientist said, we have only 10 Years, to reverse the THREAT!

Global warming Video:

What will happen if Global Warming get worse?

Global Warming Prediction Year 2070-2100.
Sa napapansin ninyo sa map, hindi po ganyan ang magiging mukha ng mundo. Dahil ang Shanghai, China ay mawawala sa mapa, ang Florida, U.S.A. mawawala sa mapa, ang Metro Manila, Philippines ay mawawala sa mapa at ang ibang bahagi ng mundo walang bukid or low elevation.

Kung makikita ninyo ang Mount Kilimajaru sa Africa sa present pic nito ngayon wala na itong snow sa ibabaw dahil Global Warming sucks up moisture from the ground kaya makikita ninyo yung dry soil na nag-crack na.

The Video on what Vice President Al Gore predicted:

What will happen to the world after 30-50 Years due to Global Warming?:

"Train" Global Warming TV Ad:


Sorry for the videos but this is a serious problem.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hot Topics

Philippine Showbiz:

Inedit lang pala ang Sam-Piolo Holding Hands!

Hay nako! Ang S-Files ng GMA-7 naglabas ng Picture na hindi totoo! Nako naman, Satan is manipulating GMA Network Inc. or other people around the corner. Baka si Wilma Galvante na naman ang gumawa nito! tsk, tsk, tsk. Bad people! Galit na ang na sa itaas! Better watch kasi, baka "RETRIBUTION" will come. Ang S-Files naganahan ito itong palabasin. "Libel" ang tawag niyan di po yan "Freedom of Speech!" Magharapan nalang kaya kayo sa Supreme Court para ma lintik na naman ang Siete or kung sino man ang gumawa nito! Halata talaga na computer manipulated ang pic.

Compare ninyo yung pic:
Sam-Piolo Holding Hands di totoo!
or if the link above won't work try it here:

Thank You to Kapamilya101 (Kapamilya Central) & to Shelu!



source for these Global Articles:

What is Global Warming?

The Earth as an ecosystem is changing, attributable in great part to the effects of globalization and man. More carbon dioxide is now in the atmosphere than has been in the past 650,000 years. This carbon stays in the atmosphere, acts like a warm blanket, and holds in the heat — hence the name ‘global warming.’

The reason we exist on this planet is because the earth naturally traps just enough heat in the atmosphere to keep the temperature within a very narrow range - this creates the conditions that give us breathable air, clean water, and the weather we depend on to survive. Human beings have begun to tip that balance. We've overloaded the atmosphere with heat-trapping gasses from our cars and factories and power plants. If we don't start fixing the problem now, we’re in for devastating changes to our environment. We will experience extreme temperatures, rises in sea levels, and storms of unimaginable destructive fury. Recently, alarming events that are consistent with scientific predictions about the effects of climate change have become more and more commonplace.

Environmental Destruction

The massive ice sheets in the Arctic are melting at alarming rates. This is causing the oceans to rise. That’s how big these ice sheets are! Most of the world’s population lives on or near the coasts. Rising ocean levels, an estimated six feet over the next 100 years or sooner, will cause massive devastation and economic catastrophe to population centers worldwide.

The United States, with only four percent of the world’s population, is responsible for 22% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. A rapid transition to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources will combat global warming, protect human health, create new jobs, protect habitat and wildlife, and ensure a secure, affordable energy future.

Health Risks

Malaria. Dengue Fever. Encephalitis. These names are not usually heard in emergency rooms and doctors’ offices in the United States. But if we don’t act to curb global warming, they will be. As temperatures rise, disease-carrying mosquitoes and rodents spread, infecting people in their wake. Doctors at the Harvard Medical School have linked recent U.S. outbreaks of dengue fever, malaria, hantavirus and other diseases directly to climate change.

Catastrophic Weather

Super powerful hurricanes, fueled by warmer ocean temperatures are the “smoking gun” of global warming. Since 1970, the number of category 4 and 5 events has jumped sharply. Human activities are adding an alarming amount of pollution to the earth’s atmosphere causing catastrophic shifts in weather patterns. These shifts are causing severe heat, floods and worse.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

ABS-CBN's New Schedule:

ABS-CBN Primetime Bida:
On Effect by February 26, 2007 (Monday)

In order:

Pangako Sa 'Yo
TV Patrol World
Sana Maulit Muli
Maging Sino Ka Man
Maria Flordeluna
Pinoy Big Brother
Princess Hours

Photo Courtesy:

Thursday, February 22, 2007

GMA-7's being #1 in 2004 is only a PLASTIC COVER?

Sa napapansin ninyo, ang 2004 ay taon ng paninira, ang Siyete kasi ang naninira.

Ngayon babasagin ko agn aking katahimikan!

Nanalo ang GMA-7 sa ratings dahil sa paninira. Devil's Advocate ika nga. So meaning ang Mulawin ninyong namamayagpag daw ay isa lang palang Plastic Cover (di pala ORIGINAL ang panalo ninyo!) I know because, "uhaw" na kayo sa ratings! Pathetic talaga ang Executive na yan! Ngayon,

Sa Flashback, bakit ba sinabi ni Wilma G. na malapit na malaos si Marina aber? may plano talaga ang mga Raisists sa loob ng compound ng GMA!

Hoy! kung maninira man lang kayo husayan ninyo!
KARMA for GMA-7 is slowly coming. Wait until one day, GMA-7's ratings will collapsed.

Ang ginawa ng GMA-7 is "NETWORK JAM" & "PANINIRA"
Ho! sino mas walang talent sa mga artists ng ABS-CBN at GMA-7?

Meron nga ang Siyete ng Talent Center, pero wala namang Workshop.
Kaya cguro "Telefantasya" ang pinabalabas ninyo sa inyong so-called "Telebabad" at pabalikbalik ang mga artista. This March 2007, Lupin (Richard Gutierrez)? ano bayan? Kakatapos lang ng Captain Barbell, balik na naman?

GMA-7 Network, The Philippines' #1 "Fraud Network"


TV Ratings:
Mega Manila Area

GMA-7 & ABS-CBN TV Ratings:

Thursday, February 22:

Sis, 11.2% vs. Homeboy, 15.9%;
Yellow Handkerchief, 17.8% vs. Game Ka Na Ba?, 21.2%;
Eat Bulaga (GMA), 22% vs. Wowowee (ABS-CBN), 23.6%;
Daisy Siete, 18.6% vs. Inocente De Ti. 16.1%;
Muli, 17.5%, Princess Charming, 16.8% & Full House, 15.5% vs. Kapamilya Cinema, 13.1%;
Jewel in the Palace, 15.1% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 12.3%;
24 Oras, 27.1% vs. TV Patrol World, 23.4%;
Asian Treasures, 31.8% vs. Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition, 29.3%;
Super Twins, 35.3% vs. Maria Flordeluna, 27%;
Bakekang, 32.7% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 26.9%;
Jumong, 27.5% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 26.1%;
StarStruck, 18.5% & Magpakailanman, 16.5% vs. Princess Hours, 20.6% & Bandila, 10.1%.

GMA: 17.8
ABS-CBN: 16.8
QTV-11: 01.7

ABS-CBN, I-Rewind ito!:

I-rewind po ang RAGNAROK!

GMA7 Executive: Wilma Galvante, naghahasik na naman ng lagim?

Originally Posted by cla_cbe_d_best of PEx
^^ PILIT ^^

KAPAL muka - ganito ang title ng email nila, mga press releases na ipapamudmod sa tabloids tsk tsk...eto yung nabuko sila. old habits. pero ngayon, sobrang confidential, pero my nag leak pa rin.. i post ko pag nakakuha ako ng copies..until now, buhay na buhay ang mga galamay ni WILMA G. para sirain ang mga ABS stars.. ingat po mga kapamilya. DI LANG SI KRIS... BERNADETTE,CLAUDINE AT PIOLO BINANATAN DIN NG SIYETE.

Ang nilalaman ng rejoinder affidavit ni Tet Defensor, dating program publicity manager ng GMA-7, ang katibayang mapanghahwakan ngayon hindi lamang ni Kris Aquino kundi pati na ng ABS-CBN na totoo palang sadya at pinagsusunugan ng kilay ng Kapuso network ang pagbira ng personal sa kalaban nilang istasyon. Sa kanyang huling pagkakataon ng kanyang sinmupaang salaysay ay naibigay ni Tet sa korte ang mga dokumentong naglalaman ng mga detalye kung paano tinatrabaho ng Siyete ang kanilang ANTI-ABS "NOISE".

