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Friday, August 31, 2007

Mega Manila TV Ratings: August 30, 2007 (Thursday)

Mega Manila AGB Nielsen ratings for:

Thursday, August 30:

SiS 11.6% vs. Boy and Kris 10.5%;
Takeshi’s Castle 16.3% vs. Game Ka Na Ba? 19.5%;
Eat Bulaga 24.1% vs. Wowowee 22.6%;
Daisy Siete 17.9% vs. Inocente De Ti 14.6%;
Pati Ba Pintig ng Puso 17.8% & Kung Mahawi Man ang Ulap 18.4% vs. Pinoy Movie Hits 11.3%;
Foxy Lady 15.4% & Meteor Garden 23.9% vs. Margarita 16%;
24 Oras 32.4% vs. TV Patrol World 28.2%;
Mga Mata ni Anghelita 33.2% vs. Kokey 30.4%;
Marimar 35.7% vs. Ysabella 29.9%;
Impostora 32.2% vs. Deal or No Deal 29%;
Jumong 27.6% vs. Walang Kapalit 23.9%;
Magpakailanman 17.4% vs. Sineserye Presents 17.2% & Bandila 11.1%.

International Television

Fast National ratings for (USA)
Thursday, Aug. 30, 2007

Thursday night's ratings tilted heavily in favor of CBS, with no one else really coming close.

For the night, CBS averaged a 6.6 rating/11 share, finishing well ahead of second-place FOX, 4.1/7. ABC came in third at 3.9/7, beating out NBC's 3.5/6. The CW posted a 1.7/3. (Ratings for CBS and NBC may change some, as several local stations aired preseason NFL games instead of regular programming.)

CBS also ruled the adults 18-49 demographic with a 3.1 rating. FOX and NBC tied for second at 2.0, and ABC was not far behind at 1.8. The CW pulled down a 0.9.

Elimination night on "Big Brother" delivered a 6.0/11 for CBS at 8 p.m. "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?," 4.2/8, put FOX in second for the hour, just ahead of an "Ugly Betty" repeat, 4.1/7, on ABC. NBC aired repeats of "My Name Is Earl," 4.1/8, and "30 Rock," 3.6/6. The CW trailed with "Smallville."

"CSI," 7.4/12, kept CBS on top at 9 p.m., scoring the night's best rating in the process. ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" rerun, 4.0/7, tied FOX's "Don't Forget the Lyrics" in households, but FOX had more total viewers. "The Office" and "Scrubs" stayed in fourth for NBC, while a "Supernatural" rerun on The CW earned a 1.9/3.

CBS finished its sweep of the night as "Without a Trace" posted a 6.5/11 at 10 p.m. "Men in Trees" drew a 3.5/6 for ABC, good enough to beat an "ER" rerun, 3.2/6, on NBC.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie

"Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie
Added to
"KPB's Top Favorite Songs"

Mega Manila TV Ratings: August 29, 2007 (Wednesday)

Here's the ratings data for Mega Manila:

Wednesday, August 29:

SiS 11.3% vs. Boy and Kris 9.7%;
Takeshi’s Castle 14.9% vs. Game Ka Na Ba? 20.5%;
Eat Bulaga 22.7% vs. Wowowee 21%;
Daisy Siete 22.3% vs. Inocente De Ti 13.2%;
Pati Ba Pintig ng Puso 21% & Kung Mahawi Man ang Ulap 22% vs. Pinoy Movie Hits 11.6%;
Foxy Lady 16% & Meteor Garden 23.9% vs. Margarita 16.4%;
24 Oras 32.7% vs. TV Patrol World 29.4%;
Mga Mata ni Anghelita 34.7% vs. Kokey 31.8%;
Marimar 34.8% vs. Ysabella 28.7%;
Impostora 32.8% vs. Deal or No Deal 26.5%;
Jumong 26.4% vs. Walang Kapalit 22.5%;
Kung Ako Ikaw 16.3% vs. Sineserye Presents 16.9% & Bandila 9.4%.

International Television

Fast National ratings for (USA)
Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2007

CBS cruised to a ratings victory Wednesday night, winning all three hours of primetime along the way.

For the night, CBS averaged a 5.7 rating/10 share, easily beating NBC, 3.9/7, for the top spot. ABC, 2.6/5, edged FOX, 2.5/4, for third. The CW brought up the rear with a 1.3/2.

CBS also led the adults 18-49 demographic with a 2.3 rating. NBC finished second at 2.0. ABC and FOX tied for third at 1.4, and The CW trailed with a 0.8.

"Power of 10" put CBS on top at 8 p.m. with a 5.4/10. An hour of "Most Outrageous Moments" on NBC drew a 3.9/7. ABC came in third with a pair of "According to Jim" repeats. Reruns of "'Til Death" averaged 2.1/4 for FOX, topping the 1.3/2 for "America's Next Top Model" on The CW.

A "Criminal Minds" rerun scored a 5.8/10 for CBS at 9 p.m. NBC stayed in second with "Last Comic Standing," 4.0/7. "Bones" earned a 2.9/5 for FOX, moving ahead of ABC's "NASCAR in Primetime," 2.4/4. A second "Top Model" held steady for The CW.

At 10 p.m., CBS' "CSI: NY" scored the night's best rating with a 6.0/11. "Dateline" earned a 3.9/7 for NBC, and "Primetime: The Outsiders" came in at 2.6/5 for ABC.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

For Rey Mysterio Fans,

Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero (SummerSlam 2007)
He will return on SmackDown!

Rey mysterio vs chavo guerrero summerslam 2007
Uploaded by thecannibalcorpse

Mega Manila TV Ratings: August 28, 2007 (Tuesday)

Here's the AGB Nielsen ratings for Mega Manila dated:

Red - GMA Shows
Blue - ABS-CBN Shows

Tuesday, August 28:

13.6 SiS
13.8 Boy and Kris

18.7 Takeshi's Castle
19.8 Game Ka Na Ba?

22.5 Eat Bulaga
20.3 Wowowee

18.2 Daisy Siete 16
13.5 Inocente De Ti

18.8 Pati Ba Pintig Ng Puso?
20.6 Kung Mahawi Man Ang Ulap
10.5 Pinoy Movie Hits

16.7 Foxy Lady
20.5 Meteor Garden
13.4 Margarita

32.2 24 Oras
26.4 TV Patrol World

30.5 Mga Mata Ni Anghelita
29.9 Kokey

33.5 Marimar
27.3 Ysabella

31.5 Impostora
23.9 Deal or No Deal

25.3 Jumong
20.8 Walang Kapalit (final week)

14.7 Kung Ako Ikaw
15.4 Sineserye: Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos?
09.4 Bandila

Channel Ratings:

GMA- 19.3
ABS-CBN- 15.7

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

WWE SummerSlam 2007: Excerpt

Divas Battle Royal (SummerSlam 2007 - #1 Conterder for the WWE Women's Championship - RAW Divas vs. SmackDown! Divas vs. ECW Divas)

Kane vs. Finlay (SummerSlam 2007)

Uploaded by Onizukwill

The Great Khali vs. Batista (SummerSlam 2007 - World Heavyweight Championship)

More on DailyMotion

Mega Manila TV Ratings: August 27, 2007 (Monday)

Here's the Mega Manila TV Ratings for:

Monday, August 27:

SiS 17.1% vs. Boy and Kris 11.8%;
Takeshi’s Castle 18.7% vs. Game Ka Na Ba? 19.9%;
Eat Bulaga 24.3% vs. Wowowee 26%;
Daisy Siete 18.4% vs. Inocente De Ti 16.9%;
Pati Ba Pintig ng Puso 17.8% & Kung Mahawi Man ang Ulap 16.5% vs. Pinoy Movie Hits 17%;
Foxy Lady 17.5% & Meteor Garden 23.2% vs. Margarita 15.9%;
24 Oras 33.8% vs. TV Patrol World 25.8%;
Mga Mata ni Anghelita 29.9% vs. Kokey 30.9%;
Marimar 31.4% vs. Ysabella 29.1%;
Impostora 29.3% vs. Deal or No Deal 26.7%;
Jumong 26% vs. Walang Kapalit 24%;
Kung Ako Ikaw 15.7% vs. Sineserye Presents 16.7%;
Bandila 9.9%.

Mega Manila TV Ratings: August 26, 2007 (Sunday)

Here's the Mega Manila ratings for:

Sunday, August 26:

Takeshi’s Castle 15.3% & SOP 18.8% vs. ASAP '07 14.5%;
Coke’s Ride to Fame 11.3% & Boys Nxt Door 13.1% vs. Your Song 11.1%;
Showbiz Central 19.1% vs. The Buzz 17%;
Kap’s Amazing Stories 27% vs. TV Patrol Linggo 17.5%;
Kap’s Amazing Stories 29.5% vs. Goin’ Bulilit 17.2%;
Tok Tok Tok 27.5% vs. Rated K 20.4%;
Mel and Joey 25.8% vs. Sharon 15.7%;
All Star ‘K’ 19% vs. That’s My Doc 13.2%;
Fulhaus 16.5% vs. Be Bench 10.2%;
Sunday Night’s Box Office 11.8% vs. Sunday’s Best 7.9%.

Mega Manila TV Ratings: August 25, 2007 (Saturday)

Here are the Mega Manila ratings data for:

Saturday, August 25:

Takeshi’s Castle 12.9% vs. Game Ka Na Ba? 15.7%;
Eat Bulaga 21.8% vs. Wowowee 19.8%;
Startalk 16.9% vs. Entertainment Live! 11.7%;
Wish Ko Lang 25% vs. Nagmamahal Kapamilya 12.9%;
Fantastic Man 17.8% vs. Komiks 19.1%;
Celebrity Duets 27.2% vs. John En Shirley 20.7%;
Bitoy’s Funniest Video 29.9% vs. 1 vs 100 (series premier) 27.3%;
Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho 27.9% vs. TV Patrol 21.4%;
Imbestigador 22.7% vs. XXX 19.5%;
Nuts Entertainment 13% vs. U Can Dance 10% & Sports Unlimited 4.1%.

Mega Manila TV Ratings: August 24, 2007 (Friday)

Here are the Mega Manila ratings for:

Friday, August 24:

SiS 12.6% vs. Boy and Kris 13.7%;
Takeshi’s Castle 13.5% vs Game Ka Na Ba? 22.1%;
Eat Bulaga 20.3% vs. Wowowee 20.9%;
Daisy Siete 19.2% vs. Inocente De Ti 15.3%;
Pati Ba Pintig ng Puso 20% & Kung Mahawi Man ang Ulap 19.4% vs. Pinoy Movie Hits 14.4%;
Foxy Lady 18.1% at Meteor Garden 24% vs. Margarita 16.2%;
24 Oras 31.1% vs. TV Patrol World 26.2%;
Mga Mata ni Anghelita 30.2% vs. Kokey 32.2%;
Marimar 33.1% vs. Ysabella 28.8%;
Impostora 31.9% vs. Deal or No Deal 25.4%;
Jumong 26.8% vs. Walang Kapalit 23.7%;
Bubble Gang 17.1% vs. Maalaala Mo Kaya 20.5% & Bandila 9.6%.

Monday, August 27, 2007

SummerSlam 2007: Batista vs. The Great Khali for the World Heavyweight Championship Results

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – He blocked the Khali Vise Grip. He kicked out of a pinfall after a thunderous Khali Bomb. He even took the 7-foot-3, 420-pound Great Khali off his feet with an unbelievable spinebuster and went on to win the match. The one thing Batista didn’t do at SummerSlam? Win the World Heavyweight Championship.

