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Friday, October 31, 2008

Science Does Not Contradict With Faith.

Pope sees physicist Hawking at evolution gathering
Fri Oct 31, 1:52 pm ET

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Pope Benedict told a gathering of scientists including the British cosmologist Stephen Hawking on Friday that there was no contradiction between believing in God and empirical science.

Benedict, who briefly met the wheelchair-bound physicist at an event hosted by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, described science as the pursuit of knowledge about God's creation.

"There is no opposition between faith's understanding of creation and the evidence of the empirical sciences," the pontiff said.

"Galileo saw nature as a book whose author is God."

The Catholic Church found the 17th-century astronomer Galileo guilty of heresy for insisting the earth revolved around the sun. It did not rehabilitate him until 1992.

Hawking is a guest at the week-long event, which will explore the theme: "Scientific Insights into the Evolution of the Universe and of Life."

In an interview with Reuters last year, Hawking said he was "not religious in the normal sense."

"I believe the universe is governed by the laws of science," he said. "The laws may have been decreed by God, but God does not intervene to break the laws."

The Catholic Church teaches "theistic evolution," which accepts evolution as scientific theory. Proponents see no reason why God could not have used an evolutionary process in forming the human species.

The Pontiff admired the technology that allows Hawking to speak through a voice synthesizer. Hawking is crippled by a muscle disease and has lost the use of his natural voice.

Hawking, author of the best-selling "A Brief History of Time," will speak about the origin of the universe at the closed-door event.

(Writing by Phil Stewart; Editing by Catherine Bosley)

"30 Rock" Establishes Series High for NBC

Prime-Time Ratings:
Thursday 10/30/08

-Total Viewers:
CBS: 14.42 million, ABC: 10.67, NBC: 7.95, CW: 3.88, Fox: 3.81

-Adults 18-49:
CBS: 3.9 rating/10 share, ABC: 3.6/10, NBC: 3.4/ 9, Fox and CW: 1.6/ 4 each

TV Ratings: '30 Rock' Rolls to Series High
CBS wins Thursday, but Tina Fey's promo blitz helps NBC

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Oct. 30, 2008

CBS racked up another Thursday-night ratings win, but NBC's "30 Rock" grabbed its biggest audience ever following Tina Fey's star turn as Sarah Palin on " Saturday Night Live."

CBS led the night with a 9.0 rating/14 share, beating out ABC's 7.1/11. NBC came in third with a 4.9/8. FOX took fourth with a 2.5/4, edging The CW's 2.4/4 (the two finished virtually tied in total viewers.

The adults 18-49 race was closer, but CBS' 3.9 rating still won the night, topping ABC's 3.6 and NBC's 3.4. FOX and The CW tied for fourth at 1.6.

" Survivor: Gabon," 7.9/13, put CBS on top at 8 p.m. ABC's "Ugly Betty" drew a 5.6/9 to finish second. "My Name Is Earl," 3.9/6, and " Kath & Kim," 3.4/5, were third for NBC. "Smallville" earned a 2.6/4 for The CW, edging a " Kitchen Nightmares" rerun on FOX.

CBS stayed on top at 9 p.m. with " CSI," the night's most-watched show at 11.5/17. " Grey's Anatomy," 9.9/15, however, grabbed the evening's best adults 18-49 rating. " The Office," 5.3/8, and "30 Rock," 5.0/7, which hit series highs in viewers and adults 18-49, kept NBC in third. A new "Kitchen Nightmares," 2.5/4, moved FOX slightly ahead of " Supernatural" on The CW.

" Eleventh Hour," 7.7/13, completed the CBS sweep at 10 p.m. NBC's " ER," 5.9/10, which led the hour in the 18-49 demo, beat out ABC's " Life on Mars," 5.7/10.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! - Official Preview (October 31, 2008) - Tonight @ 8/7c on MyNetworkTV

Casket Match
Undertaker faces a mystery opponent in a Casket Match. The Deadman comes into the encounter off a huge win over Big Show, who fell victim to The Phenom's deadly submission move. Will his next opponent suffer a similar fate? Preview

Monday, October 27, 2008

WWE Cyber Sunday 2008: Watch it!

WWE Cyber Sunday 2008 - Part 1

WWE Cyber Sunday - Part 2

WWE Cyber Sunday - Part 3

WWE Cyber Sunday - Part 4

WWE Cyber Sunday - Part 5

WWE Cyber Sunday - Part 6

WWE Cyber Sunday - Part 6.5

WWE Cyber Sunday - Part 7

WWE Cyber Sunday - Part 8 (NO SOUND)

WWE Cyber Sunday - Part 9 (w/ SOUND now, don't worry)

WWE Cyber Sunday - Part 10

WWE Cyber Sunday - Part 11

WWE Cyber Sunday: Match Results (Click each link for each of the match's result)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

1,500th Post: WWE SmackDown! (10/24/08) Main Event - Triple H vs. The Undertaker

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! - October 24, 2008 - MAIN EVENT: Triple H vs. The Undertaker (Part 1/3)

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! - October 24, 2008 - MAIN EVENT: Triple H vs. The Undertaker (Part 2/3)

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! - October 24, 2008 - MAIN EVENT: Triple H vs. The Undertaker (Part 3/3)

On the Next... "Smallville" - All New! Next Thursday (10.30.08) - 8/7c

Jennifer Hudson's Mother, and Brother Found Dead.