Ayon kay Tet, wala pa siya sa siyete ay meron nang pangyayaring pagpaplano, Feb.19,2004 ang petsa ng dokumento, samantalng March 1,2004 opisyal na naging empleyado ng istasyon si Tet, pero isinasama na sya sa miting. Ang dokumento na minarkahang "Annex C" sa rejoinder affidavit ni Tet ay isang email na ipinadala kay Butch Racquel, OIC For Corporate Comunications ng Siyete, na mula naman kina Rosette Hernandez at Gigi Santiago na parehong unit managers ng GMA-7.

Ang nilalaman ng e-mail ay puro negatibo sa mga programa ng ABS-CBN, humaba nang humaba ang dokumento dahil sa pagpapalitan ng opinyon ng mga kinauukulan, pero ang kabuuan ay nakatutok lamang sa kung paano nila ibabagsak ang lahat ng artista at programa ng Dos.

Unang halimbawa, tungkol kay Kris Aquino na nagsampa na ng kasong libelo laban sa mg ehekutibo ng istasyon na nagkakahalaga ng P80-M dahil sa lumabas na press release ng Siyete nung July 9 na puro kasiraan nito ang nilalaman, ay ganito ang sinasabi sa dokumento: "What about... Kris Aquino, turn-off na ang mga viewers kaya tsugi na ang show at kahit anong show pa siya ilagay...NEGA ang perception. Liar sya.I rest my case. (Santiago,Gigi Q.) WVG:'Wag na tayong makisawsaw dito, lumalabas na naman ito" Ang WVG na nagkomento ay si Wilma V. Galvante, VP for Entertainment ng GMA-7. Ito ang sinasabi ni Tet Defensor sa kanyang affidavit na ang eksaktong nilalaman ay ganito, "The column feed against ABS-CBN and Kris Aquino was formulated as early as Feb.19,2004(that time I was not yet employed at GMA-7) it can be seen from an email sent to Mr. Butch Racquel on this date with the subject heading: "ANTI-ABS NOISE" by one Rosette Hernandez and one Gigi Santiago,both unit managers of GMA Network.

Attached is a copy of the original message marked as Annex C." Nasa dokumento rin ang komento tungkol kay Bernadette Sembrano, dating host ng Wish Ko Lang na lumipat na sa Dos, tinawag nilang "Halik ni Hudas" ang paghalik ng mabait na host kina Ms. Charo Santos at Ms. Cory Vidanes. Tungkol naman kina Piolo Pascual at Claudine Barretto ay tinawag nilang "lukewarm at flopchina" ang pelikulang Milan, hiwalay ang pag-aangat nila sa napakaliit na papel ni Iza Calzado sa Milan, na ganito ang sinasabi, "Diba, pwedeng mapalabas na it was Te Amo's Iza Calzado that saved the film from total devastation? Gamitin natin to our advantage ang participation ni Iza in a Star Cinema film that even they saw her markadong performance as Mary Grace, Piolo's wife. (Santiago, Gigi Q.)" Isa pang banat ito, "Kailangan nating i-dilute ang excitement of Piolo on primetime na coming soon (referring to Mangarap Ka).

Walang K ang kanilang mga fresh talents na isalaksak sa A.S.A.P. (referring to Sarah Geronimo, Erik Santos, Star In A Million Finalists and SCQ). Wala silang talent nor karisma sa tao. Meron pa ngang mukhang transvestita." "Lets scream to the amazing gains of the likes of Rainier (eg. Fans' Day last Sunday). Extra Challenge this week's survivor StarStruck vs. Kris Aquino as glorified standupper/continuity V.O. in this week's trying hard to be Extra Challenge Format of Game Ka Na Ba? na dapat machukchak na! Bomba stars making fools of themselves versus our fresh talents? Wagi tayo di hamak. (Santiago, Gigi Q.) "WVG: If we talk about them, dapat isang malaking banat lang, balik agad sa GMA. Lets not talk about them, lest we generate excitement for them." Ngayon ay alam na namin kung saan nag-ugat ang mga ganitong atake sa mga kolum na nabasa namin, nasagot na ang matagal na naming hinahanap, nandito lang pala sa dokumentong hawak ni Tet na ganito ang sinasabi: "We need a strong position on GMA as a network is now the REAL STAR MAKER. Personality sila. Tayo, network as entity. Si Mr. M na ibinabandera nila in their release, hindi na nga ang so-called Talent Center nila. Hindi ba maganda i-ask - paano na na ang dose-dosenang mga bata from tha last 12 Star Circles na patay na ang career ngayon.

Saan ang staying power? Shopping ng shopping para sa mga bagets...para saan? maging FROZEN DELIGHT at ibuburo ang mga bagets? (Santiago, Gigi Q.) WVG: Okay ang idea na network as entity as REAL STARMAKER not one personality. Na-prove ng GMA na we know how to do it the best way possible. Message should include: CREDIBILITY is with GMA na."

Ang dami-dami pa, napkarami pa, tulad ng banat nila sa Marina na ganito naman ang takbo ng kanilang publisidad. "Marina daw revolutionary...Eh bakit di nila i-air ngayon na? Bugbog sa plug pero para ba yang ampao na pag kinagat, hangin ang lalabas? " Takot ba sila sa tunay at totoong galing ng GMA gumawa ng mahusay at dekalibreng SERYE o totoo nga na hindi pa tapos ang first episode at naloloka sila to finish? Ayaw natin ito, baka ma-excite sila sa paglabas.

E kung di mailabas baka hindi maganda ang pagkakagawa? Don't tell me di sila gawa ng MTV nito?Laos! Malapit na. Malapit na malapit na raw si Marina. Lunurin ang mga sirena.Kailan ba talaga ang showing nito, kuya?" Ilan lamang ito sa mga pagpapalitan ng komento-ideya nina Ms.Wilma Galvante, Rosette Hernandez at Gigi Santiago sa email na nakuha ni Tet Santiago bilang ebidensya laban sa pamunuan ng Siyete. Habang isinusulat namin ang kolum na ito ay nanlalata at napapailing kami, ang lahat ng nababasa namin ngayon sa hawak naming dokumento ay nabasa namin sa mga pahayagan,nalulungkot kami dahil ang akala nami'y personal na opinyon ng mga manunulat ang aming nabasa.

Napaniwala kami na yun ang tunay nilang paninindigan, akala nami'y sinasaladuhan nila talaga ang GMA-7, pero ang mga pinanggalingan palang hulmahan ang mga papuring yun na ibinabagsak naman ang ABS-CBN."


TFC GodSon's 100% Analysis:

1.) Parang PIKONIN yata ang executive.
2.) Nalulunod sa galit ang executive.
3.) Meron pa palang ganyanan hanggang ngayon.
4.) At isa pa matagal ko ng na halata na meron palang ganyanan sa loob ng GMA Compound.

- Oh, well wala tayong magagawa, kung negative ang attitude ng executive damay ang mga empleyado nito. Let them do that & they will regret it. Mabuti narin na hindi pumatol ang ABS-CBN sa executive.

Sa ngayon, anong network ang pinabato ng papuri? At anong network ang binabato ng "criticisms?"

For me, that woman is a monster & a big paint on the neck!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mega Manila TV Ratings: February 21, 2007

TV Ratings:

AGB Nielsen Media
Mega Manila Area

GMA-7 & ABS-CBN TV Ratings:

Wednesday, February 21:

Sis (GMA), 13% vs. Homeboy (ABS-CBN), 12%;
Yellow Handkerchief, 19.6% vs. Game Ka Na Ba?, 23%;
Eat Bulaga, 21.5% vs. Wowowee, 23.7%;
Daisy Siete, 19.4% vs. Inocente De Ti, 16.7%;
Muli (pilot week), 16.1%, Princess Charming, 15.2% & Full House, 16.4% vs. Kapamilya Cinema, 13.4%;
Jewel in the Palace, 15.4% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 9.8%;
24 Oras, 26.8% vs. TV Patrol World, 22.3%;
Asian Treasures, 31.2% vs. Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition (final week), 27.3%;
Super Twins, 32.4% vs. Maria Flordeluna, 24.4%;
Bakekang, 33.7% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 27.1%;
Jumong, 28% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 28.4%;
Starstruck, 19.4% & Nuts Entertainment, 14% vs. Princess Hours, 19.8% & Bandila, 10.5%.


S-Files, nauwi sa wala sa pakikipaglaban sa The Buzz?

ABS-CBN's "The Buzz" (above) vs. GMA-7's "S-Files" (below)

Ang buhay naman talaga, matindi pala ang laban ng ABS-CBN 2 at GMA-7 sa ratings para sa Mega Manila. Mag concentrate tayo sa "The Buzz" (ABS-CBN 2) at "S-Files" (GMA 7), mga isyong pumutok sa S-Files na "Sam Milby & Piolo Pascual Holding Hands", pinanood nga ba ng maraming tao?