While The Animal won his battle with The Great Khali at SummerSlam, the victory came by disqualification, meaning that the Punjabi powerhouse retained the richest prize on SmackDown. After the bout, however, weeks of pent-up aggression – coupled with the frustration of what happened moments before – led to Batista unloading on Khali with the same weapon that got the champion disqualified.

Batista’s main objective for success was to avoid the punishing Khali Vise Grip. While the Punjabi powerhouse battered him from pillar to post for most of the match, The Animal was able to do exactly that. And when Batista hoisted Khali up and dropped him with a thunderous spinebuster, it looked as if The Animal was finally on his way to becoming a three-time World Heavyweight Champion.

Khali had other ideas, however. After his Batista Bomb attempt was shrugged off, The Animal climbed to the top rope and leapt at the World Heavyweight Champion, only to be caught and dropped with a towering Khali Bomb. It looked grim, but when Batista kicked out of Khali’s pinfall, the capacity crowd let out a raucous cheer – and the expression on the champion’s face went from confidence to shock.

Translator Ranjin Singh must have understood his client’s body language, as he then tossed a steel chair into the ring. Referee Mickie Henson tried to stop Khali, but the towering champion easily pushed him away before landing a punishing blow across the back of the challenger. Immediately, Henson called for the bell, disqualifying Khali and disappointing everyone in the arena – including Batista.

Once the official announcement was made, Khali tried to continue his attack. Instead, Batista avoided his second steely swing and speared the Punjabi powerhouse. After staring at his prey for a brief moment, The Animal recovered the chair and took out his frustrations by unloading nearly a dozen shots across the back and shoulders of the massive champion.

Unfortunately, it was too little too late, as the damage had already been done; Batista had won the match, but The Great Khali was still the World Heavyweight Champion. But while The Animal may have left the Biggest Party of the Summer with an empty waist, he did leave the World Heavyweight Champion with the knowledge that their issue is far from settled.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

SummerSlam 2007: Batista vs. The Great Khali for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Batista looks to break free
By Lennie DiFino
Written: August 25, 2007

Since his WWE debut five years ago, SmackDown’s Batista has become accustomed to stepping into the ring and using his Herculean strength to push past any obstacle placed in his path. He has impressed and amazed both our fans and fellow WWE Superstars with his astonishing ability to overpower any foe. Recently, however, he has seemed more man than mythological figure (or in his case, Animal) in his quest to win back the World Heavyweight Championship from The Great Khali – a quest that will see them do battle at SummerSlam.

For Batista to overcome the odds, he must go face-to-face with an opponent that even he might not be able to match strength against. The Great Khali’s imposing physique is matched only by the devastation of the Khali Vise Grip, a maneuver that has Batista searching for answers heading into the Biggest Party of the Summer this Sunday.

“I’ve never felt anything as devastating as the Vise Grip,” he admitted. “Literally, it’s like being knocked out, but very slowly.”

In consecutive weeks on SmackDown, the 7-foot-3 monster demonstrated the ferocity of the Khali Vise Grip by manhandling Batista, mentor Ric Flair and Kane. Within moments of applying the hold, the World Heavyweight Champion has left the “Nature Boy,” the Big Red Monster and The Animal absolutely motionless on the canvas. The skull-crushing hold, grouping Khali’s inhuman strength with his freakishly large hands, is a combination that is unmatched and to this point unbreakable by anyone in WWE.

“I had a headache for a week,” claimed Batista of the hold that has immobilized every skull that has felt its clamp. “I’ll do all I can to avoid the Vise Grip this Sunday at SummerSlam, but it’s not something that will be done easily.”

If Batista doesn’t sound like his usual assertive self, don’t be fooled. He’s still confident that he will make the giant champion fall, but he’s also realistic. “Overpowering Khali is not an easy task,” he explained. “He’s big and incredibly strong. I don’t know if I can simply outpower him.”

While all that may be true, this past week on SmackDown may have represented a critical turning point for Batista. As The Animal took on Finlay in ring action, The Great Khali interfered, perhaps hoping to soften his SummerSlam opponent. But as the giant attempted to apply the vicious Khali Vise Grip, Batista avoided the hold and launched his own assault on the champion. In fact, it’s fair to say that Batista outright dismantled The Great Khali, spearing and pummeling him outside the ring, leaving the World Heavyweight Champion bloodied and battered.

Less than 48 hours before he challenges The Great Khali for the World Heavyweight Title, The Animal has once again unleashed the fury that strikes another emotion in WWE Superstars: Fear. Still, when these two forces collide this Sunday at SummerSlam, live on pay-per-view, Batista must face not just The Great Khali, but also the threatening Khali Vise Grip – a move he has yet to find a way to escape. If he can’t find a way out of the menacing hold, his dreams of once again becoming World Heavyweight Champion may be as crushed as anyone’s cranium in the Khali Vise Grip.

The Animal Batista must find a way to break the Khali Vise Grip to become World Heavyweight Champion.

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FOX Network drops 'ANCHORWOMAN!'

By The Futon Critic Staff


LOS ANGELES ( -- FOX has canceled its newcomer "Anchorwoman" less than 24 hours after its disastrous opening last night.

Back-to-back repeats of "'Til Death" will now fill the Wednesday, 8:00/7:00c hour for the next three weeks.

Just 2.7 million viewers tuned into "Anchorwoman's" launch (according to preliminary Nielsen data), including a paltry 1.0 rating among adults 18-49. The latter number tied a repeat of "America's Next Top Model" on the CW for last place in the hour.

It's understood the six remaining installments will be streamed online via FOX's On Demand service powered by

Brian Gadinsky was the executive producer of the series, a co-production of Fox 21 and The G Group.

International Television

Well, the fast affiliate ratings for Friday, Aug. 24 are finally here. And here they are in order of the five networks overall, and each individual half-hour.


CBS: 4.97 million, NBC: 4.70, ABC: 4.43, CW: 4.08. Fox: 3.59

-Adults 18-49:
CBS: 1.6 rating/6 share, ABC and NBC: 1.4/ 5 each, CW: 1.3/ 5, Fox: 1.2/ 4


8:00 p.m.

NFL Pre-Season Football (CBS)
Viewers: 4.80 million (#1), A18-49: 1.5 rating/6 share (#1)

Set For Life (ABC)
Viewers: 4.10 million (#2), A18-49: 0.9/ 4 (#5)

Miss Teen USA (NBC)
Viewers: 4.05 million (#3), A18-49: 1.3/ 5 (#2)

Friday Night Smackdown! (CW)
Viewers: 3.60 million (#4), A18-49: 1.1/ 4 (#3t)

Movie - The Animal R (Fox)
Viewers: 3.17 million (#5), A18-49: 1.1/ 4 (#3t)


8:30 p.m.

NFL Pre-Season Football
Viewers: 5.40 million (#1), A18-49: 1.9/ 7 (#1)

Set For Life (ABC)
Viewers: 3.81 million (#4), A18-49: 0.8/ 3 (#5)

Miss Teen USA (NBC)
Viewers: 4.27 million (#2), A18-49: 1.4/ 5 (#2)

Friday Night Smackdown! (CW)
Viewers: 3.91 million (#3), A18-49: 1.3/ 5 (#3)

Movie - The Animal R (Fox)
Viewers: 3.59 million (#5), A18-49: 1.1/ 4 (#4)


9:00 p.m.

Pre-Season Football (CBS)
Viewers: 5.09 million (#1), A18-49: 1.7/ 6 (#1)

George Lopez R (ABC)
Viewers: 3.11 million (#4), A18-49: 1.1/ 4 (#5)

Miss Teen USA (NBC)
Viewers: 4.27 million (#2), A18-49: 1.3/ 5 (#3)

Friday Night Smackdown! (CW)
Viewers: 4.43 million (#2), A18-49: 1.4/ 5 (#2)

Movie - The Animal R (Fox)
Viewers: 3.79 million (#3), A18-49: 1.2/ 4 (#4)


9:30 p.m.

Pre-Season Football (CBS)
VIewers: 5.13 million (#1), A18-49: 1.8/ 6 (#1)

George Lopez R (ABC)
Viewers: 3.44 million (#5), A18-49: 1.4/ 4 (#3t)

Miss Teen USA (NBC)
Viewers: 5.04 million (#2), A18-49: 1.6/ 5 (#2)

Friday Night Smackdown! (CW)
Viewers: 4.37 million (#3), A18-49: 1.4/ 4 (#3t)

Movie - The Animal R (Fox)
Viewers: 3.80 million (#4), A18-49: 1.2/ 4 (#5)


10:00 p.m.

Pre-Season Football (CBS)
Viewers: 5.11 million (#2), A18-49: 1.7/ 5 (#2)

20/20 (ABC)
Viewers: 5.82 million (#1), A18-49: 2.0/ 7 (#1)

Law & Order: SVU R (NBC)
Viewers: 5.08 million (#3), A18-49: 1.4/ 5 (#3)


10:30 p.m.

Pre-Season Football (CBS)
Viewers: 4.32 million (#3), A18-49: 1.4/ 5 (#3)

20/20 (ABC)
Viewers: 6.30 million (#1), A18-49: 2.2/ 7 (#1)

Law & Order: SVU R (NBC)
Viewers: 5.50 million (#2), A18-49: 1.5/ 5 (#2)

Source: Nielsen Media Research
R = repeat

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Super Inggo 1.5: Ang Bagong Bangis - Teaser

Super Inggo 1.5: Ang Bagong Bangis - Rough Teaser:
Sorry for the bad reception, original teaser will be available soon!

Slap Sound: Peeeshh!

Kinumpirma sa amin ni Yasmien Kurdi ang sampal at bugbog na naranasan niya kay Maricel Soriano sa isang eksena nila sa filmfest entry na Bahay Kubo na idinidirek ni Joel Lamangan.

Sa pakikipagtsikahan namin kay Yasmien sa last taping day ng Pati Ba Pintig Ng Puso noong Huwebes, sinabi niya na mabuti at ganoon ang ginawa sa kanya ni Maria dahil naiarte niya nang tama at normal ang eksenang iyon.

Pagkatapos ng take ay niyapos siya ni Maricel na nagso-sorry ito.

Hindi namalayan ni Yasmien na nagkagalos siya dahil sa eksenang iyon. Tuwang-tuwa raw si Direk Joel Lamangan sa

outcome ng take

kaya binibiro nila si Yasmien na panlaban niya ito sa mga darating na award-giving bodies.

Inabot ng 16 na linggo ang Pati Ba Pintig Ng Puso. Ang

papalit ditong sinenobela ay ang Pasan Ko Ang Daigdig na

pagbibidahan muli nila Yasmien at JC de Vera, sa direksyon ni Joel Lamangan.

Mahahasa at mapipiga nang husto sina Yasmien at JC sa pag-arte.

Mas mabigat ang papel na ito para kay Yasmien, kung saan papasanin niya si Gina Alajar.

Ai Ai will not leave ABS-CBN, Period!

Hindi na matutuloy ang paglipat ni Ai Ai de las Alas sa GMA 7 dahil pinigilan siya ng management ng ABS-CBN.

Natapos noong nakaraang taon ang kontrata ni Ai Ai sa ABS-CBN pero hindi pa ‘yon nagkakaroon ng renewal.

Nang makausap namin si Ai Ai, sinabi niya na magkakaroon siya ng bagong show sa Kapamilya network pero sa October 2007 pa mag-uumpisa ang programa.

Ang puso ang kanyang pinairal kaya hindi na niya iiwan ang ABS-CBN.

Nakipagkita na si Ai Ai sa executive ng GMA 7 para humingi ng paumanhin dahil sa kalituhan na nangyari.