Jennifer Hudson's Mother, Brother Found Shot Dead
Suspect in custody, police still looking for Oscar winner's 7-year-old nephew

LOS ANGELES -- "American Idol" finalist and Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother were found dead in her mother's Chicago home on Friday afternoon, according to news sources.

Darnell Hudson Donerson, 57, and her 29-year-old son Jason had been shot to death. Police say there were no signs of forced entry and that the murders appear to have been the result of a domestic dispute. Neighbors say that they heard shots fired on Friday morning, but the bodies weren't found by a family member until that afternoon.

Police are currently looking for Hudson's 7-year-old nephew, Julian King, who police believe were in the house at the time of the shootings. The boy's mother, Jennifer's sister Julia, reported him missing on Friday afternoon.

Late Friday word came that the police have a suspect in custody although Julian has yet to be found. The suspect's identity hasn't been confirmed by police, but other reports have the suspect as William Balfour, the husband of Julia, who is currently on parole after serving seven years for attempted murder. Within the past year he has listed Donerson's address as his place of residence.

Hudson -- who can currently be seen in "The Secret Life of Bees" -- won the Oscar for best supporting actress in 2007 for her role in "Dreamgirls." She became engaged last month on her 27th birthday to David Otunga, better known as "Punk" from the second season of the reality dating show "I Love New York."

WWE Cyber Sunday: Matches and Previews

- WWE Championship (WWE Universe chooses challenger)
Undertaker vs. Big Show (WWE Universe chooses type of match)
World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho vs. Batista (WWE Universe chooses referee)
Kane vs. Rey Mysterio (WWE Universe chooses type of match)
ECW Championship Match (WWE Universe chooses Matt Hardy's opponent)
Cyber Sunday Preview Match (WWE Universe chooses United States Champion Shelton Benjamin's opponent)
Intercontinental Championship Match (WWE Universe chooses Santino Marella's opponent)
Pick the Tag Team Match
WWE Diva Halloween Costume Contest

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! - Official Results (October 24, 2008)

Power struggle
October 24, 2008

LAREDO, Texas – With Cyber Sunday looming, some of WWE’s biggest Superstars were all looking to make strong statements in front of the WWE Universe on SmackDown. The power is in your hands to decide their fate this Sunday. Vote now. WATCH all of the action now in the SmackDown Quick Cut, and check out’s exclusive ringside PHOTOS.

WWE Champion
Triple H vs. Undertaker (No Contest) (WATCH) (PHOTOS)
In an iconic confrontation, WWE Champion Triple H and Undertaker pushed their bodies to the limit in a battle featuring multiple near pinfalls and counter maneuvers. But before a winner could be determined,
Big Show burst into the arena, destroying The Game with a chokeslam and brutally assaulting The Phenom with a steel chair. After the carnage, Vladimir Kozlov viciously attacked the already-battered Triple H.

WATCH Triple H take shots at SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero; Jeff Hardy and Vladimir Kozlov state their case for Cyber Sunday; and The Game stun Hardy with a Pedigree.

Natalya & Maryse def. Divas Champion Michelle McCool & Maria (PHOTOS)
Just when it looked like Divas Champion Michelle McCool was going to pin Maryse, mariachi music filled the air and Maryse popped her shoulder up after a two-count. Next,
Jesse, Festus and an entire mariachi band appeared at ringside, setting the scene for the love-struck Festus to present Maria with a flower. The affectionate distraction allowed Maryse to pin McCool. But, the action wasn’t over. When the bell rang, the budding Romeo transformed into the Corn-fed Colossus we all know and love and gave chase to the entire band.

WWE Tag Team Champions
Carlito & Primo def. Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely (Non-title) (PHOTOS)
The rocky friendship between Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely cost them their match against
the WWE Tag Team Champions. After Chavo saved Bam from a near pinfall, the partners engaged in a heated argument, ending with Chavo slapping Bam across the face. With Bam stunned, Carlito took him down with a Backstabber for the win.

R-Truth & Kung Fu Naki def. United States Champion Shelton Benjamin & Montel Vontavious Porter (PHOTOS)
The energetic Kung Fu Naki delivered a karate kick to
MVP to earn his tag team the win. United States Champion Shelton Benjamin will be looking to recover from the loss at Cyber Sunday. Vote now for who Benjamin will defend his title against. Then, catch the Gold Standard in the Cyber Sunday Preview Match, streaming live and exclusively on at 7:45 p.m. ET.

The Great Khali’s Kiss Cam (WATCH) (PHOTOS)
Ever since The Great Khali starting kissing women in the ring, letters have been pouring in to his camp. Associate
Ranjin Singh read a few of them out loud before the “Punjabi Playboy” planted a kiss on the lips of a lucky member of the WWE Universe.

The Brian Kendrick def. Super Crazy (PHOTOS)
Similar to his experience last week on SmackDown, poor Super Crazy felt the power of Ezekiel Jackson. After The Brian Kendrick defeated Super Crazy with The Kendrick maneuver, his brutally powerful associate chokeslammed Super Crazy to the canvas using just one hand.

Lindsay Lohan Takes a Boot from "Ugly Betty"


'Ugly Betty' Loses Lindsay Lohan
Lohan's guest arc is cut from six to four episodes

Lindsay Lohan's guest-starring stint on "Ugly Betty" has been trimmed from six episodes to four. Everyone seems to agree on that.