Kasi noong Linggo, February 18, 2007 to be specific. Nagsalita si Kris Aquino tungkol sa rebelasyon nila ni James Yap. Doon sila (Kris & James) nagsalita sa "The Buzz" at ikinaalarma ng GMA-7 ang issue, so, maspinalaki nila ang issue ni Sam at Piolo, parang paninira na talaga ang bato ng S-Files sa ABS-CBN Stars. For me, "Wala namang ganyanan" at ganon ba KA-DESPERADO ang GMA-7?

Imagine, 10.2% lang ang nakuha ng S-Files laban sa 16.4% ng The Buzz sa ABS-CBN 2.
Sayang lang pala ang issue, nauwi lang sa 10.2% na rating.
"Kung anong binato mo sa kabila, yun din ang babalik sayo" In short, "KARMA!"

Isa na di ko gusto sa S-Files, is medyo "BADUY" ang mga HOSTS, No Offense, pero chi-necheck ko rin kung anong palabas sa KABILA (GMA7)!

So wala namang ganyanan, maninira ng artista para makakuha ng ratings, di natalaga pinalagpas ng taong bayan na marinig is Tetay.

Kapamilya, DEAL OR NO DEAL?

Mega Manila TV Ratings: February 20, 2007 (Mon.Tues)

TV Ratings:

ABS-CBN & GMA-7 TV Ratings

Mega Manila Area
AGB Nielsen Philippines

Tuesday, February 20:

Sis, 13.7% vs. Homeboy, 12.3%;
Yellow Handkerchief, 18% vs. Game Ka Na Ba?, 23%;
Eat Bulaga, 22.6% vs. Wowowee, 25.9%;
Daisy Siete, 17.9% vs. Inocente De Ti, 19.2%;
Muli (pilot week), 15.2%, Princess Charming, 13.3% & Full House, 15.5% vs. Kapamiya Cinema, 17.6%;
Jewel in the Palace, 16.8% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 10%;
24 Oras, 27.4% vs. TV Patrol World, 26.2%;
Asian Treasures, 34.1% vs. Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition (final week), 27.8%;
Super Twins, 34.3% vs. Maria Flordeluna, 26.5%;
Bakekang, 31.5% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 27.3%;
Jumong, 26.3% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 24.6%;
StarStruck, 17.2% & Bahay Mo Bato', 13.8% vs. Princess Hours, 19.3% & Bandila, 8.7%;
Saksi, 8.5% vs. The Correspondents, 6% & Mirada de Mujer, 2.7%
Reporter's Notebook, 5.5% vs. Games Uplate, 1.2%.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mega Manila TV Ratings: February 17-19, 2007 (Sat.-Mon.)

TV Ratings:

Mega Manila Area
ABS-CBN & GMA-7 TV Ratings
AGB Nielsen Philippines
February 2007

Saturday, February 17:

Takeshi's Castle (GMA-7), 13.2% vs. Pilipinas, Game KNB? (ABS-CBN), 14.4%;
Eat Bulaga, 23.4% vs. Wowowee, 23.3%;
Startalk, 12.2% vs. Nagmamahal Kapamilya, 16.3% & Let's Go!, 9.9%;
Wish Ko Lang, 16.2% vs. Star Magic Presents, 11.2% & Little Big Superstar,
Bitoy's Funniest Videos, 22.4% vs. Komiks Presents: The Adventures of Pedro Penduko, 21.6%;
Pinoy Pop Superstar, 24.5% vs. TV Patrol Sabado, 14.3%;
Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, 29.5% vs. John En Shirley, 20.4%;
Imbestigador, 34.2% vs. XXX, 22.1%;
Hokus Pokus, 22.1% vs. Aalog Alog, 14.9% & Sabado Movie Greats, 9.5%.

Mega Manila TV Households:
GMA-7: 17.7
ABS-CBN 2: 13.3
QTV-11: 01.8


Sunday, February 18:

Takeshi's Castle (GMA-7), 12% vs. It Started With A Kiss (ABS-CBN), 10.4%;
S.O.P. Concert TV, 16% vs. A.S.A.P. '07, 17.4%;
Magic Kamison, 12.9% vs. Your Song, 13.6% & Love Spell: Click na Click, 13.7%;
S-Files, 10.2% vs. The Buzz (Kris Aquino Interview), 16.4%;
Ang Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang, 15.5% vs. TV Patrol Linggo, 20.6%;
StarStruck, 19.5% vs. Goin Bulilit, 21%;
Mel & Joey (GMA), 21.4% vs. Rated 'K': Handa Na Ba Kayo? (ABS-CBN), 24.5%;
All Star 'K': The P1M Videoke Challenge, 21% vs. Sharon, 12.7%;
Daddy Di Do Du, 18.4% & Sunday Night Box Office, 12% vs. Sunday's Best, 8.1%;

Ranked Showbiz-Oriented Talkshows for Feb. 18:
1.) The Buzz (ABS-CBN) - 16.4% - Kris Aquino Interview kasi!
2.) Startalk (GMA) - 12.2%
3.) S-Files (GMA) - 10.2%

Monday, February 19: (Primetime - Midnight)

Jewel in the Palace (GMA), 16.8% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 10%;
24 Oras, 30.1% vs. TV Patrol World, 24.5%;
Asian Treausures, 34.2% vs. Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition (final week), 31.4%;
Super Twins, 34.2% vs. Maria Flordeluna, 25.8%;
Bakekang, 31% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 26.8%;
Jumong, 26.1% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 24.2%;
StarStruck 4, 15.9% & Lagot Ka, Isusumbong Kita, 11.7% vs. Princess Hours, 20.3% & Bandila, 9.4%.

As I calculate the average:
25.0 GMA (Primetime-Midnight only)
21.6 ABS-CBN (Primetime - Midnight)

Source: Pinoy Exchange Forums

Monday, February 19, 2007

Super Inggo Book 2 Petition:

Do you want to see Budong & Jomar again in their adventure?

Sign now for the Petition for Super Inggo in PEx & Mukamo Forums.

The teaser & video is in Youtube.

You can find it by CLICKING HERE

Sign here:
Pinoy Exchange Forums

Sunday, February 18, 2007

ABS-CBN & GMA-7 Nationwide TV Ratings: January 14-20, 2007

Click the Image to get a large copy of the NUTAM Ratings.

Surprisingly, GMA-7's Asian Treausres ranked 3rd on the NUTAM.
GMA-7 regain it's top spot in Metro Manila.

Analysis by TFCGodSon:



Breakdown to smaller areas:

Luzon: 6 ABS-CBN / 4 GMA
-Metro Manila: 4 ABS-CBN / 6 GMA

Visayas: 10 ABS-CBN / 0 GMA
-Metro Cebu: 10 ABS-CBN / 0 GMA

Mindanao: 10 ABS-CBN / 0 GMA
-Metro Davao: 10 ABS-CBN / 0 GMA

No doubt, ABS-CBN is really a SOLID RATER in Visayas & Mindanao.

From Business World Newspaper, page S3, Wealth Manager

Special Thanks to: seichi_gw7 of ABS-CBN Forums

KPB will not be posting TYPED NUTAM Ratings on the window.
KPB will post PICS from NUTAM in Business World Newspaper.

Partial Ratings Only:

Mega Manila TV Ratings

Friday, February 16:

Sis (GMA), 13.5% vs. Homeboy (ABS-CBN), 13.7%;
Yellow Handkerchief, 18% vs. Game Ka Na Ba?, 22.1%;
Eat Bulaga, 23.4% vs. Wowowee, 23%;
Daisy Siete, 17.7% vs. Inocente De Ti, 14.8%;
Makita Ka Lang Muli (finale), 16.6%, Princess Charming, 16.8% & Full House, 15.1% vs. Kapamilya Cinema, 11.2%;
Jewel in the Palace, 14.8% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 12.2%;
24 Oras, 26.5% vs. TV Patrol World, 20.9%;
Asian Treasures, 32.7% vs. Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition, 27.3%;
Super Twins, 32.7% vs. Maria Flordeluna, 22%;
Bakekang, 30.8% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 22.1%;
Jumong, 26.6% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 27.8%;
StarStruck, 18.5% & Bubble Gang, 19.1% vs. Maalaala Mo Kaya, 22% & Bandila, 10.4%.


GMA: 18.2
ABS-CBN: 15.7
QTV-11: 01.4

Source: AGB Nielsen

Friday, February 16, 2007

Endless Love 4: Spring Waltz - April 2007 on ABS-CBN!