Patuloy sa pagdarasal sa Diyos si Ai Ai. Lumuluwag daw ang kanyang kalooban tuwing nagdarasal siya, lalo na nang hindi matuloy ang paglipat niya sa GMA 7.

Friday, August 24, 2007

PEP: Edu Manzano hosts "1 vs. 100" that premiers this Saturday (Aug. 25, 2007) @ 7:30 pm (Phil. time)

FIRST READ ON PEP: Edu Manzano set to host "1 vs. 100"

Candice Lim

Thursday, August 16, 2007
03:52 PM

"Is one brain better than 100 brains?" goes the teaser for the newest program to hit ABS-CBN's Saturday primetime block.

The Kapamilya network has acquired the local franchise of international game show 1 vs. 100 from Endemol, makers of Deal or No Deal, Fear Factor, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, and Big Brother.

According to , the game is played this way: "One contestant faces ‘the mob' of 100 others in a tense battle of brains. To stay in the game, the player must answer trivia questions and get every one right—wrong answers from the mob eliminates them from the game, driving up the cash prize for the player.

"If the player can eliminate all 100 members of the mob, which will also be stacked with surprise opponents, such as geniuses, valedictorians, grandmothers and other game show champs, he will go home with the $1 million top prize. However, if the player gets one answer wrong, the game is over and ‘the mob' will split the player's winnings up to that point and a new contestant gets to take on ‘the mob.'"

In the Philippine version, the winner gets a chance to win P2 million.

"It's the most expensive game show na ipro-produce ng ABS-CBN kasi pagkakagastusan talaga. Set pa lang, mahal na kasi they have to fit 100 people inside the studio," commented a Kapamilya insider.

Word has it that the set is designed like a stadium so as to fit all the 101 players. Computer software and lights are also said to be imported from Japan, Germany, China, and U.S.

The insider revealed that the Game KNB? host Edu Manzano will be hosting the new game show.

1 vs. 100 is set to premiere on August 25.

Get showbiz news anytime, anywhere on your mobile! Just key in PEP ON and send to 4627. Available to all Sun, Globe, and Smart subscribers.

Mega Manila TV Ratings: August 23, 2007 (Thursday)

Here's the ratings (Mega Manila Area) for:

Thursday, August 23, 2007:

SiS 13.3% vs. Boy & Kris 12.6%;
Takeshi’s Castle 16.7% vs. Game Ka Na Ba? 20.3%;
Eat Bulaga 23.1% vs. Wowowee 20.9%;
Daisy Siete 20.2% vs. Inocente De Ti 14.5%;
Pati Ba Pintig ng Puso 18.7% & Kung Mahawi Man ang Ulap 17.5% vs. Pinoy Movie Hits 10.2%;
Foxy Lady 15.6% at Meteor Garden 24.2% vs. Margarita 15%;
24 Oras 30.3% vs. TV Patrol World 27.2%;
Mga Mata ni Anghelita 30% vs. Kokey 33.3%;
Marimar 36.3% vs. Ysabella 29.8%;
Impostora 32.6% vs. Deal or No Deal 31.2%;
Jumong 29.1% vs. Walang Kapalit 22.1%;
Magpakailanman 20.1% vs. Sineserye Presents: Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos? 13.9% & Bandila 8.1%.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mega Manila TV Ratings: August 22, 2007

Here's the ratings (Mega Manila Area) for:

Wednesday, August 22:

SiS 11.9% vs. Boy & Kris 12.8%;
Takeshi’s Castle 14.3% vs. Game Ka Na Ba? 21.5%;
Eat Bulaga 20.3% vs. Wowowee 20.5%;
Daisy Siete 17.9% vs. Inocente De Ti 13%;
Pati Ba Pintig ng Puso 18.6% & Kung Mahawi Man ang Ulap 21.8% vs. Pinoy Movie Hits 13.4%;
Foxy Lady 19.5% & Meteor Garden 23.9% vs. Margarita 14.8%;
24 Oras 33.2% vs. TV Patrol World 24.1%;
Mga Mata ni Anghelita 30.7% vs. Kokey 30.8%;
Marimar 34.1% vs. Ysabella 27.8%;
Impostora 32.9% vs. Deal or No Deal 26.9%;
Jumong 26.2% vs. Walang Kapalit 24.2%;
Kung Ako Ikaw 15% vs. Sineserye Presents: Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos? 18.9% & Bandila 10.2%

International Television

Fast National ratings for (USA)
Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2007

The "Power of 10" led CBS to an overall ratings win Wednesday, while "Last Comic Standing" helped NBC take the honors among adults 18-49.

CBS drew a 5.6 rating/10 share for the night, beating out NBC's 4.3/7 for the lead. ABC was a fairly distant third, finishing at 2.6/4. FOX, 2.3/4, was fourth, and The CW trailed with a 1.5/3.

The adults 18-49 demographic went to NBC, which drew a 2.4 rating. CBS came in second with a 2.2. ABC's 1.5 was good enough for third, and FOX and The CW tied for fourth at 1.0.

"Power of 10" grabbed the night's best rating, 5.8/10, for CBS at 8 p.m. NBC took second for the hour with "Most Outrageous Moments," 4.1/7. An hour of "According to Jim," 3.1/6, put ABC in third. The premiere of "Anchorwoman" brought little heat to FOX with a 2.0/4, which was enough to beat an "America's Next Top Model" rerun on The CW.

CBS stayed in front at 9 p.m. with a "Criminal Minds" rerun, 5.5/9. "Last Comic Standing" drew a 4.5/7 for NBC and was the night's top show in the 18-49 demo. FOX moved up to third with a "Bones" repeat, 2.6/4, which beat out "NASCAR in Primetime" on ABC. A second "Top Model" improved to 1.6/3 on The CW.

At 10 p.m., CBS' "CSI: NY" led the pack with a 5.4/9. "Dateline" posted a 4.3/7 for NBC, and "Primetime: The Outsiders" delivered a 2.3/4 for ABC.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mega Manila TV Ratings (addition to the previous one): August 19, 2007 & August 21, 2007 (Sunday and Tuesday)

Your Song handled two GMA Shows but still the duo never got to surpass the 15.5%.

Ysabella's 2nd chapter still holds a strong rating even thoug it decreased from its chapter premier.

Sunday, August 19:

SOP 17.7% vs. ASAP '07 20.6%;
Ride to Fame 10.9% & Boys Nxt Door 11.5% vs. Your Song 15.5%;
Showbiz Central 15.5% vs. The Buzz 15.4%;
Kap’s Amazing Stories (series premier) 27% vs. TV Patrol Linggo 16.3%;
Tok Tok Tok 27.1% vs. Goin’ Bulilit 19.4%;
Mel & Joey 23% vs. Rated K: Handa Na Ba Kayo? 22.7%;
All Star ‘K’ 21.4% vs. Sharon 14.4%;
Ful Haus 20.6% vs. That’s My Doc 11.9%;
Sunday Night’s Box Office 18.7% vs. Be Bench 9.2% & Sunday’s Best 3.2%.

Monday, August 20:

Already posted below...

Tuesday, August 21:

SiS 12.5% vs. Boy & Kris 13.1%;
Takeshi’s Castle 15.8% vs. Game Ka Na Ba? 20.4%;
Eat Bulaga 20.7% vs. Wowowee 21.7%;
Daisy Siete 19% vs. Inocente De Ti 13.2%;
Pati Ba Pintig ng Puso 19.4% & Kung Mahawi Man Ang Ulap 16.4% vs. Pinoy Movie Hits 11.4%;
Foxy Lady 12.5% & Meteor Garden 25.6% vs. Margarita 13.4%;
24 Oras 31.1% vs. TV Patrol World 26.8%;
Mga Mata ni Anghelita 31.5% vs. Kokey 31.6%;
Marimar 34.5% vs. Ysabella 29.4%;
Impostora 31.7% vs. Deal or No Deal 26.6%;
Jumong 27.5% vs. Walang Kapalit 21.7%;
Kung Ako Ikaw 15.5% vs. Sineserye Presents: Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos? 16.1% & Bandila 10.5%.

International Television

Fast National ratings for (USA)
Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2007

The finale of "America's Got Talent" pushed NBC to a big ratings win Tuesday night.

The Peacock averaged a 7.4 rating/13 share in primetime, finishing well ahead of second-place CBS, 4.5/8. ABC came in third with a 4.1/7. FOX took fourth with a 2.6/4, while The CW managed only a 0.9/1.

NBC also dominated the adults 18-49 demographic with a 3.9 rating. ABC and CBS tied for second at 2.2. FOX drew a 1.6, and The CW was mired far below 1.0.

The first half of the "America's Got Talent" finale earned a 7.6/13 for NBC at 8 p.m. "Just for Laughs," 4.6/8, put ABC in second. CBS finished third with its game show "Power of 10," 4.2/7. The finale of "On the Lot" drew considerably less attention than its NBC rival, posting a 1.6/3. The CW aired a "Gilmore Girls" repeat.

"America's Got Talent" improved to 9.1/15 at 9 p.m. as ventriloquist Terry Fator was crowned this season's champ. CBS moved up to second with "Big Brother," 4.8/8. A "House" repeat, 3.6/6, was third for FOX, topping the 3.4/5 for ABC's "i-Caught." A "Beauty and the Geek" rerun finished the night for The CW.

"The Singing Bee," 5.5/10, lost a sizable portion of its lead-in but kept NBC on top at 10 p.m. An "NCIS" rerun on CBS scored a 4.6/8, edging out ABC's "Primetime: Crime," 4.3/8.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mega Manila TV Ratings: August 17-20, 2007 (Friday-Monday)

Kokey, 33.9% (above ave. for Friday nights) battled and won over Mga Mata Ni Anghelita.

Lupin's series finale brought GMA a 37.6% but it's still an amazing Friday because ABS-CBN's Ysabella, 30.6% (above average for Friday night than the past Fridays that only registered 25-29%) managed to counter Lupin.

GMA's Marimar (38.1%) registered an above average rating for Friday and so far the all-time high of the show.

Here are the ratings (Mega Manila Area) for Friday to Monday:

Friday, August 17:

SiS 20.9% vs. Boy and Kris 12.8%;
Takeshi's Castle 19.6% vs. Game Ka Na Ba? 23.6%;
Eat Bulaga 25.6% vs. Wowowee 23.7%;
Daisy Siete 22.4% vs. Inocente De Ti 15.2%;
Pati Ba Pintig ng Puso 22.9% & Kung Mahawi Man Ang Ulap 21.2% vs. Pinoy Movie Hits 21.3%;
Foxy Lady 19.7% & Meteor Garden 26% vs. Margarita 18.7%;
24 Oras 35.4% vs. TV Patrol World 29%;
Mga Mata Ni Anghelita 32.2% vs. Kokey 33.9%;
Lupin (series finale) 37.6% vs. Ysabella (chapter finale) 30.6%;
Marimar 38.1% vs. Deal Or No Deal 25.4%;
Impostora 30.7% vs. Walang Kapalit 24.5%;
Bubble Gang 19% vs. Maalaala Mo Kaya 20.8% & Bandila 13.4%.

Saturday, August 18:

Takeshi’s Castle 15.7% vs. Game Ka Na Ba? 17.8%;
Eat Bulaga 25% vs. Wowowee 21.8%;
Startalk 19.6% vs. Entertainment Live! 15.4%;
Wish Ko Lang 20.2% vs. Saturday Afternoon Blockbuster 24.6%;
Fantastic Man 16.2% & Celebrity Duets 24.2% vs. Komiks 18.6%;
Bitoy’s Funniest Videos 37.1% vs. John En Shirley 16.5%;
Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho 32.2% vs. TV Patrol 15.7%;
Imbestigador 24.3% vs. XXX 18.3%;
Nuts Entertainment 17.4% vs. U Can Dance Ver. 2 12.1%.