But as for the reasons why? Well, that's where the story gets interesting.

Depending on whom you ask, either Lohan was a diva on the set of the ABC series who clashed with the show's star, America Ferrera, or Ferrera was "mean" to Lohan and engineered the "Mean Girls" star's exit.

First, the pro-"Betty" side. "It was a mess," a "production source" tells the New York Post's Page Six. "Lindsay would show up every day with an entourage of people." The source also says Lohan's dressing room was in such poor shape that it had to be repainted.

The source also claims Lohan refused to be on set until after Ferrera was already there, and when they rehearsed a scene from Thursday's (Oct. 23) episode, titled "Granny Pants," in which Ferrera's Betty de-pantses Lohan's character, "she wasn't wearing any underwear."

Not so, claims a Lohan defender -- or, as Page Six quotes this person, "Bulls***!" Lohan was, in fact, wearing a G-string in the aforementioned scene, and didn't think Ferrera was going to pull her pants down in the rehearsal. "But she did," the "Lohan pal" says. "Lindsay was so embarrassed, she started crying."

As for the entourage claims, the friend says Lohan's "sober companion," assistant and manager were on set, along with girlfriend Samantha Ronson, and that her publicist showed up a handful of times too. The dressing room was also used by cast members of the FOX show " Fringe," "so maybe they messed it up."

Meanwhile, E! is saying that creative issues forced the issue, quoting a source saying that Lohan's interpretation of her character wasn't in line with "Betty's" tone.

CBS Tops Thursday Again, Beating World Series, and Grey's.

TV Ratings: 'CSI,' 'Grey's Anatomy' Beat World Series
CBS continues its Thursday winning streak

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Oct. 23, 2008

The Tampa Bay Rays evened the World Series Thursday night, but FOX couldn't catch up to CBS in the ratings.

CBS won the night with a 9.1 rating/14 share. FOX came in second with a 7.2/11 (its numbers will change some after adjusting for live viewing coast-to-coast), beating out ABC's 6.9/11. NBC took fourth at 4.7/7, while The CW earned a 2.3/4.

The Eye also topped the adults 18-49 demographic with a 4.3 rating. ABC and FOX tied for second at 3.5, with NBC not far behind at 3.2. The CW trailed with a 1.5.

"Survivor: Gabon," 7.8/12, gave CBS the lead at 8 p.m. Game 2 of the World Series (along with the pre-game show) scored a 6.5/10 for FOX. "Ugly Betty," 5.7/9, put ABC in third, ahead of "My Name Is Earl" and "Kath & Kim" on NBC. "Smallville" drew a 2.6/4 for The CW.

CBS increased its lead at 9 p.m. thanks to "CSI," the night's top-rated show at 11.4/17. "Grey's Anatomy," 9.5/14, was second for ABC, dropping FOX's World Series coverage to third. "The Office," 4.5/7, and "Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday," 5.1/8, kept NBC in front of The CW and "Supernatural," 2.0/3.

At 10 p.m., the World Series rose to 7.7/13, tying for the lead with CBS' "Eleventh Hour." NBC's "ER," 5.7/9, beat out ABC's "Life on Mars," 5.4/9, for third.

Check Out The CW4Kids!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Terrence Howard Replaced in "Iron Man 2"

Howard Says Being Replaced Was 'Surprise of a Lifetime'
by Matt McDaniel October 21, 2008

Many people were stunned by the news last week that Don Cheadle, and not Terrence Howard, would be playing the role of James "Rhodey" Rhodes in "Iron Man 2." None more so, apparently, than Terrence Howard himself.

Howard recently spoke to NPR to promote his first album, "Shine Through It," and the topic of being replaced in the sequel to the hugely popular comic book adaptation came about. And the Oscar-nominated actor sounded as confused as anyone about the rationale behind the change.

"It was the surprise of a lifetime. There was no explanation, [it] just up and vanished. And I read something in the trades that implicated it was about money... but apparently the contracts that we write and sign aren't worth the paper that they're printed on sometimes. And promises aren't kept, and good faith negotiations aren't always held up."
Hear the full interview >>

Marvel Studios, who produced "Iron Man," offered no comment when the story originally broke. But The Hollywood Reporter spoke to sources who stated that negotiations with the actor "fell through over financial differences," which Howard disputes.

The announcement especially confused fans of the comic book since it is widely believed the character of Rhodey will have a bigger part in the sequel. Towards the end of the first film, Rhodes looked at Tony Stark's second attempt at the Iron Man armor, the silver "Mark II" version, and said to himself, "Next time, baby." This was a hint that Rhodes would get his own armor, just like he did in the comics. His upgraded and more heavily armed suit goes by the name War Machine, and concept designs for the character have already been created.
Don Cheadle, an Oscar nominee in his own right, has not issued a statement about the casting. Cheadle and Howard both appeared in the 2005 Best Picture winner "Crash." Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow are both expected to return for the sequel, as is director Jon Favreau.

For his part, Howard doesn't seem to be holding onto any grudges. He is touring in support of his album, a collection of self-penned, jazz-inspired tunes on which he sings and plays guitar. He told NPR he is trying to hold onto the calm nature he developed growing up in a tough neighborhood.

"I found a peacefulness in me, though, that -- even in getting slapped when I was a little kid, when I would get attacked -- even though I was strong enough to stop it I would never hit back, back then... Even now, I didn't hit back."