Endless Love 4: Spring Waltz will be on April 2007 replacing Princess Hours in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida.

Ito yung series na di binili ng GMA7 para sa continuation sa kanilang Endless Love 1-3.

Abangan ito sa ABS-CBN Primetime Bida!

Maganda din ang mga bida.

Ang KBS-2 Korea ang original channel nito sa Korea.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Rounin Update: The Cast of Rounin & Mega Manila TV Ratings Feb. 14-15, 2007


Cadmus - Diether Ocampo
Aura - Angelica Panganiban
Selene - Shaina Magdayao
Mhytos - Rayver Cruz
Cyrus - Geoff Eigenmann
Thalon - Joross Gamboa
Leal - Nikki Gil
Juris - Luis Manzano
Raysian - Melissa Ricks
Venom - Jhong Hilario
Amon - Rico Barrera
Naya - Agot Isidro
Draco - Monsour Del Rosario
Braullo - AJ Dee

- April 2007 na!

TV Ratings:
Mega Manila Area Only
GMA & ABS-CBN TV Ratings
AGB Nielsen

Wednesday, February 14:
Sis (GMA), 12.9% vs. Homeboy (ABS-CBN), 13.3%;
Yellow Hankerchief, 16.8% vs. Game Ka Na Ba?, 23.4%;
Eat Bulaga, 22.2% vs. Wowowee, 23.5%;
Daisy Siete, 16% vs. Inocente De Ti, 14.8%;
Makita Ka Lang Muli, 15.6%, Princess Hours, 15.8% & Full House, 14.8% vs. Kapamilya Cinema, 13%;
Jewel in the Palace, 18.2% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 11.4%;
24 Oras (GMA), 28.2% vs. TV Patrol World (ABS-CBN), 25.6%;
Asian Treausres, 32.2% vs. Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition, 30.3%;
Super Twins (pilot week), 32.8% vs. Maria Flordeluna (pilot week), 23.7%;
Bakekang, 32.2% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 28.3%;
Jumong, 28.8% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 27.5%;
StarStruck, 20.4% & Nuts Entertainment, 14.3% vs. Princess Hours, 19.1% & Bandila, 9%.

17.9 GMA
16.7 ABS-CBN
01.3 QTV-11


Thursday, February 15:

Sis (GMA), 13.1% vs. Homeboy (ABS-CBN), 11.6%;
Yellow Hankerchief, 18.1% vs. Game Ka Na Ba?, 22.7%;
Eat Bulaga, 23.1% vs. Wowowee, 25.1%;
Daisy Siete, 16.3% vs. Inocente De Ti, 16.1%;
Makita Ka Lang Muli, 16.9%, Princess Charming, 15.4% & Full House, 16.5% vs. Kapamilya Cinema, 11.7%;
Jewel in the Palace, 16.5% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 15.7%;
24 Oras, 28.8% vs. TV Patrol World, 27.4%;
Asian Treasures, 33.3% vs. Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition, 31.4%;
Super Twins, 36.2% vs. Maria Flordeluna, 25.9%;
Bakekang, 32.4% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 27%;
Jumong, 26.8% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 26.3%;
StarStruck, 21.9% vs. Princess Hours, 19.1%;
Magpakailanman, 19.1% vs. Bandila, 10.4%.

18.6 GMA
16.6 ABS-CBN
01.3 QTV-11

1.) Deal or No Deal? & TV Patrol World is back on Track!
2.) Game Ka Na Ba? is rating well.
3.) GMA-7's average ay sige nalang taas baba at sa ABS-CBN taas, baba at maintain!

Rounin Update:

Rounin will launch on April 2007 and will replace "Maging Sino Ka Man"

Will the show (can be beaten but, still it shows good ratings) help ABS-CBN in surpassing rival GMA Network in Mega Manila?

Will it be #1 in the NUTAM of AGB AC Nielsen?

For the theme song, the song will be sung by Bamboo. Watch & enjoy Rounin with Cool Effects.

Soon on ABS-CBN!


Filipinos who want to have TFC, you can subscribe on TFCDirect & FilipinoDirect Service. (Filipinos who are outside the country)

Just go to:

In the Search Bar, keyword:


*To subscribe you must be around the World (Not inside the Philippines).

Mega Manila TV Ratings: February 13, 2007

TV Ratings:

AGB Nielsen
ABS-CBN & GMA-7 TV Ratings
Mega Manila Area Only

Tuesday, February 13:

Sis, 14.9% vs. Homeboy, 11.4%;
Yellow Handkerchief, 18.7% vs. Game Ka Na Ba?, 22.4%;
Eat Bulaga, 22.2% vs. Wowowee, 24.2%;
Daisy Siete, 17.9% vs. Inocente De Ti, 14.5%;
Makita Ka Lang Muli, 17.7%, Princess Charming, 17.5% & Full House, 16.8% vs. Kapamilya Cinema, 12.9%;
Jewel in the Palace, 16.3% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 13.1%;
24 Oras, 29.1% vs. TV Patrol World, 27.2%;
Asian Treasures, 34.9% vs. Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition, 30.2%;
Super Twins (pilot week), 38.2% vs. Maria Flordeluna (pilot week), 26.9%;
Bakekang, 33.8% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 29.2%;
Jumong, 30.1% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 28%;
StarStruck, 20.8% & Bahay Mo Bato', 16.9% vs. Princess Hours, 19.3% & Bandila, 11%.

18.9 GMA
16.5 ABS-CBN
01.8 QTV-11




Metro Manila
August 28, 2006 - Monday

Super Inggo (Pilot): 35.3
Majika: 31.7

Metro Manila
February 9, 2007 - Friday

Super Inggo (Finale): 29.7
Asian Treasures: 28.4
Atlantika (finale): 27.0

Source: AGB Nielsen Media TV Meter

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Daytime Slot ng GMA-7, humihina!

Dramarama ng GMA-7 humihina?

Sa recent survey ng ginawa ng AGB Nielsen sa Mega Manila, ang Dramarama ng GMA-7 (except Daisy Siete) taob ng Inocente De Ti ng ABS-CBN.

Naka-16.7% ang Inocente De Ti laban sa Makita Ka Lang Muli (14.8%), Princess Charming (14.2%) at ang "original na kalaban ng Inocente De Ti" ang Full House (15.7%). Oh well, magtutuloy tuloy na yan kasi sa napapansin ko humihina ang Daytime ng GMA-7 laban sa Daytime ng ABS-CBN.

May balak kaya ang ABS-CBN na palitan ang Kapamilya Cinema?


Magic Kamison, muntik sumemplang?

Noong Linggo, Feb. 11, 2007 for Mega Manila TV Ratings, ang Magic Kamison ay naka-14.7% lang leaving ABS-CBN's Your Song (12%) by 2.7 rating points & Lovespell (10.1%) by 4.6 rating points.

Kilig narin ang Lovespell at Your Song no doubt about that.

Bakit hindi nalang nila pinatuloy ang Kapuso Movie Festival?


Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang, muntikan rin?

Sa pilot % ng Lola sa Mega Manila, naka 23.7% ito, ngayon, 18.7 na lang laban sa TV Patrol Linggo na dati 13.1 at ngayon 15.7 na. Oh well pareho lang naman ang "Ang Mahiwagang Baul" at "Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang" ng genre (type).

Abangan nalang natin sila sa ratings game.


The Original Nationwide TV Ratings Picture (Jan.7-13, 2007)

Click on the image for a clear and big copy.

From Business World Newspaper

Monday, February 12, 2007

Maria Florde Luna & Super Twins together!

Sa lumabas na ratings para sa Mega Manila,
Ang Supertwins ay naka-35.9% vs. Maria Floredeluna na naka-28.1%, pero ganda ang istorya ng Maria.

Maghihipitan din ang laban ng dalawang shows na ito, bukas baka tataas pa yang dalawa kasi pilot week.

Maghintay lang tayo sa mga kabanata sa Maria Flordeluna only at ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida after Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition.