Sunday, August 19:

Posted above with the Tuesday (August 21, 2007).

Monday, August 20:

SiS 17.9% vs. Boy and Kris 10.1%;
Takeshi’s Castle 19.8% vs. Game Ka Na Ba? 19.1%;
Eat Bulaga 26% vs. Wowowee 21.1%;
Daisy Siete 18.8% vs. Inocente De Ti 12%;
Pati Ba Pintig ng Puso 20.3% & Kung Mahawi Man ang Ulap 16.4% vs. Pinoy Movie Hits 12.6%;
Foxy Lady 12.2% & Meteor Garden 23.3% vs. Margarita 11.9%;
24 Oras 31.5% vs. TV Patrol World 25%;
Mga Mata ni Anghelita 31.1% vs. Kokey 29.8%;
Marimar 33.1% & Ysabella (chapter premier) 30.2%;
Impostora 30% vs. Deal or No Deal 32.8%;
Jumong 25.1% vs. Walang Kapalit 27.1%;
Kung Ako Ikaw 14.9% vs. Sineserye Presents 16.3% & Bandila 9.4%.

International Television

Fast National ratings for (USA)
Monday, Aug. 20, 2007

FOX got surprisingly good ratings from a repeat of a clip show Monday night -- good enough to win the night's Nielsen race.

Though CBS led in households with a 4.7 rating/8 share, FOX, 4.5/7, brought in the most total viewers (7.17 million to CBS' 6.92 million). ABC finished third at 4.0/7. NBC, 2.6/4, came in fourth, and The CW trailed with a 1.2/2.

FOX also led among adults 18-49 with a 2.5 rating. ABC took second in the demographic with a 2.3, edging CBS' 2.2. NBC averaged 1.4 and The CW 0.7.

"Wife Swap," 4.8/8, gave ABC the lead at 8 p.m. FOX took second for the hour with a repeat of "TV's Funniest Moments," 4.2/7. Reruns of "How I Met Your Mother" and "Old Christine" averaged 3.6/6 for CBS, topping "Thank God You're Here" on NBC. The CW aired repeats of "Everybody Hates Chris," 1.2/2, and "All of Us," 1.0/2.

CBS moved into first at 9 p.m. with "Two and a Half Men," the night's top show at 6.2/10, and "Rules of Engagement," 4.6/7. "TV's Funniest Moments" improved to 4.9/8 for FOX. "Fat March" delivered a 3.9/7 for ABC, while a "Heroes" repeat on NBC managed only a 1.9/3. The CW went with "Girlfriends" and "The Game."

"CSI: Miami," 5.3/9, kept CBS in the lead at 9 p.m. A "Supernanny" rerun on ABC, 3.4/6, narrowly beat NBC's "Dateline," 3.3/6, for second.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Men's Health: What's the BIG DEAL of the size of a man's genitals....

What’s The Big Deal About The Penis?

Whether you admit it or not, for men, having a large “member”, “rod”, “schlong”, “meat”, or any number of other self-proclaimed terms for the penis, REALLY IS a big deal. Despite women politely saying that penis size isn't an important aspect in a relationship. . . in private, they acknowledge that it does have a good degree of importance. And with this, most men know that when it comes to size, bigger is usually better . . . at least up to a point.


The root (sic) of this discussion begins with primitive tribal customs and ancient beliefs that well “endowed” males had more strength and power, supposedly being able to sire the largest number of offspring—at least in theory—and hence were deemed more valuable to members of the opposite sex. Translation? Guys who were “big” supposedly got more females. And guys who were “small” . . . well, they got what was left over.

Penis enlargement is, even today, a very important issue to men and it can be divided into two different categories; methods that are largely temporary . . . and methods that enable permanent penis enlargement.

It’s been reported that there are varying degrees of success (or lack of success) with temporary methods—specifically claims from different groups including those from pill and herbal supplement makers, and vacuum devices. Our focus, however, is on permanent methods of penis enlargement, exclusively penis surgery, because in virtually every instance, penis surgery, or Phalloplasty, generally results in permanent gains in both length and girth.

History of Phalloplasty

Today’s surgical Phalloplasty technique involves two aspects; lengthening and thickening. The lengthening technique actually began back in the early eighties, in Boston, as a surgical method to help children who were born with a congenital defect known as Micro penis (measuring less than 6cm erect). In this method, the surgical release of the ligament (suspensory ligament) that held the penis cradled from the pubic bone (S1-S5), allowed the penis to become extended, in many cases, up to six additional centimeters (roughly 2.4 inches). By the end of the eighties, a Chinese doctor improved the penis lengthening technique significantly, and he is generally credited as being the “inventor” of the technique for penis lengthening.

Thickening of the penis first appeared in Miami, again in early eighties, when a surgeon experimented with the technique of lipo sculpture—filling the penis with the patient’s own fatty tissue. It was the very first application of what is now termed FFT, or Free Fat Transfer, a method widely accepted as being the original technique that produced high success rates. Since then, another method of thickening has been employed by some surgeons—that of widening the penis using tissue grafts, or dermal matrix grafts, whereby the body generates new cellular growth on the graft substrate. But, in most cases, fat transfer or dermal grafts yield the same results.

Myths & Legends

Numerous tales about the penis’s place in history abound. From gods and Greek legends to Chinese myths . . . all seem to have a story about penis size in relation to power, strength, and longevity. Even Christianity in the Middle Ages plays a role. In virtually every instance, the depiction of a massive phallus size is representative of having higher virility, which, in truth, is entirely false.

How Does The Penis Work?

Short of functioning as a simple tube for the release of filtered wastewater from the kidneys, or urine, the Penis has a very useful purpose when erect. The length and width, in average men is ideal for procreation.

When sexually aroused, the spongy tissue areas that make up the penis, called the Corpus Cavernosum, and Corpus Spongiosum naturally fill with blood, making the penis become firm and erect making intercourse possible.

What Size Is Best?

The question of penis size is often viewed differently by men and women. Men universally say that having a large penis is paramount for having a good sexual relationship. Studies show that women, on the other hand, tend to change their viewpoint when asked about the question of penis size in public, versus what they say in private. Publicly, most women will affirm that it’s the male “technique” rather than the size that matters. Yet, when asked the same question in private, virtually all these same women say the opposite . . . size of the penis DOES matter.

So, what actually is the “average” size of the penis?

In a rigid state, the average size is 14-15cm in length (5.5” – 5.9”), and approximately 12cm (4.7”) in girth.

As for unusual sizes, it’s been reported that roughly one man out of 10,000 has a penis that is 25cm in length (9.8”) when erect. Approximately 3% of men have a 20cm penis (7.9”). About 15% of men have penises measuring seven inches. And the average male 75% have a penis measuring roughly 15cm in length (5.9”).

What About Being Too Small?

A genital condition known as Micro penis is often diagnosed at birth in a small number of males. As an adult, Micro penis refers to a penis that, when erect is less than 6cm(2.6”), and less than 7cm(2.76”) in girth. What is termed a small penis is one that is between 10-12cm erect in length or less than 9-10cm in girth.

Variations In Size By Country & Ethnic Origin

Depending on the country where one lives, it is said that there are differences in penis size. More accurately, penis size is a reflection on ethnic background rather than geographic origin. According to Andro Medical the following sizes are averages found from country to country:

France – average erect size equals 16cm, or 6.3 inches
Italy, Russia – average erect size equals 15cm
Mexico – 14.9cm
Germany – 14.4cm
Spain – 13.6cm
Japan – 13cm
United States – 12.9cm, or 5.1 inches when erect
Saudi Arabia – 12.4cm
India – 10.1cm
Korea – 9.6cm

Ethnic Origin plays a greater role in penis size than geographic locale. It’s been said that Black men are generally better endowed than Caucasian men. Some facts bear this out with the average black man having a penis size almost one centimeter in length greater than an average Caucasian man. Also of interest is that generally, Asian men or North American Indians are less in length than black or white men.

How To Alter Penis Size – From The American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons (AAPS)

AAPS Credentials & Indications

Once a year, the Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons holds their annual meeting to discuss new advances and methods in surgical penis enlargement. The AAPS, a group of the most highly trained, experienced experts on all aspects of penis physiology, delves into such topics of implants, surgical techniques, methods, and even the very issue of Phalloplasty still being considered an “experimental” technique by many surgeons – even after decades of application. Needless to say, much of this label is, as a result of years of social debate over acceptance. Many liken it to the argument over female breast augmentation forty years ago.

Today, the majority of Phalloplasty procedures, over 75%, are performed by board-certified members of the AAPS. The criteria (indications) for deeming penis enlargement surgery appropriate are the following:

Medical Functionality – whereby surgery is deemed appropriate for men with penises less than 10cm in length (Micro penis), or 9cm in girth, directly affecting the ability of the individual to procreate. In many cases, the cost for surgical alteration to fix this condition is paid by insurance.

Genetic Malformation – when hypospadias, epispadias and/or fibroses, or Micro penis are indicated. Insurance carriers sometimes pay the costs for surgery, but every case is different.

Psychological or Aesthetic Need – this indication is based on the patient’s perceived need or want and in most instances, the cost of the surgery is borne by the patient.


The surgical alteration of the penis, called Phalloplasty, involves, in almost every instance (Aesthetic Need Indications), a change in the length and width (girth) of the shaft. Never are changes or alterations made to the Corona, or head of the penis. In fact, most of the surgical changes that occur are cosmetic, and not in any manner associated with the biological mechanisms of how the penis works. This assures the patient that the ability to enlarge to erection is never in risk of being altered.

Length Gain

Most men don’t know it, but only two thirds of the penis extends beyond the body. Inside the body cavity, there is roughly another 8-10cm of length (keep in mind that the average penis, in America, is roughly 13cm), which is suspended from the pubic bone by two connective tissues called ligaments. The suspensory ligament and fundiform ligament anchor the external tissue to the body.

When freed surgically, in every instance the penis will gain, in a flaccid state, roughly 2-3cm (there are 2.54cm per inch), making the appearance of the limp penis much greater. Gains in erect position vary considerably but can be equal or greater in size. Today, the cicatricial retraction that is common after surgery (in normal healing, a scar is formed, sometimes causing contraction of the tissues). This is usually controlled by counterweight until the healing is complete. There have been stated concerns about releasing these ligaments, for fear of damaging the proper elevation of the penis once severed. It’s been discovered, after years of surgery that the elevation of the penis is determined by pressure within the spongy tissues, not the effect of the ligaments themselves.

This procedure is extremely safe and virtually never creates any problems.

Girth Gain

The AAPS is consistent in its views on how to lengthen the penis. However, when it comes to thickening the penis shaft (no procedures address alterations to the Corona of the penis), there are two distinct avenues of belief.

Free Fat Transfer, or Lipo sculpture– this method involves a well-known method of transferring ones own tissue (fatty tissue – called grafts) taken from another part of the body. The fat tissue (grafts) is injected under the skin of the penis and is then molded to the right shape. The skin has the appearance of being thicker and depending on the skill of the surgeon, in most cases they acquire their own circulation and “take”, thereby becoming permanent. Surgeons who have developed their own “special” methods of preparing the fat grafts (some centrifuge the tissue, others wash the harvested tissue with special solutions) have scored the highest success of increasing uniform girth using this method, and most important, there is no chance of tissue rejection as is the case with Dermal Grafts (see below). As well, the scarring is minimal (usually only 1⁄4” across) because the only openings needed are for a harvesting or delivery cannula.