"Iron Man 2" is scheduled to open May 7, 2010.

CBS' "Men" Tops the A18-49 Demo.

Prime-Time Ratings:
Monday 10/20/08

-Total Viewers:
ABC: 14.10 million, CBS: 11.60, NBC: 6.96, Fox: 5.59, CW: 3.34

-Adults 18-49:
CBS: 3.9 rating/10 share, ABC: 3.3/ 8, NBC: 2.9/ 7, Fox: 2.2/ 5, CW: 1.7/ 4


Ratings: 'Two and a Half Men' Is Monday's Demo King
CBS comedies score an 18-49 win while ABC grabs the most viewers

Fast National ratings for Monday, Oct. 20, 2008

"Two and a Half Men" led CBS to a demographic triumph Monday night, but ABC and its dancing stars still ruled the overall ratings.

ABC drew a 9.2 rating/14 share for the night, beating out CBS' 7.3/11 for the top spot. NBC finished a fairly distant third at 4.3/7. FOX, 3.3/5, came in fourth, and The CW trailed with a 2.1/3.

CBS led the adults 18-49 demo with a 3.9 rating. ABC finished second at 3.3. NBC, 2.9, took third, followed by FOX, 2.2, and The CW, 1.7.

"Dancing with the Stars," 11.9/18, once again dominated the 8 p.m. hour. CBS snagged second with "The Big Bang Theory," 5.8/9, and "How I Met Your Mother," 5.7/8. NBC's "Chuck," 4.0/6, improved a little on its recent performances and finished third. "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" drew a 3.1/5 for FOX, a point better than "Gossip Girl" on The CW.

ABC held the overall lead at 9 p.m. with the end of "Dancing with the Stars," 12.7/18, and "Samantha Who?," 7.4/11. "Two and a Half Men" (8.9/13) -- which was also the night's top show in the 18-49 demo -- and "Worst Week" (6.3/9) kept CBS in second. "Heroes," 5.1/7, came in third for NBC. FOX's "Prison Break" improved a little on its lead-in, as did The CW's "One Tree Hill," which scored a 2.2/3.

"CSI: Miami" easily won the 10 p.m. hour for CBS with an 8.7/14. "Boston Legal," 5.8/10, was second for ABC, while "My Own Worst Enemy" could muster only a 3.7/6 for NBC.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

WWE News: SmackDown Wrestler MVP's Losing Streak

A Look at MVP's Losing Streak on SmackDown
Posted by:

- WWE SmackDown Superstar MVP is on a huge losing streak. He hasn't won a match on television in nearly two months -- the SmackDown after SummerSlam in a win via count out over Festus. He's lost nine consecutive matches, including nine clean pinfall losses. He's also lost on eight consecutive editions of Friday Night SmackDown. Here is his loss report:

08-29 SmackDown - Pinfall loss to Jeff Hardy.
09-05 SmackDown - Pinfall loss to Shelton Benjamin.
09-07 Unforgiven - Pinned twice; by Jeff Hardy, and by Triple H at the conclusion of the match.
09-12 SmackDown - Lost Fatal Four Way Match to Jeff Hardy when Kendrick was pinned.
09-19 SmackDown - Pinfall loss to Triple H.
09-26 SmackDown - Pinfall loss to Triple H in tag match vs. Triple H & Jeff Hardy.
10-03 SmackDown - Pinfall loss to Jeff Hardy in All Star Eight-Man Tag Team Match.
10-10 SmackDown - Pinfall loss to Jeff Hardy.
10-17 SmackDown - Pinfall loss to R-Truth.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

WWE News: Fans Demand "SmackDown!"

WWE Universe demands SmackDown in Kentucky
Written: October 18, 2008

The WWE Universe is a force to be reckoned with. According to The Lexington Herald Leader in Lexington, Ky., it seems the WWE Universe isn’t getting what they want, and that’s Friday Night SmackDown.

Since moving to MyNetwork TV a few weeks ago, our fans in Lexington haven’t been seeing SmackDown on the airwaves each week because the MyNetwork TV affiliate, WBLU-62, broadcasts a weak signal and is not on cable. Because of this, many WWE viewers can’t pick up their favorite Friday night show.

One die-hard member of the WWE Universe has gone so far as to place an advertisement in the Herald Leader, asking our fans to take action. (
Read more on this story) Now, thanks to the power of the WWE Universe, it seems SmackDown may move to another station in Lexington. (Read more on this story)

While the SmackDown saga continues and until the MyNetwork broadcast issues are resolved in Lexington, reminds the WWE Universe that each week, they can follow up-to-the-minute, live coverage of SmackDown each week on the main page of WWE’s official Web site also offers complete
SmackDown results, vivid photo galleries, thrilling videos and SmackDown’s Quick Cut, which is an action-packed, recap video of each week’s show.

Friday, October 17, 2008

ABC Says Goodbye to "Opportunity"


ABC Knocks 'Opportunity' Off Schedule
The low-rated game show is going away indefinitely

ABC's game show " Opportunity Knocks" won't be knocking on anyone's door anytime soon.

The network has pulled the show, which was among the lowest-rated shows on any of the Big Four networks this fall, from its Tuesday night schedule. A recap of the previous night's "Dancing with the Stars" will take its place in the 8 p.m. ET slot, starting next week.