ABS-CBN's New Shows Update:

Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 - February 26, 2007
Rounin - March 2007
Endless Love 4: Spring Waltz - 2007
1% of Anything: 2007


TV Ratings:
AGB Nielsen Philippines
Mega Manila

Monday, February 12:

Sis, 14.2% vs. Homeboy, 11.8%;
Yellow Handkerchief, 19.7% vs. Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba?, 19%;
Eat Bulaga, 24.3% vs. Wowowee, 22.4%;
Daisy Siete, 17% vs. Inocente De Ti, 15.1%;
Makita Ka Lang Muli, 17.3%, Princess Charming, 15.2% & Full House, 15.4% vs. Kapamilya Cinema, 12.5%;
Jewel in the Palace, 16.7% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 11.4%;
24 Oras, 28.6% vs. TV Patrol World, 25.5%;
Asian Treasures, 36.1% vs. Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition, 28.4%;
Super Twins (pilot episode), 35.9% vs. Maria Flordeluna (pilot episode), 28.1%;
Bakekang, 31.8% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 28.5%;
Jumong, 25.9% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 26.9%;
StarStruck, 17.9% & Lagot Ka Isusumbong Kita, 12.6% vs. Princess Hours, 19.7%;
Saksi, 8.1% vs. Bandila, 8.6%;
I-Witness, 6.8% vs. Noypi: Ikaw Ba 'To?, 3.9%, Mirada de Mujer, 1.6% & Games Uplate, 0.8%.

Remember: StarStruck has only 15 minutes. And Princess Hours started 11:15 PM (Philippine Time)

Nationwide TV Ratings

Official AGB Nielsen Media
Overnight Ratings
February 9, 2007 - Friday


Super Inggo (super ending)- 29.7
Asian Treasures - 28.4
Atlantika (finale) - 27.0


Top 10 Programs, in terms of individuals, 2:00am - 1:59am or in military time, 0200-2559.

National Urban Philippines (Jan. 7-13, 2007)

Station/Current Rank/ Previous weeks's rank/ Program/ Rating/ Share

ABS-CBN: 1-n/a: Sana Maulit Muli - 19.5 - 56.0
ABS-CBN: 2-2/: Super Inggo: 17.8 - 47.6
ABS-CBN: 3-5/: Komiks: 17.2 - 54.4
ABS-CBN: 4-1/: Kapamilya Deal Or No Deal?: 4M Edition: 17.0 - 45.1
ABS-CBN: 5-4/: Maging Sino Ka Man: 15.6 - 53.4
GMA: 6-7/: Captain Barbell: 15.5 - 40.6
ABS-CBN: 7-9/: John En Shirley: 15.2 - 44.8
ABS-CBN: 8-11/: Maalaala Mo Kaya: 15.0 - 54.4
ABS-CBN: 9-6/: XXX: 14.9 - 44.7
ABS-CBN: 10-8/: TV Patrol World: 13.9 - 45.7

Per Group of Island: (Luzon, Visayas, & Mindanao)

ABS-CBN: 1 - n/a:
Sana Maulit Muli /16.8/49.3
GMA: 2 - 1: Captain Barbell /16.7/45.3
ABS-CBN 3 - 3: Super Inggo /14.8/40.9
ABS-CBN 4 - 2: KDOND 4M Edition /14.2/38.9
GMA: 5 - 6: 24 Oras /14.0/46.5
GMA: 6 - 5: Atlantika /13.5/37.3
ABS-CBN: 7-7: Maging Sino Ka Man /13.5/46.9
GMA: 8 - 15: Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho /12.9/41.0
ABS-CBN: 9 - 10: Komiks/12.8/44.4
ABS-CBN: 10 - 17: Maalaala Mo Kaya/12.5/47.2


ABS-CBN: 1/4: Komiks/28.3/78.9
ABS-CBN: 2/3: Super Inggo/27.9/69.8
ABS-CBN: 3/n/a: Sana Maulit Muli/27.3/74.5
ABS-CBN: 4/1: KDOND 4M Edition/26.5/67.5
ABS-CBN: 5/6: John En Shirley/25.2/67.9
ABS-CBN: 6/7: XXX/22.8/63.7
ABS-CBN: 7/9: Maalaala Mo Kaya/22.1/75.3
ABS-CBN: 8/8: TV Patrol World/21.6/65.1
ABS-CBN: 9/5: Maging Sino Ka Man/21.6/71.5
ABS-CBN: 10/13: Goin Bulilit/18.8/60.9

ABS-CBN: 1/2/Komiks/33.8/74.6
ABS-CBN: 2/9/John En Shirley/29.1/69.2
ABS-CBN: 3/na/Sana Maulit Muli/28.9/75.5
ABS-CBN: 4/3/Super Inggo/25.3/60.2
ABS-CBN: 5/1/KDOND 4M Edition/24.4/55.5
ABS-CBN: 6/7/TV Patrol World/24.1/62.8
ABS-CBN: 7/5/Maging Sino Ka Man/23.0/73.2
ABS-CBN: 8/6/Maalaala Mo Kaya/23.0/72.3
ABS-CBN: 9/8/XXX/22.1/61.7
ABS-CBN: 10/13/TV Patrol Sabado/21.9/64.7

In Terms of Major Metropolitan Areas

Metro Manila
GMA: 1- 1: Captain Barbell: 18.0 - 47.4
ABS-CBN: 2 - n/a: Sana Maulit Muli: 16.2 - 44.5
GMA: 3 - 5: 24 Oras: 15.7 - 49.4
GMA: 4 - 2: Atlantika: 15.6 - 41.4
ABS-CBN: 5 - 8: Maging Sino Ka Man: 15.0 - 45.5
ABS-CBN: 6 - 22: Maalaala Mo Kaya: 14.8 - 43.1
ABS-CBN: 7 - 7: Super Inggo: 14.5 - 40.6
GMA: 8 - 3: Bakekang: 14.5 - 40.6
ABS-CBN: 9 - 6: KDOND 4M Edition: 13.7 - 36.4
ABS-CBN: 10 - 9: XXX: 13.6 - 39.2

Metro Cebu
ABS-CBN: 1 - n/a: Sana Maulit Muli /26.9/72.7
ABS-CBN: 2 - 3: Super Inggo /24.3/65.0
ABS-CBN: 3 - 1: Komiks /24.2/76.0
ABS-CBN: 4 - 8: Maalaala Mo Kaya/ 23.7/75.1
ABS-CBN: 5 - 4: Maging Sino Ka Man/22.3/69.2
ABS-CBN: 6 - 5: KDOND 4M Edition/21.3/60.2
ABS-CBN: 7 - 10: John En Shirley/19.4/58.1
ABS-CBN: 8 - 6: XXX/18.8/57.0
ABS-CBN: 9 - 7: Princess Hours/17.3/68.8
ABS-CBN: 10 - 13: TV Patrol World/17.1/57.5

ABS-CBN: 1 - 4: Komiks/37.8/81.5
ABS-CBN: 2 - 6: John En Shirley/30.1/68.5
ABS-CBN: 3 - 2: Super Inggo/28.0/69.8
ABS-CBN: 4 - n/a: Sana Maulit Muli/26.4/74.1
ABS-CBN: 5 - 3: KDOND 4M Edition/26.3/67.9
ABS-CBN: 6 - 9: XXX/24.1/64.4
ABS-CBN: 7 - 5: Maging Sino Ka Man/22.2/72.9
ABS-CBN: 8 - 7: TV Patrol/20.8/62.9
ABS-CBN 9 - 24/TV Patrol Sabado/20.6/63.5
ABS-CBN: 10 - 8: Maalaala Mo Kaya/19.7/73.6

Metro Davao
ABS-CBN: 1 - 2: Komiks/31.8/68.0
ABS-CBN: 2 - 8: John En Shirley/28.7/60.7
ABS-CBN: 3 - n/a: Sana Maulit Muli/26.4/65.7
ABS-CBN: 4 - 3: Maging Sino Ka Man/23.9/69.1
ABS-CBN: 5 - 5: Super Inggo/23.0/52.0
ABS-CBN: 6 - 14: Princess Hours/22.0/74.4
ABS-CBN: 7 - 15: TV Patrol Sabado/20.6/60.9
ABS-CBN: 8 - 7: XXX/20.3/52.4
ABS-CBN: 9 - 4: KDOND 4M Edition/20.0/46.3
ABS-CBN: 10 - 11: Rated K/19.7/63.6

ABS-CBN still leads, by the datum released by AGB Nielsen Philippines:

National Urban Philippines:

Luzon: 6 ABS-CBN/ 4 GMA
Metro Manila: 6 ABS-CBN/ 4 GMA

Visayas: 10 ABS-CBN/ 0 GMA
Metro Cebu: 10 ABS-CBN/ 0 GMA
Iloilo: 10 ABS-CBN/ 0 GMA

Mindanao: 10 ABS-CBN/ 0 GMA
Metro Davao: 10 ABS-CBN/ 0 GMA

What happened to Imbestigador in Metro Manila?
Komiks is the leading Show in Metro Cebu, Metro Davao, Iloilo.

Mega Manila TV Ratings for Feb. 9-11, 2007 are on the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 Article below.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pinoy Big Brother Season 2, Tuloy na tuloy na!