Dermal Grafts & Foreign Tissue Implants – another method of increasing the girth of the penis is through the use of grafting subcutaneous tissue from one part of the body to the penis. This procedure relies on the surgeon successfully peeling the epidermis from the harvested skin section, and then successfully placing it in the appropriate area(s) in the penis shaft. In some instances, collagen grafts are used, some taken from Cadaver flesh that’s been treated and thoroughly cleaned. While results are often reported as being good, the downside of this procedure is that it can result in two surgical areas (the harvested site and surgical site, unless a foreign graft is used), and sometimes, when the grafts are foreign material (such as AlloDerm®), there is a good chance of tissue rejection—in those rare instances this leaves the penis infected, and sometimes permanently deformed. Still, many AAPS surgeons have reported success with this method of girth enhancement, and again, the best results are solely because of the surgical skill of the physician.

Circumcision & “Other” Penis Alterations

Circumcision was supposedly practiced as early as 500BC by the Egyptians. Even today, there is much discourse about the benefits, or lack thereof, of circumcision. From a medicinal standpoint, it is said to permit greater hygiene, thereby allowing fewer genital diseases and infections for both men and women. Circumcision is performed on Jews, Muslims and Christians with the Jewish faith professing the ceremony a sign of a covenant with God.

Peyronie’s Disease

This disease, often affecting men in their mid-fifties, is a degenerative condition of the penis shaft that affects the elasticity of the spongy tissues on the sides and bottom of the shaft. It is found in men with diabetes and when the penis engorges with blood, the affected side(s), will not enlarge, thereby causing the penis to bend in one direction or another. Untreated, this disease can result in impotence. Surgical treatments are the usual method of dealing with the affliction, but new non-surgical methods, using stretching devices (traction devices such as the “Helping Hand Extender) show promise.

What Do Women Think?

Depending on who you ask . . . when you ask . . . and who is asking; women seem to have different answers to the question, “Is it better to have a bigger penis?”.

Many women say that size doesn't matter, until they’re shown a picture of a Micro penis patient, at which time they’ve been known to comment, “. . . you’re kidding, right?” Most of the time though, women will say that if the sex lives between them and their mate are adequate, then they are satisfied with the size of their mate. Some have been known to comment that a bigger penis means that they don’t have to “move” as much, and merely by laying there, they have greater pleasure. Other women, after seeing a overly large penis will comment that intercourse with a person with a penis that’s huge can become a painful experience.

Women seem to prefer a man with a slightly larger-than-the-norm penis size as it aids in sexual stimulation.

NUTAM: August 5-11, 2007

Mega Manila Television Audience Measurement (MEGATAM)
Top 10 Programs
Week 32, 5-11 August 2007

Rank #/Program/Network/AMR%/SHR%

1 Mga Mata Ni Anghelita/GMA/21.7%/51.8%
2 Lupin/GMA/19.3%/46.9%
3 Impostora/GMA/19.0%/49.7%
4 24 Oras/GMA/18.7%/51.5%
5 Bitoy's Funniest Videos: Yari Ka!/GMA/17.7%/47.6%
6 Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho/GMA/17.2%/47.8%
7 Jumong/GMA/16.5%/52.1%
8 Ysabella/ABS-CBN/15.2%/36.0%
9 Kapamilya Deal Or No Deal/ABS-CBN/15.1%/38.5%
10 Kokey/ABS-CBN/14.3%/34.7%

National Television Audience Measurement (NUTAM)
Top 10 Programs
Week 32, 5-11 August 2007

Rank #/Program/Network/AMR%/SHR%

1 Ysabella/ABS-CBN/21.8%/50.8%
2 Kokey/ABS-CBN/21.1%/49.9%
3 Kapamilya Deal Or No Deal/ABS-CBN/19.8%/51.9%
4 Komiks Presents: Pedro Penduko at ang mga Engkantao/ABS-CBN/19.3%/50.1%
5 TV Patrol World/ABS-CBN/18.3%/52.0%
6 Mga Mata Ni Anghelita/GMA/17.1%/40.0%
7 Maalaala Mo Kaya: "Takatak"/ABS-CBN/17.1%/58.4%
8 Saturday Afternoon Blockbuster: "Shake, Rattle and Roll 8"/ABS-CBN/16.8%/58.5%
9 Rated K: Handa Na Ba Kayo?/ABS-CBN/16.0%/49.7%
10 Lupin/GMA/15.3%/36.9%


AMR% - Average Minute Rating over the total universe
SHR% - Share - proportion of individuals viewing the specific program compared to the total number of individuals watching TV during the same time interval

International Television

Fast National ratings for (USA)
Sunday, Aug. 19, 2007

Preseason football improved NBC's lot on Sunday, but not enough to overtake CBS for the lead in the ratings.

CBS won the night with a 5.4 rating/9 share. NBC came in second with a 4.2/7, up half a point from last week's preseason game. ABC, 3.4/6, was third, followed by FOX at 2.8/5. The CW barely registered with a 0.8/1.

FOX tied CBS for the lead among adults 18-49, with each network drawing a 2.1 rating. NBC was close behind with a 2.0. ABC finished fourth at 1.7, while The CW fell well below the 1.0 mark.

CBS captured the night's biggest hourly audience with "60 Minutes," 6.4/12, at 7 p.m. An "America's Funniest Home Videos" rerun on ABC took second at 4.0/7. The U.S. Gymnastics Championships drew a 3.0/5 for NBC. FOX averaged 1.6/3 with "'Til Death" and "King of the Hill," and The CW went with a "Smallville" repeat.

"Big Brother," 4.8/8, kept CBS in the lead at 9 p.m. NBC's NFL coverage, featuring the Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants, earned a 4.6/8, tying with ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" (ABC had more total viewers). FOX aired repeats of "The Simpsons," 3.3/6, and "American Dad," 3.0/5. A "7th Heaven" rerun on The CW brought up the rear.

At 9 p.m., CBS' "Cold Case" posted a 5.5/9. NBC took sole possession of second with the Ravens-Giants game, 5.0/8. A pair of "Family Guy" episodes drew a 3.7/6 for FOX, topping the 2.9/5 for "Desperate Housewives" on ABC. The CW finished its night with "The Search for the Next Doll."

"Shark" closed out the CBS sweep of the night with a 4.9/8 at 10 p.m. The NFL pulled in a 4.1/7 for NBC, and ABC's "Brothers & Sisters" rerun earned a 2.2/4.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

International Television

Prime Time Ratings:
Saturday 8/18/07

The following results are based on the fast affiliate ratings (Live Plus Same Day data)

-Total Viewers:
CBS: 5.53 million, Fox: 5.27, NBC: 4.15, ABC: 3.17

-Adults 18-49:
CBS and Fox: 1.7/ 6 each, NBC: 1.2/ 4, ABC: 1.0/ 4


-Ratings Breakdown:
CBS and Fox led the deadly Saturday troops, with Pre-Season Football on the Eye net first in total viewers and the two networks tied among adults 18-49. The San Diego vs. St. Louis match-up on CBS averaged 5.53 million viewers and a 1.7 rating/ 6 share among adults 18-49 in prime-time. Fox, of course, aired its perennial combination of Cops (two repeats – Viewers: #2, avg. 5.11 million; A18-49: #1, avg. 1.7/ 7) and America’s Most Wanted (Viewers: #2, 5.42 million; A18-49: #1t, 1.8/ 6).

NBC finished third overall, with its combination of the 2007 U.S. Gymnastics Championship (Viewers: #3, 3.75 million; A18-49: #3, 1.0/ 4), a repeat of The Singing Bee (Viewers: #3, 4.04 million; A18-49: #3, 1.3/ 5), and a repeat of America’s Got Talent (Viewers: 4.45 million; A18-49: 1.3/ 4 from 9:30-11 p.m.). Last was ABC’s line-up of movie Win a Date With Tad Hamilton (Viewers: #4, 3.27 million; A18-49: #4, 1.0/ 4 from 8-10 p.m.) and week three of Masters of Science, which was not master of the ratings at a last-place 2.99 million viewers and a 1.0/ 4 in the demo.

Sadly, the state of Saturday will not be getting any better next season.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Angel Locsin plays on "K, Deal or No Deal" this Monday!

Ang Kapamilya Deal Or No Deal ang unang non-showbiz oriented program ng ABS-CBN kung saan unang mapapanood si Angel Locsin bilang true-blue Kapamilya star.

Nag-taping na siya para sa game show hosted by Kris Aquino at naging mainit naman daw ang pagtanggap ng audience ng Kapamilya Deal Or No Deal kay Angel. Marami raw ang nag-abang sa pagdating ng dalaga. Nahuli ng dating pero nanood ng taping ang nanay ni Angel.

Sinabi raw ni Angel kay Kris na dahil daw magkatapat ang programa nila before, hindi raw niya napapanood ang kanyang game show. Winika naman daw ni Kris na banned din sa bahay niya panoorin ang show ni Angel dahil katapat nga ito ng kanyang programa.

Nang intriga naman daw ang banker dahil sinabi raw nito kay Angel na hindi raw nang-iiwan ang kapamilya pero ang puso ay nata-transplant.

Kung magkakatapat ng time slot ang Kapamilya Deal Or No Deal at Marimar, makakalaban ni Angel ang programa ni Marian Rivera, na unang inalok sa kanya. Pero mas pinili niyang lumipat ng network kaysa tanggapin ang offer na siyang pinagmulan ng controversy.

Nang tanungin namin kung magkano ang napanalunan ni Angel, ayaw nito ipasulat pero sinabi ng aming source kung magkano lang ang nakuha ni Angel sa kanyang paglalaro.

International Television: "SmackDown!" trying to stand up and recovering from last week's loss.

Prime Time Ratings:
Friday 8/17/07

The following results are based on the fast affiliate ratings (Live Plus Same Day data)

-Total Viewers:
ABC: 5.35 million, CBS: 4.62, NBC: 4.23, Fox: 4.06, CW: 3.86

-Adults 18-49:
ABC: 1.6 rating/6 share, Fox: 1.4/ 5, CBS and CW: 1.2/ 4 each, NBC: 1.1/ 4


-Ratings Breakdown:
ABC took control of this typical summer Friday, with a first-place finish in total viewers and adults 18-49. CBS and Fox tied for the No. 2 spot.

A repeat of CBS’ Ghost Whisperer was first in the 8 p.m. hour in total viewers, with 5.26 million, and tied for second behind Pre-Season Football on Fox among adults 18-49 (1.3 rating/ 5 share). Including the pre-game show, the pre-season match-up between Minnesota and the New York Jets averaged 4.06 million viewers (#4) and a 1.4/ 5 among adults 18-49 on Fox in prime time.

In the battle of the 8-9 p.m. game shows, a repeat of NBC’s 1 vs. 100 (Viewers: #2, 4.75 million; A18-49: #2t, 1.3/ 5) outdelivered ABC’s recently introduced Set For Life (Viewers: #3, 4.62 million; A18-49: #4, 1.2/ 4) by 130,000 viewers and eight percent in the demo.

The CW’s perennial Friday Night Smackdown!, meanwhile, was below average at 3.86 million viewers (#4) and a 1.2/ 4 (#3t) among adults 18-49 from 8-10 p.m.

Opposite football and wrestling in the 9 p.m. hour were two repeat episodes of ABC’s canceled George Lopez (Viewers: #1, avg. 4.58 million; A18-49: #1, avg. 1.6/ 5), a repeat of NBC’s Las Vegas (Viewers: #4, 3.72 million; A18-49: #4t, 0.9/ 3), and a repeat of CBS’ Jericho (Viewers: #5, 3.71 million; A18-49: #4t, 0.9/ 3). Don’t forget that Las Vegas moves to 10 p.m. out of the relocated Friday Night Lights next season.