The Ashton Kutcher-produced series, in which a crew depends on suburbia to mount a game show in a family's yard and asks questions based on their lives, has produced nine episodes thus far, three of which have aired. ABC says it plans to bring the show back at some point but hasn't scheduled anything yet.

"Opportunity Knocks" averaged a shade under 6 million viewers in its three airings, putting it in the lower echelon of new shows this fall. Its adults 18-49 rating was only 1.7, which trailed even the likes of " 90210" and " America's Next Top Model" on The CW.

It's the second new series to be pulled from the schedule this season, following FOX's comedy " Do Not Disturb."

"Mars" Down, "Hour" Up!

Prime-Time Ratings:
Thursday 10/16/08

-Total Viewers:
CBS: 14.58 million, ABC: 10.42, NBC: 7.81, Fox: 3.98, CW: 3.60

-Adults 18-49:
CBS: 4.2 rating/11 share, ABC: 3.7/10, NBC: 3.4/ 9, Fox and CW: 1.4/ 4 each

Ratings: 'Eleventh Hour' Up, 'Life on Mars' Down
CBS scores an easy win on Thursday

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Oct. 16, 2008

CBS gained the upper hand in the battle of British remakes on Thursday as "Eleventh Hour" improved on its premiere while ABC's "Life on Mars" dropped off.

CBS easily won the night with a 9.1 rating/15 share. ABC finished second at 6.9/11. NBC took third at 5.0/8. FOX managed only a 2.6/4, but that was just good enough to beat the 2.2/3 for The CW.

In the adults 18-49 demographic things were a little closer, but CBS still prevailed with a 4.2 rating. ABC, 3.7, came in second, and NBC was third at 3.4. FOX and The CW tied for fourth at 1.4.

"Survivor: Gabon" kicked things off for CBS with a 7.9/13 at 8 p.m. "Ugly Betty" delivered a 5.6/9 for ABC. NBC grabbed third with "My Name Is Earl," 4.2/7, and "Kath & Kim," 3.9/6, which fell off from its premiere last week. The CW's "Smallville," 2.5/4, beat out FOX's "Hole in the Wall" for fourth.

CBS stayed on top of the overall ratings at 9 p.m. with "CSI," 11.6/18. "Grey's Anatomy" scored a 9.6/14 for ABC and had the night's best rating among adults 18-49. "The Office," 4.8/7, and "Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday," 5.3/8, kept NBC in third. FOX's "Kitchen Nightmares," 2.3/3, moved ahead of "Supernatural" on The CW.

At 10 p.m., "Eleventh Hour" drew a 7.8/13, an improvement on last week's series premiere. NBC got a 5.9/10 from "ER," while "Life on Mars" fell off from its debut and finished with a 5.6/9 for ABC.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! - Official Preview (October 17, 2008) - Tonight @ 8/7c on MyNetworkTV

Power vs. Form
Vladimir Kozlov and Jeff Hardy go one-on-one for the first time ever tonight on SmackDown. Can Hardy end the Moscow Mauler’s undefeated streak?

Match preview Last week's encounter

Thursday, October 16, 2008

McCain-Obama III Dominates Prime Time Wednesday.

Ratings: McCain-Obama III Dominates Wednesday
Final presidential debate draws solid numbers on three nets

Fast National ratings for Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2008

The third and last presidential debate of the 2008 campaign drew a sizable crowd Wednesday night, with ABC, CBS and NBC all outdrawing postseason baseball on FOX.

NBC grabbed the night's biggest audience with a 5.7 rating/9 share. ABC and CBS tied for second in households at 5.4/8, with ABC drawing a few more total viewers. FOX drew a 4.7/7 to take fourth, and The CW trailed with a 1.6/3. Because of the debate and live sports, numbers for all of the Big Four networks will change some in final nationals.

The Peacock also led among adults 18-49 with a 3.2 rating. ABC finished second in the demographic with a 2.5, and CBS and FOX tied for third at 2.4. The CW pulled in a 1.0.

In a tightly bunched 8 p.m. hour, FOX's coverage of the National League Championship Series (5.0/8) had the most viewers, even though CBS' "New Adventures of Old Christine" and " Gary Unmarried" which averaged 5.2/8, had a slightly better household rating. NBC's " Knight Rider" was right behind at 4.9/8. " Pushing Daisies," 4.2/7, improved slightly on its previous performances for ABC. An " America's Next Top Model" clip show drew a 2.2/4 for The CW.

The presidential debate aired on ABC, CBS and NBC at 9 p.m., with NBC's 6.3/9 grabbing the biggest share of the broadcast audience. ABC drew a 6.2/9 and CBS a 5.7/8 for the hour. Baseball on FOX earned a 4.4/6, while The CW went with a "90210" repeat.

The debate and follow-up analysis averaged 5.9/9 for NBC at 10 p.m. ABC finished a close second at 5.8/9, while CBS came in at 5.2/8. The Philadelphia Phillies' clinching of the NLCS posted a 4.6/8 for FOX.

Original "Gladiator" Tomb Found!

Original 'Gladiator's' Tomb Unearthed in Rome
Rossella Lorenzi, Discovery News

Oct. 15, 2008 -- Italian archaeologists have discovered the tomb of the ancient Roman hero believed to have inspired Russell Crowe's character in the hit movie "Gladiator," Rome's officials announced on Thursday at a press conference.