Tuloy na tuloy na ang Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 ng ABS-CBN sa Primtime Bida, ngayung Febraury 26, 2007. Handa na tayo! Bitin na tayo! Refresh your mind! This is the newest Reality Show in Philippine Primetime Television! This Season 2's housemates has 12 or more housemates. Mas may kilig, comedy, drama etc. kay sa sa dati!

Tandaan, only at ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.

The MASA wants Mariel Rodriguez, Toni Gonzaga & Kuya Wowowillie to be the hosts of PBB Season 2!


TV Ratings:

Mega Manila Area
February 9-11, 2007

Mega Manila:
Friday, February 9:
Para sa TV Ratings sa Mega Manila, nagtapos ang Super Inggo at Atlantika ng sabay pero naka-27.9% lang ang Super Inggo laban sa 30% ng Atlantika ng Siete. Tandaan ang ratings nato ay sa Mega Manila Area lang.

Sis, 11.6% vs. Homeboy, 10%;
Yellow Handkerchief, 19.5% vs. Game Ka Na Ba?, 17.8%;
Eat Bulaga, 21.2% vs. Wowowee, 23.3%;
Daisy Siete, 18.3% vs. Inocente De Ti, 16.7%;
Makita Ka Lang Muli, 14.8%, Princess Charming, 14.2% & Full House, 15.7% vs. Kapamilya Cinema, 11.7%;
Jewel in the Palace, 16.4% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 10.9%;
24 Oras, 28.7% vs. TV Patrol World, 21.4%;
Asian Treasures, 32.6% vs. Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition, 22.4%;
Atlantika (finale), 30% vs. Super Inggo (Book 1: Finale), 27.9%;
Bakekang, 31.5% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 25.8%;
Jumong, 29.5% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 25%;
StarStruck, 21.3% & Bubble Gang, 19.1% vs. Maalaala Mo Kaya (Korea Special), 19.8% & Bandila, 8.7%.

GMA: 18.5
ABS-CBN: 15.4
QTV-11: 01.6


Mega Manila:
Saturday, February 10:

Eat Bulaga, 24.7% vs. Wowowee, 23%;
Startalk, 16.4% vs. Nagmamahal Kapamilya, 12.1% & Let's Go!, 8.6%;
Wish Ko Lang, 13.5% vs. Star Magic Presents, 10.3% & Little Big Superstar (pilot), 14.9%;
StarStruck, 13.1% & Bitoy's Funniest Videos, 18.7% vs. TV Patrol Sabado, 17%;
Super Twins Primer, 23.1% vs. Komiks, 20.8%;
Pinoy Pop Superstar, 23.1% & Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, 30% vs. John En Shirley, 15.7%;
Imbestigador, 32.2% vs. XXX, 19.6% & Aalog Alog, 13.6%;
Hokus Pokus, 15.5% vs. Lovapalooza, 13%;
Showbiz Stripped, 9.4% vs. Sabado Movie Greats, 12.5%;
Master Showman, 3.3% vs. Sports Unlimited, 2.3%.

GMA: 16.8
ABS-CBN: 13.1
QTV-11: 02.1


Mega Manila:
Sunday, February 11:

Takeshi's Castle, 12.6% vs. It Started With A Kiss, 10.7%;
SOP 15.2% vs. ASAP '07, 16.5%;
Magic Kamison, 14.7% vs. Your Song, 12% & Lovespell, 10.1%;
S-Files, 11.9% vs. The Buzz, 15.7%;
Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang, 18.7% vs. TV Patrol Linggo, 15.7%;
StarStruck, 20% vs. Goin' Bulilit, 21.5%;
Mel & Joey, 18.4% vs. Rated 'K', 20.9%;
All Star 'K', 22.1% vs. Sharon, 16.2%;
Daddy Di Do Du, 21.3% & SNBO, 16.1% vs. Sunday's Best, 8.9%.

GMA: 13.7
ABS-CBN: 11.9
QTV-11: 1.4


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sunshine Dizon vs. Matt Evans & Mega Manila TV Ratings: (Feb.8, 2007)

MATT "Pedro Penduko" EVANS versus SUNSHINE "Bakekang" DIZON

I think, for that kind of idea for a show is really not a good idea! Di talaga masisisi ni Sunshine ang Taong Bayan kung pipiliin nila si Matt Evans over Sunshine.

Sunshine, bakit ka naman pumunta? At isa pa di mo rin ang taong bayan kung pipiliin nila ang ABS-CBN over GMA-7, kasi sa Iloilo, ABS-CBN leads and GMA-7 is a 2nd DISTANT. Bakit ka naman aangal kung di nila pipiliin ang #1 Show sa Mega Manila. At pagdating sa Margin sa Ratings laki talaga ng agwat.

Meron akong nakalap na ratings para sa Bakekang at Komiks (E-Mail)

Please confirm these ratings data.

Average for January 8-12, 2007: PSRC
Bakekang (GMA-7), 25.2% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 40.2%;

Average for January 13, 20, 27, 2007 (Saturdays of Jan.)
Bitoy's Funniest Videos (GMA-7), 23.7% vs. Komiks: Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko (ABS-CBN), 38.8%;

Again, please confirm the Iloilo Ratings above.


TV Ratings:
Mega Manila Area

Thursday, February 8:

Sis, 13% vs. Homeboy, 11.7%;
Yellow Hankerchief, 18.9% vs. Game Ka Na Ba?, 19.5%;
Eat Bulaga, 25.1% vs. Wowowee, 24.2%;
Daisy Siete, 18.5% vs. Inocente De Ti (new timeslot), 17.3%;
Makita Ka Lang Muli, 16.6%, Princess Charming, 15.7% & Full House, 17.4% vs. Kapamilya Cinema (new timeslot), 12.8%;
Jewel in the Palace, 20.3% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 11.7%;
24 Oras, 28.5% vs. TV Patrol World, 24.3%;
Asian Treasures, 34.8% vs. Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition, 26.2%;
Atlantika (final week), 31.5% vs. Super Inggo (final week), 28.4%;
Bakekang, 33.4% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 30.2%;
Jumong, 29.4% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 27%;
StarStruck, 17.5% vs. Princess Hours, 20.1%;
Magpakailanman, 16.4% vs. Bandila, 12%;
Saksi, 8.8% vs. S.O.C.O., 10%;
100% Pinoy, 7.1% vs. Mirada de Mujer, 3.6% & Games Uplate, 1.7%.


Philippine TV History:

Most Watched Episodes
(by ratings) (source: AGB Nielsen Philippines)
Rosalinda (78.5%) (Episode 35)(1999, ABS-CBN)
Meteor Garden (68%) (Episode 5) (2003, ABS-CBN)
Esperanza (67%) (Episode 108) (1997, ABS-CBN)
Pangako Sa'yo (65.5%) (Episode 250) (2001, ABS-CBN)
Basta't Kasama Kita (63%) (Episode 36) (2003, ABS-CBN)
Sana'y wala ng Wakas (62.7%) (Episode 27) (2004, ABS-CBN)
Mula sa Puso (61.1%) ((Bus Explotion episode) (1996, ABS-CBN)
Marimar (61%) (Episode 29) (1994, RPN9)
Pinoy Big Brother (57.9%) (2nd to the final episode) (2005, ABS-CBN)
I-witness (57.8%) (Episode "Dukha") (1999, GMA)
Bituin (57.5%) (Episode 10) (2003, ABS-CBN)