First at 10 p.m. was ABC’s veteran 20/20 (Viewers: #1, 6.86 million; A18-49: #1, 2.0/ 7), which moves to Friday at 8 p.m. next season, followed (in order of total viewers) by a repeat of CBS’ Numb3rs (Viewers: #2, 4.89 million; A18-49: #2t, 1.3/ 5), a repeat of NBC’s Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Viewers: #3, 4.22 million; A18-49: #4, 1.1/ 4) and Pre-Season Football on Fox (Viewers: #4, 4.05 million; A18-49: #2, 1.4/ 5). And there you have it…that’s Friday.

Source: Nielsen Media Research data

Friday, August 17, 2007

Mega Manila TV Ratings: August 16, 2007 (Thursday)

Here's the Mega Manila TV Ratings for

Thursday, August 16, 2007:

SiS 14.1% vs. Boy and Kris 10.8%;
Takeshi’s Castle 17.7% vs. Game Ka Na Ba? 22.7%;
Eat Bulaga 24.4% vs. Wowowee 19.8%;
Daisy Siete 20.3% vs. Inocente De Ti 13.2%;
Pati Ba Pintig ng Puso 19.8% & Kung Mahawi Man ang Ulap 16.2% vs. Pinoy Movie Hits 12.2%;
Foxy Lady 14.1% & Meteor Garden 24.1% vs. Margarita 14.1%;
24 Oras 31.2% vs. TV Patrol World 29.4%;
Mga Mata ni Anghelita 31.3% vs. Kokey 33.6%;
Lupin 32.9% vs. Ysabella 29%;
Marimar 34.9% vs. Deal or No Deal 25.8%;
Impostora 31.5% vs. Walang Kapalit 24.6%;
Jumong 27.1% vs. Sineserye 21.9%;
Magpakailanman 18.1% vs. Bandila 19.7%.

ABS-CBN's "Studio 23" pumps up Foreign Shows from ABC, CBS, NBC, The CW and many other more.

Makikipagsabayan na ang Studio 23 sa US airings ng mga seryeng Grey’s Anatomy, Smallville at Desperate Housewives.

Ito ang ipinahayag ni Leo Katigbak (Managing Director ng Studio 23) sa isang press conference, kung saan masaya niyang ibinalita ang mga bagong programang ipalalabas sa istasyon.

"Halos magkasabay na ang pagpapalabas ng mga season sa US at sa Studio 23," aniya.

"Hindi na kailangan mag-download sa Internet o maghintay nang 4-12 buwan upang mapanood ang mga pinakabagong pangyayari sa kanilang paboritong shows."

Babaguhin ang program line-up ng Satudio 23 para lalong maging exciting sa bawat Kabarkada.

Panibagong season na ng Ghost Whisperer, Lost, Two and a Half Men at Rules of Engagement. Magpapaalam naman ang family drama na 7th Heaven sa ika-12 season nito.

Nasa Studio 23 rin ang Brothers and Sisters, Kyle XY at International Fight League.

Hindi rin pahuhuli ang mga show na tatak-Pinoy. Ayon kay Katigbak, makakaasa ang publiko ng mga bago at kakaibang palabas sa mga susunod na buwan tulad ng game show, youth variety show, men’s lifestyle show, and dalawang reality shows.

May panibagong istilo sa pagbabalita ang primetime newscast na News Central sina TJ Manotoc, Ria Tanjuatco Rillo at Tricia Chiongbian.

Patuloy na nagbibigay ng lifestyle tips sina Iya Villania, Chesca Garcia at Angel Aquino sa Us Girls. Tumatalakay naman ng mga usaping panlipunan ang mga kabataan sa Y Speak sa pangunguna nina Bianca Gonzales, Kim Atienza, JC Cuadrado, Patricia Evangelista at Mo Twister.

International Television

Fast National ratings for (USA)
Thursday, Aug. 16, 2007

The finale of "So You Think You Can Dance" propelled FOX to a ratings win Thursday, holding off CBS.

FOX and CBS each averaged a 5.8 rating/10 share among households for the night, but FOX had more total viewers: 9.37 million to CBS' 8.66 million. ABC, 2.6/5, took third in households, although NBC (2.5/4) had a few more viewers. The CW trailed with a 1.2/2.

The adults 18-49 demographic went to FOX, which drew a 3.5 rating among the viewers advertisers covet. CBS came in second with a 2.5. NBC drew a 1.5 to take third, followed by ABC, 1.2, and The CW, 0.8.

The first half of the "So You Think" finale earned a 5.2/9 for FOX at 8 p.m. "Big Brother" scored a 4.7/9 to put CBS in second place. Reruns of "My Name Is Earl," 3.0/6, and "30 Rock," 2.4/4, on NBC edged ABC's "Ugly Betty" in viewers. "Smallville" delivered a 1.3/2 for The CW.

"So You Think You Can Dance" climbed to 6.5/11 at 9 p.m. as Sabra Johnson was crowned this season's champion. CBS was close behind with "CSI," 6.4/11. A "Grey's Anatomy" rerun on ABC, 2.6/5, was third in households, but NBC's "The Office," 2.7/5, and "Scrubs," 2.2/4, brought in a few more viewers. The CW held steady with "Supernatural."

At 10 p.m., CBS' "Without a Trace" dominated the hour with a 6.2/11. "Men in Trees" posted a 2.5/4 for ABC, good enough to beat the 2.3/4 for "ER" on NBC.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Chinese ILLEGAL immigrants enter the Philippines

Paradox for Philippines as Chinese set up shop
By Roel Landingin in Manila

She hardly speaks any English or Tagalog but that does not stop the white-haired grandmother from China’s southern Fujian province from running her clothes store in Divisoria, Manila’s bargain shopping centre. She has three Filipina assistants and she haggles with customers via a calculator.

Like many of the shop- owners in the “168” mall – which, in Cantonese, sounds like “prosperity all the way” – the grandmother is a recent arrival from China and part of a new wave of immigrants who have arrived in the Philippines.


The woman refuses to give her name but says she landed in Manila in 2002 from the southern city of Shishi with her son and his wife, who were escaping China’s one-child policy. The couple had a second child in the Philippines and plan to eventually return to Fujian, where the husband runs a clothing factory. Another son and his wife followed for the same reason and are awaiting the birth of their second child. The clothes store was set up to generate an income while they prepare their return to China.

The family are part of a wave of immigrants leaving China even as rapid economic growth is transforming the world’s most populous nation. Most head to the US, Canada and other rich western countries, often as illegal aliens. But each year thousands also seek to make their fortunes in a middle­-income country growing only half as fast as China.

The trend has created an immigration paradox. The Philippines, perhaps best-known in recent years for its outgoing migrants, has become a destination for immigrants in its own right.

The new Chinese arrivals are drawn by a combination of weak law enforcement and huge fortunes to be made selling cheap Chinese goods to a swelling Filipino middle class. Feeding the growth of that middle class is the one in 10 of the country’s 86m people who are working abroad and their remittances, which reached $12.8bn (€9.25bn, £6.2bn) last year and have helped to drive consumer spending and economic growth.

According to Teresita Ang-See, an expert on Chinese in the Philippines, there are 80,000-100,000 illegal or overstaying Chinese nationals in the country, roughly a tenth of the million or so ethnic Chinese living in the Philippines. The latest influx has come in part because of Manila’s move in 2005 to liberalise entry procedures for Chinese tourists and investors, a move that helped triple the number of Chinese visitors to 133,000 last year.

But their growing presence in the Philippines is resented by many Chinese-Filipinos who have worked hard to assimilate. Many local Chinese consider the recent arrivals unfair competitors in business and fret that they could stir up resentment of the existing Chinese minority.

The Chinese-language press in Manila is full of bitter exchanges between the new and old immigrants. “Although the new immigrants appear to be better educated, they are considered more uncivilised, uncouth and ill-mannered,” says Go Bon Juan, director for research at Kaisa (Unity), a group promoting links between the local Chinese and Filipinos. “Even young students in Chinese-language schools tend to dissociate themselves from classmates who are newcomers.”

The resentment is even more pronounced among businessmen, in part because the new arrivals have a “tendency to be brash and pushy in their business transactions”, says Mr Go.

Many are drawn to illicit activities such as smuggling and drugs, he says. But they also stand accused of violating the law in more benign ways. Filipino law prohibits non-citizens from retailing but the rules are openly violated by new Chinese immigrants, whereas previous generations would often simply register businesses in the name of Filipino spouses or associates.

There are also questions about how long the new migrants want to stay. Immigration officials say some recent arrivals from China are using the Philippines as a transit point for entry to western countries using fake documents. According to the Bureau of Immigration, eight in 10 of the foreign nationals now caught attempting to enter the US illegally on flights from Manila are mainland Chinese.

“The Chinese come here as legitimate tourists or investors but try to leave for the US or Canada using forged passports or visas,” says Danilo Almeda, an immigration spokesman. But “the illegal scheme hurts the Philippines’ image and makes life harder for overseas Filipinos who have to face extra scrutiny from immigration officials all over the world”, he adds.

Here's the link:

Economy......How is it?

Philippines can grow like India, says ABN Amro

By Doris Dumlao
Last updated 07:06am (Mla time) 08/14/2007

MANILA, Philippines -- Can the Philippines replicate India’s phenomenal growth? It’s possible, says Dutch banking giant ABN Amro.

Irene Cheung, head for Asia local markets of ABN Amro, said in a recent research presentation that the Philippines was benefiting from a current account surplus and a positive balance of payments surplus due mainly to strong remittances from overseas Filipinos.

The Philippines hit a record surplus of $5 billion in the balance of payments as of July, as more foreign exchange came in than went out in the first seven months.

She said the favorable BoP position was reminiscent of India’s surplus primarily due to software service exports.

The current account, a major component of the BOP, includes the inflow from the export of goods and services.

Cheung also noted the Philippines’ improving capital account, fueled by foreign direct investments and portfolio inflow -- which were seen as analogous to India’s capital inflow.

Deputy Governor Diwa Guinigundo of the central bank, who had meetings with ABN Amro, said the Dutch bank had pledged to bring in more foreign investments.

“India is a big, promising, emerging market. They see the Philippines in the same light,” Guinigundo said.

Even on the business process outsourcing market, Guinigundo said the country was not far behind India.

“In terms of volume, they are bigger, but on a person-to-person basis, we’re comparable,” he said.

But ABN Amro said the strong BoP inflows to the region were a big challenge to Asian central banks.

The bank noted that foreign exchange intervention was not being “fully sterilized” in some countries, including China, India, the Philippines and Malaysia.

Sterilization refers to a central bank’s mopping up of excess funds pumped into the economy.

Copyright 2007 Inquirer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Mega Manila TV Ratings: August 15, 2007 (Wednesday)

Here's the ratings (Mega Manila Area only) for Wednesday, August 15, 2007:

SiS 15.7% vs. Boy & Kris 13.5%;
Takeshi's Castle (new time) 20.3% vs. Game Ka Na Ba? 23.4%;
Eat Bulaga 23.2% vs. Wowowee 20.8%;
Daisy Siete 19.3% vs. Inocente De Ti 14.6%;
Kung Mahawi Man Ang Ulap 16.3% & Pati Ba Pinitg ng Puso 20% vs. Pinoy Movie Hits 13.5%;
Foxy Lady (new time) 16.3% & Meteor Garden 27.3% vs. Margarita 18%;
24 Oras 35.9% vs. TV Patrol World 29.5%;
Mga Mata ni Anghelita 31.6% vs. Kokey 32.1%;
Lupin 33.2% vs. Ysabella 30.4%;
Marimar 36.9% vs. Deal or No Deal 26%;
Impostora 33.9% vs. Walang Kapalit 24.9%;
Jumong 27.2% vs. Sineserye Presents: Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos? 19%;
Kung Ako Ikaw 17.2% vs. Bandila 14%.