Marble beams and columns, carvings and friezes first emerged from the Roman soil during construction work to build a residential complex in Saxa Rubra, not far from the headquarters of Rai, Italy's state-run television station.

According to Cristiano Ranieri, an archaeologist who led the excavation at the site, the huge fragments belonged to a monumental marble tomb built on the banks of the Tiber River at the end of the second century A.D.

"This is the most important ancient Roman monument to come to light for 20 or 30 years," Daniela Rossi, an archaeologist for the city of Rome, told reporters.

Further excavation revealed a huge marble inscription that declares the tomb belonged to Marcus Nonius Macrinus, a general and consul who achieved major victories in military campaigns for Antoninus Pius, the Roman emperor from 138 to 161 A.D., and Marcus Aurelius, emperor from 161 to 180 A.D.

Born in Brescia in northern Italy in 138 A.D., Macrinus was one of the emperor's favorite men (his villa on the shores of Lake Garda is currently under excavation). He was consul in 154 A.D. and proconsul of Asia in 170 to 171 A.D (consuls were the highest civil and military magistrates in Ancient Rome).



"Desperate Housewives" Star Injured

Source: Yahoo!

'Housewives' actor injured in motorcycle accident
By DERRIK J. LANG, AP Entertainment Writer
Wed Oct 15, 2:10 PM PDT

Gale Harold was in critical condition Wednesday after the "Desperate Housewives" actor crashed his motorcycle the day before, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Harold was awaiting further tests at USC Medical Center, spokeswoman Adelaida De La Cerda said. She gave no further details on his injuries.

Publicist Nancy Seltzer said Wednesday that Harold fractured his shoulder, and "Housewives" creator and executive producer Marc Cherry said he apparently has swelling on the brain but is expected to recover.

"We're hearing he's going to be fine, but he's going to be recovering for a couple of weeks," Cherry said.

Selzer said no one else was injured, but did not provide further details on the Tuesday wreck, which was first reported by TMZ. The California Highway Patrol said it had no information about the accident.

Harold plays Jackson, the boyfriend of Teri Hatcher's character Susan Mayer on the ABC show. The character plays a pivotal role in the fifth season's eighth episode, a November sweeps installment which finds several Wisteria Lane residents trapped inside a nightclub fire.

Cherry said Harold had been filming scenes all week for the episode and had been scheduled to be on set Tuesday. He said they would await the actor's prognosis before deciding how to proceed, but that at least some changes would have to be made.

"We know we're going to rewrite one scene," he said.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ABC's "Samantha Who?" Benefits from "DWTS" Reception.

Prime-Time Ratings:
Monday 10/13/08

-Total Viewers:
ABC: 13.51 million, CBS: 11.47, NBC: 7.31, Fox: 7.28, CW: 3.38

-Adults 18-49:
CBS: 4.0 rating/10 share, ABC and NBC: 3.2/ 8 each, Fox: 2.4/ 6, CW: 1.7/ 4


Ratings: ABC Is 'Who' Wins Monday
'Samantha Who?' premiere benefits from 'Dancing' lead-in; CBS takes the demo crown

Fast National ratings for Monday, Oct. 13, 2008

The season premiere of "Samantha Who?" didn't reach the heights it did last season, but it did still help ABC secure a ratings win Monday night.

ABC scored a 9.0 rating/14 share in primetime, beating out the 7.3/11 for second-place CBS. FOX took third in households at 4.8/7, although NBC (4.5/7) finished in a near-tie with FOX among total viewers (FOX's numbers may also change some because it had live sports on the air). The CW finished with a 2.3/3.

CBS snagged the top spot among adults 18-49 with a 4.0 rating. ABC and NBC tied for second at 3.2. FOX averaged 2.4 and The CW 1.7.

"Dancing with the Stars" once again ruled the 8 p.m. hour with an 11.5/17. "The Big Bang Theory," 5.8/9, and "How I Met Your Mother," 5.6/8, put CBS in second. Game 4 of the National League Championship Series came in third for FOX, beating out the 3.7/6 for "Chuck" on NBC. "Gossip Girl" drew a 2.3/3 for The CW.

ABC stayed on top at 9 p.m. with the end of "Dancing with the Stars," 12.0/17, and "Samantha Who?," 7.9/12. CBS remained in second thanks to "Two and a Half Men," 8.9/13, and "Worst Week," 6.3/9. "Heroes" improved slightly on last week's all-time low, drawing a 5.2/8 for NBC. FOX's baseball coverage delivered a 4.7/7, while The CW held steady with "One Tree Hill."

"CSI: Miami," 8.6/14, moved CBS to the lead at 10 p.m. "Boston Legal," 5.6/9, was second for ABC. The NLCS drwe a 4.8/7 for FOX, while the premiere of "My Own Worst Enemy" managed only a 4.7/8 for NBC.

Smallest of All Cameos: Capt. America in "Incredible Hulk"

Captain America Found in Marvel Movies
by Matt McDaniel October 14, 2008

The weekend after "Iron Man" opened, people everywhere were buzzing about the secret scene after the end credits with Samuel L. Jackson in a cameo as Marvel Comics' Nick Fury. It was so successful, actually, that a subsequent scene Robert Downey Jr. filmed to go at the tail end of "The Incredible Hulk" was moved up to the last scene in the film and featured in TV commercials.