40 Highest rated TV shows
The Battle: Pacquiao vs. Morales (2006, ABS-CBN)(83.5%)
Rosalinda (1999, ABS-CBN) (69.8%)
Meteor Garden (2003, ABS-CBN) (63.8%)
Esperanza (1997, ABS-CBN) (63.5%)
Ms. Universe (1994, ABS-CBN) (62.5%)
Pangako Sa'yo (2002, ABS-CBN)(62.1%)
Marimar (1994, RPN9) (61.7%)
Maria Mercedes (1996, ABS-CBN) (59.7%)
Ms. Universe (1999, RPN9) (58.4%)
Bubble Gang (1997, GMA) (57.6%)
Maalala mo kaya (1991, ABS-CBN) (57.3%)
Balitang K (1998, ABS-CBN) (56.6%)
Wansapanatym (1997, ABS-CBN) (56.4%)
TV Patrol (1996, ABS-CBN) (56%)
I-Witness (1999, GMA) (55.3%)
Magandang Gabi...Bayan (2000, ABS-CBN) (55%)
Darna (2005, GMA) (54.3%)
Mula sa Puso (1994, ABS-CBN) (53.7%)
Pacquiao vs. Barrera (2004, RPN9) (52.9%)
2005 SEA Games (2005, ABC-5) (52.6%)
Basta't Kasama kita (2003, ABS-CBN) (52.5%)
Star Circle Quest (2004, ABS-CBN) (52.3%)
F.l.a.m.e.s (1996, ABS-CBN) (51.9%)
Encantadia (2005, GMA) (51.7%)
Marina (2004, ABS-CBN)(50.8%)
Pinoy Big Brother (2005, ABS-CBN) (50.4%)
Mojacko (1998, GMA) (49%)
Star Circle Quest (2004, ABS-CBN) (48.2%)
Mulawin (2004, GMA) (47.3%)
Bituin (2003, ABS-CBN) (47.2%)
Saan ka man naroroon (1999,ABS-CBN) (46.8%)
Starstruck (Season 3) (2005, GMA) (46.4%)
Lovers in Paris (2004, ABS-CBN) (45.7%)
Papal Visit 1995 (1995, GMA) (45.3%)
Mara Clara (1994, ABS-CBN) (45.1%)
Princess Sarah (1995, ABS-CBN) (44.3%)
Sugo (2005, GMA) (43.2%)
Sa Puso ko, Iiangatan ka (2003, ABS-CBN) (42.7%)
Full House (Korean Drama) (2004, GMA) (42.3%)
Stairway to heaven (2004, GMA) (41.5%)
(source: AGB Nielsen Philippines)

Most Watched Finales
Rosalinda (69%) (1999, ABS-CBN)
Meteor Garden (65.3%) (2003, ABS-CBN)
Darna (62.7%) (2005, GMA)
Encantadia (60.4%) (2005, GMA)
Pinoy Big Brother (60.3%) (2005, ABS-CBN)
Esperanza (59.8%) (1997, ABS-CBN)
Basta't kasama kita (58.6%) (2003, ABS-CBN)


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Showbiz & Mega Manila TV Ratings: February 5-7, 2007 (Mon.-Wed.)

Super Inggo, mamamaalam na!

Mamamaalam na raw si Idol sa TV, sa final week nito ito ang kanyang ratings, 27.3%, 27.6%, 24.7% respectively. Ano kaya ang maghihintay kay Budong sa pakikipaglaban niya sa Prince of Darkness?

Abangan lang ang Super Inggo, Lunes hanggang Biyernes, sa ABS-CBN Primetime Bida, pagkatapos ng Kapamilya Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition.

TV Ratings:
Mega Manila Area Only

AGB Overnight TV Ratings
February 5-7, 2007 (Mon.-Wed.)

Monday, February 5:

Sis, 11.8% vs. Homeboy, 11.9%;
Yellow Hankerchief, 18.9% vs. Game Ka Na Ba?, 16.6%;
Eat Bulaga, 23.3% vs. Wowowee, 21.8%;
Daisy Siete, 17.1% vs. Inocente De Ti (new timeslot), 9.1%;
Makita Ka Lang Muli, 14.8%, Princess Charming, 14.4% & Full House Rewind, 16.3% vs. Kapamilya Cinema (new timeslot), 14.5%;
Jewel in the Palace, 18.7% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 11.8%;
24 Oras, 31.9% vs. TV Patrol World, 23.5%;
Asian Treasures, 36.3% vs. Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition, 26.2%;
Atlantika (final week), 32.3% vs. Super Inggo (final week), 27.3%;
Bakekang, 33% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 30.7%;
Jumong, 28.8% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 27%;
Starstruck, 18.3% & Lagot Ka!, 14.7% vs. Princess Hours, 19% & Bandila, 8.4%.

18.8 GMA
15.6 ABS-CBN
01.6 QTV-11


Tuesday, February 6:

Sis, 13.7% vs. Homeboy, 10.6%;
Yellow Hankerchief, 19.5% vs. Game Ka Na Ba?, 17.5%;
Eat Bulaga, 20.7% vs. Wowowee, 20.8%;
Daisy Siete, 18.4% vs. Inocente De Ti, 11.5%;
Makita Ka Lang Muli, 13.9%, Princess Charming, 14.2% & Full House, 15.7% vs. Kapamilya Cinema, 11.5%;
Jewel in the Palace, 18.8% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 11.1%;
24 Oras, 30.1% vs. TV Patrol World, 24.4%;
Asian Treasures, 35.2% vs. Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition, 25.2%;
Atlantika (final week), 31.5% vs. Super Inggo (final week), 27.6%;
Bakekang, 31.8% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 28.1%;
Jumong, 27.9% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 27.3%;
StarStruck, 18.3% & Bahay Mo Bato, 13.9% vs. Princess Hours, 19.7% & Bandila, 7.9%.

18.3 GMA
14.9 ABS-CBN
01.6 QTV-11


Wednesday, February 7:

Sis, 13.8% vs. Homeboy, 13.5%;
Yellow Hankerchief, 18.9% vs. Game Ka Na Ba?, 18.7%;
Eat Bulaga, 21% vs. Wowowee, 22.2%;
Daisy Siete, 16.2% vs. Inocente De Ti (new timeslot), 14%;
Makita Ka Lang Muli, 14.6%, Princess Charming, 14% & Full House, 16.4% vs. Kapamilya Cinema (new timeslot), 13.9%;
Jewel in the Palace, 18.3% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 12%;
24 Oras, 26.1% vs. TV Patrol World, 23.1%;
Asian Treasures, 32.9% vs. Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition, 25.5%;
Atlantika (final week), 28.5% vs. Super Inggo (final week), 24.7%;
Bakekang, 32% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 24.8%;
Jumong, 29.3% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 25.6%;
StarStruck, 18.5% & Nuts Entertainment, 16.1% vs. Princess Hours, 17.3% & Bandila, 9.9%.

17.8 GMA
15.5 ABS-CBN
01.6 QTV-11


Saturday, February 03, 2007

ABS-CBN's (Purchased) Asianovela, 'Meteor Garden 1 & 2' is still the #1 Asianovela in the Philippines

Sa sabi ng GMA-7 Network na nanguguna daw ang kanilang Canned Show na 'Full House' ni Rain, pwes, mali sila. Sa Mega Manila TV Ratings, nakaabot ba ang Full House ng 68% rating?
hanggang 53% lang yata ang kaya.

Sa tsismis na lumabas na kukunin daw ng QTV-11 ang Meteor Garden 1 & 2, "Ang tanong, makakaabot ba ng 68%?" hanggang 10% lang yata ang HIGHEST RATING ng QTV-11.

For Full House, as I notice when it was rewinded in 2005 and competed with Meteor Garden 1 & 2 Rewind, Full House's ratings decline. Sa natatandaan ko, ang rating ng MG 1& 2ranged from 20-30% (at minsan natatalo pa nga ang 24 Oras). While for FH it ranged 10-20%.

Why is Meteor Garden 1 & 2 if rewinded again it is been watched but why is it Full House when rewinded its ratings decline all over again?

Coincidence? I think not! Mas pinapanood talaga ng bayan ang Meteor Garden 1 & 2.
At paano ba magrequest sa ABS-CBN? Mag-request daw tayo na ibalik ang Meteor Garden 1 & 2.


TV Ratings:

These are the Overnight TV Ratings data for February 2-4, 2007 (Friday-Sunday) for Mega Manila:

AGB Nielsen Media Research
February 2-4, 2007 (Fri.-Sun.)
ABS-CBN & GMA-7 TV Ratings
Mega Manila

Friday: February 2, 2007:

Jewel in the Palace, 14.2% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 10.1%;
24 Oras, 23.9% vs. TV Patrol World, 22.2%;
Asian Treasures, 31.8% vs. Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition, 22.1%;
Atlantika, 27.1% vs. Super Inggo, 22.4%;
Bakekang, 33.4% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 23.9%;
Jumong, 30.4% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 25.3%;
StarStruck, 21.7% & Bubble Gang, 18.3% vs. Maalaala Mo Kaya, 22.4%.

Saturday: February 3, 2007:

Eat Bulaga, 31.2% vs. Wowowee, 21.2%;
Startalk, 17.5% vs. Nagmamahal Kapamilya, 13.8% & Let's Go!, 12.4%;
Wish Ko Lang, 18.6% vs. Star Magic Presents, 11.4%;
Starstruck, 15.3% vs. TV Patrol Sabado, 15.1%;
Bitoy's Funniest Videos, 25.1% vs. Komiks, 20.1%;
Pinoy Pop Superstar, 28.4% vs. John En Shirley, 17.5%;
Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, 30.4% vs. XXX, 19.7%;
Imbestigador, 30.7% vs. Aalog Alog, 12.4%;
Hokus Pokus, 14.3% vs. Sabado Movie Greats, 11.8%;
Showbiz Stripped, 10% vs. Sports Unlimited, 3.7%;

Sunday (February 4, 2007)

SOP, 17.4% vs. ASAP, 13.6%;
Magi Kamison (pilot), 18.5% vs. Your Song, 11.4% & Love Spell, 11.7%;
S-Files, 14.4% vs. The Buzz, 12.2%;
Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang (pilot), 23.7% vs. TV Patrol Sabado, 13.1%;
Starstruck, 25.6% vs. Goin' Bulilit, 16.6%;
Mel & Joey, 23.5% vs. Rated 'K', 18.6%;
All Star 'K', 20.6% vs. Sharon, 14.5%.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Atlantika ng Siyete mawawala na sa ere!