International Television

Fast National ratings for (USA)
Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2007

FOX and CBS ran neck-and-neck in the ratings Wednesday, with FOX's dancers narrowly beating CBS' crime-fighters for the top spot.

The two networks tied for first in households, each drawing a 5.4 rating/10 share. FOX had the edge in total viewers, though, with 8.5 million to CBS' 8 million. NBC came in third with a 3.9/7, followed by ABC, 2.8/5, and The CW, 1.1/2.

FOX also led among adults 18-49 with a 3.2 rating. NBC finished second in the key demographic at 2.2, beating out CBS' 2.0. ABC averaged 1.5 and The CW 0.6.

CBS' "The Power of 10," 5.2/10, won the 8 p.m. hour in households. FOX had a few more viewers with "So You Think You Can Dance," 5.1/9. "Most Outrageous Moments" scored a 3.8/7 for NBC, topping the 2.8/5 ABC got from a pair of "According to Jim" reruns. The CW aired an "America's Next Top Model" repeat.

"So You Think's" final performance improved to 5.7/10 for FOX at 9 p.m. CBS was close behind with "Criminal Minds," 5.5/9. "Last Comic Standing," 3.6/6, kept NBC in third, while ABC was fourth with "Primetime." A second "Top Model" drew a 1.2/2 for The CW.

At 10 p.m., "CSI: NY" put CBS on top with a 5.7/10. "Dateline" scored a 4.4/8 for NBC, and the premiere of "NASCAR in Primetime" on ABC finished with a 2.1/4.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This week on SmackDown!

Khali will meet Kane in a Wrestlemania rematch this week on Friday Night SmackDown!

Last Friday on SmackDown, The Great Khali once again unleashed his formidable Claw on not only the skull of Ric Flair, but also on his SummerSlam opponent, Batista. After bringing a 16-time World Champion and The Animal down to their very knees, can any SmackDown Superstar stop the massive paw of the 7-foot-3 World Heavyweight Champion? With less than two weeks away before SummerSlam, does The Animal have any upper hand going into Uncasville, Conn., for SmackDown this Friday…or will The Great Khali’s lethal “hand-weapon” return to put The Animal down for good?

After being sidelined and treated for a heart condition, United States Champion Montel Vontavious Porter has come up with a challenge for Matt Hardy: To meet him in Madison Square Garden and go “toe-to-toe and blow-for-blow” in a boxing match at Saturday Night’s Main Event. Matt admits that he’s not a boxer, but he is up for the challenge, and determined to prove that he’s better than MVP. Will SmackDown be able to contain the two Superstars from exchanging more words – or punches –- before they go the distance at the Mecca of boxing and sports-entertainment?

Chavo Guerrero found it humorous to dress up as Rey Mysterio for our fans last week on SmackDown; however, he may not be laughing once the real Master of the 619 makes his return at the Biggest Party of the Summer. Then again, Chavo seems more focused than ever, and he’s picked up enough match victories of late to prove it. Will his winning streak – plus his constant reminders of Rey’s surgically repaired knee – get to Mysterio before he gets to SummerSlam?

Find out the answers to these questions and more on Friday Night SmackDown, 8/7 CT, only on The CW Network.

Abante - Tonite: August 16, 2007 Issue.

Iniiwasan na ni Ali Sotto na mag-comment sa mga punang ibinabato sa kanya pagkatapos lumabas sa Startalk ang interview sa kanya tungkol kay Angel Locsin.

"Ayaw ko na lang magsalita, kasi, in the process, si Angel lang ang masasaktan," pahayag ng actress/broadcaster.

May statement siyang ipinahayag sa kanyang radio program kahapon pero hindi na siya nag-emote nang husto para na lang kay Angel na nakausap niya nang personal nu’ng ang Sabado.

Nagkita sila nu’ng Sabado nang gabi at masinsinan silang nag-usap pero ayaw na niyang ibahagi sa amin kung ano ang kanilang napag-usapan.

"Basta, bumaha ng luha," dagdag ni Ali.

Gusto niyang linawin na never niya sinabing sumikat si Angel magmula nang namatay ang anak niyang si Miko.

Pina-transcribe pa niya ang interview niya sa Startalk, at ang sinabi lang niya base sa tanong ni Butch Francisco ay, "Napansin si Angel nang namatay si Miko."

"Hindi ko sinabi iyun dahil never ko naman iniisip iyun. Hindi ko iyun isinusumbat kay Angel.

"Ang sinabi ko lang, napansin, at ang sumunod du’n ay pinaghirapan na niya kaya siya sumikat. Masama ba iyun?" patuloy ni Ali nang nakausap namin kahapon pagkatapos ng kanyang radio program sa DZBB.


Hindi lang si Ali ang apektado ngayon kundi mas matindi ang tama ngayon kay Mother Lily Monteverde itong pagpirma ni Angel Locsin sa Star Cinema Films kasabay ng pagpirma nito sa ABS CBN 2.

Ang pagkakaalam ko, may miting si Mother sa mga taga-Star Cinema kahapon pero hindi ko pa alam kung natuloy dahil nu’ng nakausap ko siya sa contract-signing nina Jenica Garcia at Mart Escudero nu’ng Martes, wala na raw siyang balak na makipag-miting dahil kabastusan na raw ang ginawa sa kanya.

Bago dumating ang araw ng pirmahan, sinabihan pa raw ni Mother ang mga taga-Star Cinema na huwag papirmahin si Angel sa naturang film outfit dahil may existing contract pa ito sa Regal Films.

Nung huling miting nila, tinanong pa raw ni Mother si Ms. Becky Aguila kaharap pa ang abugado nitong si Atty. Joji Alonzo kung pipirma ba si Angel sa Star Cinema.

Mabilis daw ang sagot ni Ms. Becky na hindi sila pipirma sa Star Cinema.

Kaya gulat na gulat daw si Mother Lily nang nakita niyang pumirma si Angel nu’ng Sabado sa Star Cinema.

Masamang-masama ang loob ni Mother Lily sa mga nangyari.

"It’s not the contract, eh. Kahit na there’s a contract or no contract, kung babastusin ka, wala ka talagang magagawa eh," medyo nanginginig pang pahayag ni Mother sa sobrang galit.

Nung nakausap namin si Mother Lily nu’ng Martes, pinag-iisipan na raw nitong magdemanda dahil malinaw na nilabag nina Ms. Becky at Angel ang kontratang pinirmahan sa Regal.

Abangan na lang sa Startalk ang mas matinding pahayag ni Mother Lily kaugnay sa isyung ito.

About the height debate

As of 2:15 am (Phil. Time)

54% said that Filipinos are growing in height year by year. But 29% said 'No,' and 6% said 'Maybe' being on the bottom spot. While 10% said 'I don't care!'

Total votes: 129

Thanks for participating on the poll! :)

Mega Manila TV Ratings: August 14, 2007 (Tuesday)

Here's the Mega Manila ratings for August 14, 2007 (Tuesday):

SiS 13.8% vs. Boy and Kris 9.8%;
Foxy Lady 16.8% vs. Game Ka Na Ba? 20.6%;
Eat Bulaga 20.1% vs. Wowowee 19.1%;
Daisy Siete 16.9% vs. Inocente De Ti 10.6%;
Kung Mahawi Man ang Ulap 15.1% & Pati Ba Pintig ng Puso 17.1% vs. Pinoy Movie Hits 13.5%;
Lovers in Prague 10.7% & Meteor Garden 26.8% vs. Margarita 14.6%;
24 Oras 29.9% vs. TV Patrol World 28%;
Mga Mata ni Anghelita 32.7% vs. Kokey 27.8%;
Lupin 33.9% vs. Ysabella 26.7%;
Marimar 34% vs. Deal or No Deal 23.8%;
Impostora 33.2% vs. Walang Kapalit 22.1%;
Jumong 25.5% vs. Sineserye Presents: Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos? 17.9%;
Kung Ako Ikaw 14.8% vs. Bandila 11.6%.

International Television

Fast National ratings for (USA)
Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2007

The final performance show on "America's Got Talent" led NBC to an across-the-board ratings victory Tuesday night.

NBC averaged a 6.0 rating/10 share for the night. CBS finished second with a 4.5/8, holding off ABC's 4.1/7. FOX, 2.4/4, came in fourth, while The CW was just a blip at 0.9/2.

The adults 18-49 demographic also went to NBC, which scored a 2.8 rating in the age group. CBS, 2.2, came in second, followed by ABC, 2.1, and FOX, 1.3. The CW failed to break the 1.0 barrier.

"America's Got Talent" earned a 6.3/11 for NBC at 8 p.m. CBS took second with an "NCIS" rerun, 5.7/10. "Just for Laughs" put ABC in third, well in front of FOX's "On the Lot" which drew a 1.4/3. The CW got a 1.0/2 from its "Gilmore Girls" rerun.

The conclusion of "Got Talent," 7.3/12, and "The Singing Bee," 5.9/10, kept NBC in the lead at 9 p.m. "Big Brother" posted a 5.0/8 for CBS, while ABC stayed in third with its "Primetime: Crime," 4.2/7. A "House" rerun on FOX delivered a 3.4/6. The CW finished its night with a "Beauty and the Geek" repeat.

At 10 p.m., "Law & Order: SVU" scored a 5.1/9 to complete NBC's sweep of the night. ABC's newsmagazine "i-Caught" was second at 3.6/6, beating out a repeat of "The Unit," 2.9/5, on CBS.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mega Manila TV Ratings: August 13, 2007 (Monday)

A GMA new series, Marimar scored a 36.6% on its premier.

Here's the ratings (Mega Manila Area) for
August 13, 2007 (Monday):

SiS 12.7% vs. Boy and Kris 12.2%;
Foxy Lady 15.5% vs. Game Ka Na Ba? 20.7%;
Eat Bulaga 23.2% vs. Wowowee 18.8%;
Daisy Siete 20.2% vs. Inocente De Ti 13.6%;
Pati Ba Pintig ng Puso 20.4% & Kung Mahawi Man ang Ulap 17% vs. Pinoy Movie Hits 15.4%;
Lovers in Prague 11.3% & Meteor Garden 20.2% vs. Margarita 14.1%;
24 Oras 29.2% vs. TV Patrol 24.7%;
Mga Mata ni Anghelita 35.7% vs. Kokey 25.1%;
Lupin 36% vs. Ysabella 26.5%;
Marimar (series premier) 36.6% vs. Deal or No Deal 26.5%;
Impostora 33.9% vs. Walang Kapalit 21.1%;
Jumong 30% vs. Sineserye Presents: Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos? 16.1%;
Kung Ako Ikaw 16.3% vs. Bandila 10.7%.

International TV: FOX Is 'Hell' on Monday Rivals

Fast National ratings for
Monday, Aug. 13, 2007

The finale of "Hell's Kitchen" teamed up with "So You Think You Can Dance" to lead FOX to a ratings win Monday night.

FOX averaged a 5.4 rating/9 share in primetime to beat out CBS' 5.1/9. ABC came in third at 3.6/6. NBC's 3.0/5 was good enough for fourth, and The CW trailed with a 1.2/2.

Among adults 18-49, FOX's 3.7 rating was easily the night's best. CBS took second in the demographic at 2.3, followed by ABC at 2.0. NBC averaged 1.5 and The CW 0.6.

"So You Think You Can Dance" drew a 4.9/9 for FOX at 8 p.m. ABC came in second with a "Wife Swap" rerun, 4.5/8. "How I Met Your Mother," 3.8/7, and "Old Christine," 3.9/7, put CBS in third. NBC went with "Thank God You're Here" to finish fourth, and The CW averaged 1.2/2 with "Everybody Hates Chris" and "All of Us."