But what escaped most viewers' notice were hints in both movies signaling the forthcoming appearance of another Marvel icon: Captain America. With "Iron Man" out on DVD now, and "The Incredible Hulk" hitting shelves next Tuesday, sharp-eyed fans can catch tiny glimpses of Cap if they know where to look.

A few perceptive observers noticed during the theatrical run of "Iron Man" that in the scene where Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) walks in on Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) as his armor is being removed, there was something on the workbench behind him. Circular, with red and white stripes and a half-completed star in the center, it was speculated that this was Captain America's iconic shield.

In a Q&A session in Santa Monica last month, director Jon Favreau confirmed that it is indeed Cap's shield. He said a visual effects artist at Industrial Light & Magic had placed it there just as a joke. But Favreau loved the little "Easter egg" and decided it should stay.

Captain America himself made a cameo in "The Incredible Hulk," but don't feel bad if you didn't see it. While director Louis Letterier had hinted in interviews that they had shot an appearance, the scene ended up on the cutting room floor. But now it can finally be seen in the bonus features on the DVD, as first spotted by


In the original opening scene of the movie, Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) travels to the Arctic, away from civilization, to try to end his own life and rid the world of the Hulk. There, buried in the ice, is the frozen body of Captain America. It's a little difficult to make out the figure, but again he can be identified by his shield.

The character is scheduled to get his own film, called "The First Avenger: Captain America," in May of 2011. Then he's expected to join Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and other Marvel heroes in the group "Avengers" movie that July. The speculation is that the first movie will be his origin story, set during World War II like the initial comics. Then he will be frozen and brought back in modern times to join the team, just like he did in the books. Jon Favreau has stated he'd like to direct "The Avengers," but first he's focusing on "Iron Man 2," hitting screens in May 2010.

Friday, October 10, 2008

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! - WWE Championship - Tonight at 8/7c on MyNetworkTV!

Coming off both Superstars' most impressive victories at No Mercy, WWE Champion Triple H faces his largest challenge to date as he defends the title against Big Show, for the first time ever on Friday Night SmackDown.

Seth MacFarlane's "Cavalcade" Generates Huge Viewership in the Internet.

Source of article: MediaWeek (exluding the video)

Seth McFarlane's 'Cavalcade' Generating Massive Viewership
One short, Super Mario Rescues The Princess, has amassed over 6 million views on YouTube alone

Oct 10, 2008

-By Mike Shields

Seth MacFarlane’s experiment in original content for the Internet is off to a roaring start.

The first six of a planned 50 animated shorts to be produced by the Family Guy creator— dubbed Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy—have generated 14 million total views since their Sept. 9 debut across various syndication partners, according to distributor Media Rights Capital. One short, Super Mario Rescues The Princess, has amassed over 6 million views on YouTube alone.

Last month MacFarlane and MRC launched Cavalcade in a unique partnership with Google, which besides launching a branded channel on YouTube (which to date boasts of 100,00 subscribers), is distributing these shorts across the Google Content Network--often in the form of ad placements. Thus far however, it appears that YouTube is responsible for the lion’s share of traffic; the Cavalcade channel was YouTube’s most popular during the week ending Sept. 12, generating millions of views in less than 48 hours. Among the other popular YouTube clips is A Dog on the $25,000 Pyramid, which has been viewed over 1.5 million times on the site to date.

The first 10 of the MacFarlane-produced shorts are being sponsored by Burger King. The fast food company’s branded channel,, is now the second most popular sponsored channel of all time on YouTube.

"CSI" Season Premiere Solid for CBS, A Good Start for ABC's "Life on Mars"

Prime-Time Ratings:
Thursday 10/09/08

-Total Viewers:
CBS: 15.96 million, ABC: 11.54, NBC: 8.80, Fox: 6.54, CW: 3.61

-Adults 18-49:
CBS: 4.9 rating/13 share, ABC: 4.0/10, NBC: 3.9/10, Fox: 2.1/ 5, CW: 1.5/ 4

Ratings: 'CSI' Debut Draws Big Numbers Thursday
'Life on Mars,' 'Eleventh Hour' in dead heat, baseball soft for FOX

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Oct. 9, 2008

The season premiere of "CSI" led CBS to a ratings win Thursday.

It was a busy night across the dial, as a pair of new series battled to a virtual tie at 10 p.m., a "Saturday Night Live" special scored solid numbers for NBC and postseason baseball whiffed on FOX.

CBS averaged a 9.6 rating/15 share in primetime, beating ABC, 7.7/12, by better than 4 million viewers. NBC took third with a 5.5/9. FOX, 4.4/7, came in fourth, though its numbers will change some because of its live sports coverage. The CW drew a 2.3/4.

In the adults 18-49 demographic, CBS' 4.9 rating led the field. ABC finished second at 4.0, followed closely by NBC at 3.9. FOX averaged 2.1 and The CW 1.5.

"Survivor: Gabon" put CBS on top at 8 p.m. with a 7.8/13. "Ugly Betty," 5.8/9, snagged second for ABC. "My Name Is Earl," 4.4/7, and the premiere of "Kath & Kim," 4.7/7, were third for NBC. Game 1 of the National League Championship series snagged fourth for FOX, ahead of "Smallville," 2.6/4, on The CW.

The "CSI" premiere, with the team tracking down Warrick's killer, scored a 13.7/21 at 9 p.m. -- far and away the night's biggest audience. "Grey's Anatomy," 9.7/15, kept ABC in second. NBC stayed in third with "The Office," 5.4/8, and a "Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday" special, 6.3/9. FOX's baseball coverage earned a 4.3/6, while The CW dropped off a little with "Supernatural."