Mawawala na raw ang telefantasyang "Atlantika" sa GMA Telebabad. Ang dahilan daw sa pagkatsugi ng show ni Dindong ay ang laki daw ng lugi para sa GMA Network Inc. Sabi ng management ng Siyete na di muna raw bibigyan si Dindong Dantes ng projects. Sabi naman ng isang feng shui expert na malas talaga ang tubig sa image ng mga tao pati na sa telebisyon.

Sa napapansin ko ito rin ang nangyari sa Marina ng Dos na natalo talaga sa ratings game sa MM.
Ang Atlantika ay di lugi sa ratings kundi lugi ito sa pera. Ang Marina ay lugi sa ratings di sa pera.

Yan ang pinagkaiba sa Marina at Atlantika. Let us say na isa na talaga ang Atlantika sa pinakamahina na telefantasyang na kasunod ng:

Sa nakukuha ko sa issue ito ang na-picture ko sa aking isip:

Ito ang mga mahihina na Telefantasyang ginawa ng GMA-7:
Rank/Show/Description of the ratings/
1.) Atlantika - Weak
2.) Etheria: Ang Ikalimang Kaharian ng Encantadia - Fine
3.) Encantadia 2: Pag-Ibig Hanggang Wakas - Fine

Reminder, Encantadia 2, was really beaten by Sa Piling Mo, and it's ratings nearly got below 25%. But for its Final Episode it hit 37%.

Pilipinas Game KNB? going off air?

According to the Newspapers, Mrs. Kris Aquino-Yap's "Pilipinas Game KNB?" is going off air with "Kapamilya Deal or No Deal?" But this issue is not yet clarrified & confirm. Let us just wait for Kris Aquino's opinion. But if the show will be going off air would it come back in July?

Some said that Wowowee will be on 12 Noon on February 10, 2007. This issue involves the pregnancy of the host.

Aquino said that she would rest, she doesn't want to let go of the shows that she is handling.

We will just wait for Showbiz Updates & issues about Kris Aquino, This issue was born when ABS-CBN CEO Gabby Lopez & Ms. Charo Santos-Concio said that Ms. Aquino's shows will rest for the mean time.

Joey de Leon reacts about the ratings game between "Eat Bulaga" & "Wowowee"

STAR CIRCUIT By Ricky L. Calderon
The Freeman 02/02/2007

On reports that the longest-running noontime variety show 'Eat Bulaga' is losing to 'Wowowee' in the ratings game, host Joey de Leon reacts: 'We have more commercials than Wowowee so it's but natural if viewers would want to switch channels. I call Eat Bulaga a noontime show; Wowowee is an afternoon show.

What can Joey say about the upswing in the ratings of Wowowee, which has said to be beating Eat Bulaga in the ratings game?

"At this point, two shows can survive at puwede talagang magdikit ang mga ratings. No show can claim that they are number one. May araw na talo ka. With the advent of the remote control, talagang madadale ka," explains Joey. "We have more commercials than Wowowee so it's but natural if viewers would want to switch channels. It's aired around 1 p.m. It's normal that ratings fluctuate."

Joey says they made some sort of experiment last week. They did away with the Bulagaan portion in their show. They did it for the first time in so many years. "The people didn't like it. Gusto nila napapagsama namin ang audience at ang cast ng show.

Dapat kasama sila sa kasiyahan. Now the audience are back with us," says Joey. "Two shows can really survive. Even a third show could probably survive, but it would not rate as high as the two other shows. I look at the competition with an open mind. I cannot say we are the champion show. Once your show goes into a commercial break, chances are the viewers would switch on show.

Mega Manila TV Ratings: February 1, 2007 (Thursday)

AGB Overnight TV Ratings
February 1, 2007 (Mega Manila Area)

Sis, 10.3% vs. Homeboy, 10.6%;

Yellow Hankerchief, 17.3% vs. Game Ka Na Ba?, 17.1%;
Eat Bulaga, 20.4% vs. Wowowee, 22.2%;

Daisy Siete, 15%, Makita Ka Lang Muli, 12.9% & Princess Charming, 12.9% vs. Kapamilya Cinema, 17.3%;
Full House Rewind, 16% vs. Inocente De Ti, 12.5%;
Jewel in the Palace, 17.6% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 13.2%;
24 Oras, 29.7% vs. TV Patrol World, 24.6%;
Asian Treasures, 36.9% vs. Kapamilya Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition, 23.7%;
Atlantika, 32.8% vs. Super Inggo, 28.1%;
Bakekang, 31.2% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 31.2%;
Jumong, 26% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 26.4%;
Starstruck, 19.3% vs. Princess Hours, 19%;
Magpakailanman, 20% vs. Bandila, 10.4%.
Saksi, 7.2% vs. The Correspondents, 8.1%;
Reporter's Notebook, 7.3% vs. Mirada de Mujer, 4.3% & Games Uplate, 2.1%.

17.4 GMA-7
15.8 ABS-CBN
01.8 QTV-11

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Nationwide TV Ratings:

Nationwide TV Ratings:
These are the Nationwide Overnight TV Ratings for January 8, 2007 (Monday) that I got thru E-Mail:
Please Confirm if these data is not true so that I can Erase this.

Unang Hirit, 9% vs. Magandang Umaga Pilipinas (ABS-CBN), 13%;
Cardcaptor Sakura, 6.4% vs. Wansapantaym, 21.2%;
Sis, 11.4% vs. Homeboy, 15.6%;
Yellow Hankercheif, 13.8% vs. Game Ka Na Ba?, 23.1%;
Eat Bulaga, 13.7% & Daisy Siete, 12.6% vs. Wowowee, 29%;
Makita Ka Lang Muli, 13.1% vs. Kapamilya Cinema, 25.5%;
Kapuso Movie Festival, 8.7% vs. Inocente De Ti, 18.4% & Beet, 15%;
Ghost Fighter, 13% vs. Naruto Season 4, 27%;
Jewel in the Palace, 15.2% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 24.6%;
24 Oras, 26.4% vs. TV Patrol World, 40.8%;
Captain Barbell (Final Week), 36.4% vs. Kapamilya Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition, 35.8%;
Atlantika, 26% vs. Super Inggo, 39.2%;
Bakekang, 22.1% vs. Sana Maulit Muli (pilot), 43.7%;
Starstruck, 20.2% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 38.9%;
Jumong (pilot), 28.2% vs. Princess Hours, 37%;
Bahay Mo Bato' 10.2% vs. Bandila, 20.2%;
Saksi, 11.3% vs. Noypi, 21% & Mirada de Mujer, 19.2%.

Please confirm if this data is not true so that I can erase it.

Mega Manila TV Ratings: January 31, 2007 (Wednesday)

AGB Overnight TV Ratings
January 31, 2007 (Mega Manila)


Sis, 14.9% vs. Homeboy, 8.9%;
Yellow Hankerchief, 19.8% vs. Game Ka Na Ba?, 16.1%;
Eat Bulaga, 22.4% vs. Wowowee, 19.3%;
Daisy Siete, 18.8%, Makita Ka Lang Muli, 13.9% & Princess Charming, 12.2% vs. Kapamilya Cinema, 13.2%;
Full House Rewind, 14.5% vs. Inocente De Ti, 10.5%;
Jewel in the Palace, 18.7% vs. Pangako Sa 'Yo, 11.2%;
24 Oras, 28.7% vs. TV Patrol World, 20.6%;

Asian Treasures, 39.2% vs. Deal or No Deal?: P4M Edition, 22.8%;
Atlantika, 32.5% vs. Super Inggo, 25.1%;
Bakekang, 32.3% vs. Sana Maulit Muli, 26.5%;
Jumong, 29.2% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man, 23.7%;
StarStruck, 18.2% vs. Princess Hours, 18.6%;
Nuts Entertainment, 13.2% vs. Bandila, 10.5%.

Average: Mega Manila
18.4 GMA-7
13.9 ABS-CBN

1.7 QTV-11

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