FOX stayed on top at 9 p.m. with the finale of "Hell's Kitchen," 5.9/10. CBS moved up to second with reruns of "Two and a Half Men," 6.4/11, and "Rules of Engagement," 5.2/8. "Fat March" earned a 3.3/5 for ABC, topping the 2.0/3 for a "Heroes" rerun on NBC. The CW held steady with repeats of "Girlfriends" and "The Game."

CBS snagged the lead at 10 p.m. thanks to "CSI: Miami," 5.7/10. "Dateline" earned a 4.2/7 for NBC, and ABC's "Supernanny" posted a 2.9/5.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Mega Manila TV Ratings: August 10-12, 2007 (Friday - Sunday)

Showbiz-oriented talkshows heated up the weekend: GMA's Startalk (Sat.) was on top with a 19.6% followed by ABS-CBN's Sunday talkshow, The Buzz with 19.2% for second and another ABS-CBN talkshow, Entertainment Live! (Sat.) dipped into 11% (4.5% down from last weekend) and Showbiz Central (GMA - Sun.) trailed with a 10.4%.

For now, here are the ratings (Mega Manila Area) from Friday to Sunday.

Friday, August 10:

SiS 13.6% vs. Boy and Kris 11.9%;
Foxy Lady 15.3% vs. Game Ka Na Ba 20.9%;
Eat Bulaga 21.6% vs. Wowowee 20.5%;
Daisy Siete 19.1% vs. Inocente De Ti 14%;
Kung Mahawi Man Ang Ulap 15.7% & Pati Ba Pintig ng Puso 18.6% vs. Pinoy Movie Hits 16.6%;
Lovers in Prague 8.7% & Meteor Garden 24.9% vs. Margarita 15.8%;
24 Oras 32% vs. TV Patrol World 24.7%;
Mga Mata ni Anghelita 36.3% vs. Kokey 26.9%;
Lupin 33.2% vs. Ysabella 27.7%;
Impostora 32.2% vs. Deal or No Deal 29%;
Jumong 31.2% vs. Walang Kapalit 24.4%;
Bubble Gang 15.1% vs. Maalaala Mo Kaya 26.3% & Bandila 11.8%.

Saturday, August 11:

Just Joking 12.7% vs. Game Ka Na Ba? 16.9%;
Eat Bulaga 25.5% vs. Wowowee 18.7%;
Startalk 19.6% vs. Entertainment Live 11%;
Wish Ko Lang 20.9% vs. Nagmamahal Kapamilya 11.7%;
Marimar Primer 18.5% vs. Saturday Afternoon Blockbuster 22.5%;
Celebrity Duets 22% & Bitoy’s Funniest Video 29.3% vs. Komiks 21.1%;
Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho 29.7% vs. John En Shirley 17.5%;
Imbestigador 24% vs. TV Patrol Sabado 17.5% & XXX 15.9%;
Nuts Entertainment 14.4% vs. U Can Dance Ver. 2 9.7%.

Sunday, August 12:

Voltes V 12.1% vs. Pinoy Boxing 24.6%;
SOP 16.4% vs. ASAP '07 16%;
Coke’s Ride to Fame 11.8% at Boys Nxt Door 11.2% vs. Your Song 11%;
Showbiz Central 10.4% vs. The Buzz 19.2%;
Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang 17.9% vs. TV Patrol Linggo 21.7%;
Tok Tok Tok 27.8% vs. Goin’ Bulilit 20.1%;
Mel and Joey 24.8% vs. Rated K 20.4%;
All Star ‘K’ 19% vs. Sharon 14.4%;
Ful Haus 18.3% vs. That’s My Doc 12%;
Sunday Night’s Box Office 13.7% vs. Be Bench 9.3% & Sunday’s Best 6.4%.

International Television

Fast National ratings for (USA)
Sunday, Aug. 12, 2007.

The climax of Tiger Woods' PGA Championship win ran into primetime, pushing CBS to an easy and inflated Sunday night win.

Overall, CBS averaged a 5.5 rating/10 share, far ahead of second place NBC's 3.7/7 or the 3.2/6 for ABC. FOX's 2.6/5 was good enough for fourth, while The CW mostly got credit for showing up, doing a 0.7/1.

Among adults 18-49, CBS averaged a 2.2 rating and edged FOX's 2.0 rating in the key demographic. ABC and NBC posted 1.6 ratings and tied for third, handily beating the 0.4 rating for The CW.

The night's most watched program was the Tiger-boosted "60 Minutes," which did a 6.7/13 in the 7 p.m. hour for CBS. "Dateline NBC" was second with a 3.9/7, just ahead of "America's Funniest Home Videos" on ABC. FOX's "'Til Death" and "King of the Hill" repeats may not have been strong, but they nearly doubled up the 0.8/2 for The CW's "Smallville."

At 8 p.m. "Big Brother" had 5.2/9 for CBS. ABC moved up to second for the hour with a 4.3/8 for "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." NBC's coverage of a preseason NFL game between the Chargers and Seahawks was third with a 3.6/5, better than FOX's "Simpsons" and "American Dad" episodes, as well as The CW's "7th Heaven."

"Cold Case" had a 5.0/9 to keep CBS in first for the 9 p.m. hour. NBC's football only narrowly took second, while FOX's episodes of "Family Guy" did a 3.6/6 and won the hour in the key demos. ABC's "Desperate Housewives" was fourth, beating the 0.5/1 for that Pussycat Dolls reality show on The CW.

The 10 p.m. hour went to CBS as well, thanks to a 5.1/9 for "Shark." The NFL preseason game was second with a 3.6/7 and ABC's "Brothers & Sisters" trailed.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

International Television

What follows are the fast affiliate ratings for Saturday, Aug. 11 in order of the overall network averages, followed by the half-hour breakdowns by network:


-Total Viewers:
CBS: 6.07 million, Fox: 4.16, NBC: 3.97, ABC: 3.94

-Adults 18-49:
CBS: 1.8 rating/7 share, ABC and Fox: 1.4/ 5 each, NBC: 1.2/ 5


8:00 p.m.

CBS Power of 10 (R)
Viewers: 4.84 million, A18-49: 1.5 rating/7 share

NBC The Singing Bee (R)
Viewers: 3.53 million, A18-49: 1.1/ 5

ABC Movie - Charlie's Angel's: Full Throttle (R)
Viewers: 3.42 million, A18-49: 1.0/ 4

Fox Movie - Cops (R)
Viewers: 3.32 million, A18-49: 1.0/ 4


8:30 p.m.

CBS Power of 10 (R)
Viewers: 5.68 million, A18-49: 1.8/ 7

NBC America's Got Talent (R)
Viewers: 3.85 million, A18-49: 1.2/ 5

ABC Movie - Charlie's Angel's: Full Throttle (R)
Viewers: 3.52 million, A18-49: 1.2/ 5

Fox Movie - Cops (R)
Viewers: 4.07 million, A18-49: 1.3/ 5


9:00 p.m.

CBS 48 Hours Mystery (R)
Viewers: 5.54 million, A18-49: 1.7/ 6

NBC America's Got Talent (R)
Viewers: 4.28 million, A18-49: 1.3/ 5

ABC Movie - Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (R)
Viewers: 3.93 million, A18-49: 1.4/ 5

Fox America's Most Wanted
Viewers: 4.44 million, A18-49: 1.6/ 6


9:30 p.m.

CBS 48 Hours Mystery (R)
Viewers: 5.82 million, A18-49: 1.7/ 6

NBC America's Got Talent (R)
Viewers: 4.60 million, A18-49: 1.5/ 5

ABC Movie - Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (R)
VIewers: 4.34 million, A18-49: 1.6/ 6

Fox America's Most Wanted
Viewers: 4.79 million, A18-49: 1.7/ 6


10:00 p.m.

CBS 48 Hours Mystery (R)
Viewers: 6.91 million, A18-49: 2.0/ 7

NBC Medium (R)
Viewers: 3.59 million, A18-49: 1.1/ 4

ABC Masters of Science
Viewers: 4.08 million, A18-49: 1.4/ 5


10:30 p.m.

CBS 48 Hours Mystery (R)
Viewers: 7.62 million, A18-49: 2.2/ 8

NBC Medium (R)
Viewers: 3.96 million, A18-49: 1.2/ 4

ABC Masters of Science
Viewers: 4.32 million, A18-49: 1.5/ 5

Saturday, August 11, 2007

International Television

What follows are the fast affiliate ratings for Friday, Aug. 10 in order of the overall network averages, followed by the half-hour breakdowns by network:


-Total Viewers:
NBC: 5.36 million, ABC: 4.49, CBS: 4.18, Fox: 3.98, CW: 3.60

-Adults 18-49:
Fox: 1.5 rating/6 share, CBS: 1.4/ 5, ABC and NBC: 1.3/ 5 each, CW: 1.1/ 4


8:00 p.m.

1 vs. 100 (R)
Viewers: 5.15 million, A18-49: 1.3 rating/6 share

CBS NFL Pre-Season Football
Viewers: 4.77 million, A18-49: 1.4/ 6

ABC Set For Life
Viewers: 4.42 million, A18-49: 1.2/ 5

Fox Movie - School of Rock (R)
Viewers: 2.97 million, A18-49: 1.1/ 5

UPN Friday Night Smackdown!
Viewers: 3.06 million, A18-49: 0.9/ 4


8:30 p.m.

NBC 1 vs. 100 (R)
Viewers: 5.69 million, A18-49: 1.5/ 6

CBS NFL Pre-Season Football
Viewers: 4.67 million, A18-49: 1.5/ 6

ABC Set for Life
Viewers: 4.32 million, A18-49: 1.2/ 5

Fox Movie - School or Rock (R)
Viewers: 3.61 million, A18-49: 1.4/ 5

CW Friday Night Smackdown!
Viewers: 3.47 million, A18-49: 1.0/ 4


9:00 p.m.

NBC Las Vegas (R)
Viewers: 4.30 million, A18-49: 1.0/ 4

CBS NFL Pre-Season Football
Viewers: 3.96 million, A18-49: 1.2/ 4

ABC George Lopez (R)
Viewers: 3.87 million, A18-49: 1.3/ 5

Fox Movie - School of Rock (R)
Viewers: 4.45 million, A18-49: 1.7/ 6

UPN Friday Night Smackdown!
Viewers: 3.78 million, A18-49: 1.2/ 4


9:30 p.m.

NBC Las Vegas (R)
Viewers: 4.63 million, A18-49: 1.1/ 4

CBS NFL Pre-Season Football
Viewers: 3.84 million, A18-49: 1.2/ 4

ABC George Lopez (R)
Viewers: 4.11 million, A18-49: 1.4/ 5

Fox Movie - School or Rock (R)
Viewers: 4.91 million, A18-49: 1.9/ 6

CW Friday Night Smackdown!
Viewers: 4.10 million, A18-49: 1.2/ 4


10:00 p.m.

NBC Law & Order: Criminal Intent (R)
Viewers: 5.95 million, A18-49: 1.4/ 5

CBS NFL Pre-Season Football
Viewers: 3.92 million, A18-49: 1.4/ 5

ABC 20/20
Viewers: 5.00 million, A18-49: 1.4/ 5


10:30 p.m.

NBC Law & Order: Criminal Intent (R)
Viewers: 6.45 million, A18-49: 1.6/ 5

CBS Pre-Season Football
Viewers: 3.93 million, A18-49: 1.4/ 5

ABC 20/20
Viewers: 5.21 million, A18-49: 1.4/ 5

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