At 10 p.m., the debut of "Life on Mars" won the hour for ABC with a 7.7/13. CBS' "Eleventh Hour" premiere was right behind at 7.3/12, but it lost a lot more of its lead-in than "Mars." NBC's "ER" drew a 6.0/10, and led the hour in the 18-49 demo.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

"Heroes" Falls; ABC, CBS lead the night.

Ratings: 'Heroes' Falls Further Monday
ABC, CBS lead the night as NBC stumbles

Fast National ratings for Monday, Oct. 6, 2008

The decline of "Heroes" continued Monday as the show hit a new ratings low, leaving NBC well behind ABC and CBS for the night.

ABC led the overall ratings race with a 10.2 rating/16 share for the evening. CBS finished second at 7.4/11. NBC, 4.2/6, was well off the pace in third. FOX took fourth with a 3.5/5, while a night of repeats on The CW drew a 1.3/2.

CBS scored a victory among adults 18-49 with a 3.9 rating. ABC finished second in the key advertising demographic with a 3.7. NBC, 2.8, came in third, followed by FOX, 2.2, and The CW, 0.8.

"Dancing with the Stars," 11.8/18, put ABC on top by a wide margin at 8 p.m. CBS took second with " The Big Bang Theory," 6.0/9, and " How I Met Your Mother," 5.7/9. NBC's " Chuck" earned a 3.8/6, edging " Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" (3.5/5) on FOX. The CW aired a " Gossip Girl" rerun.

ABC stayed on top at 9 p.m. as "Dancing with the Stars" improved to 12.7/18. " Two and a Half Men," 8.7/13, and " Worst Week," 5.7/8, kept CBS in second. "Heroes" managed only a 5.0/7, its smallest rating ever for a new episode. "Prison Break" posted a 3.4/5 for FOX. A "Privileged" repeat finished the night for The CW.

"CSI: Miami," 9.1/15, moved CBS into the lead at 10 p.m. " Boston Legal" scored a 6.3/10 for ABC, and " Life" came in at 3.8/6 for NBC.

WWE No Mercy 2008 Results

Monday, October 06, 2008

SmackDown! Makes History for MyNetworkTV.


MyNetwork Scores With 'Smackdown'
by David Goetzl, Monday, Oct 6, 2008 4:45 PM ET

Did the debut of wrestling on MyNetworkTV help the oft-struggling network get off the mat? Maybe. "WWE Friday Night SmackDown" premiered Friday with 3.2 million total viewers and a 1.0 in the 18-to-49 demo. In the key demo, the performance was notably above what MNTV drew on Fridays last season. But it was 29% below "SmackDown's" premiere last fall when it ran on the CW.

The CW decided not to continue carrying the show -- which was a strong performer but didn't necessarily dovetail with its target audience. Back in February, MNTV cut a deal with the WWE to begin carrying it this fall.

The 1.0 in 18-to-49 topped MNTV's average for Fridays last season, which was a .4, though the network mostly re-ran movies on the night.

"SmackDown," which airs from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., drew a 1.4 in the demo for its premiere on CW last year, and 4.6 million viewers. In the younger 18-to-34 segment, the CW debut was 26% higher.

For the season on CW, "Smackdown" posted an average of 4.7 million viewers and a 1.5 in the key demo.

"Smackdown" was highly promoted by MNTV, taking over all bus fronts in New York as well as other real estate.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

WWE No Mercy 2008 Previews

Click on each link to get a preview of each match.

WWE Champion Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy
World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match
ECW Champion Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry
Batista vs. JBL
Big Show vs. Undertaker
Women's Championship Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Kane

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! - All-Star Kick Off on MyNetworkTV - Official Results (October 3, 2008)

My welcoming party

By: Michael Burdick
October 3, 2008

In an exciting championship extravaganza just two days before No Mercy, more than 50 Superstars, including every WWE champion, were in action to help celebrate SmackDown’s All Star Kick-Off on MyNetwork TV.

WWE Champion
Triple H def. ECW Champion Matt Hardy and World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho. Jeff Hardy and Vladimir Kozlov involved after the match. (WATCH PHOTOS)
Triple H proved victorious in the Champions vs. Champions Triple Threat Match, hitting the Pedigree on Matt Hardy as he was closing the door on Chris Jericho. But when Jericho attacked Hardy after the match, Matt’s brother Jeff Hardy came to his aid, staying long enough to hit the Twist of Fate on The Game. As Jeff prepared to go airborne from the familiar ladder, however, Vladimir Kozlov came from nowhere to delivered a vicious mid-flight head butt before laying waste to both him and The King of Kings.

Mark Henry & The Great Khali def. Chavo Guerrero. Big Show and Undertaker involved afterward. (WATCH PHOTOS)
With SmackDown General Manager
Vickie Guerrero recovering from the Tombstone she received last week from Undertaker, Big Show ruled SmackDown with an iron fist – forcing Chavo Guerrero to take on The Great Khali & Mark Henry in a Handicap Match. After the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior" lost due to the Punjabi Giant’s vicious Vise Grip, Big Show presented him with a devastating knockout punch. When The World’s Largest Athlete addressed The Deadman, his No Mercy opponent emerged with a chilling Throat Slash, indicating that Big Show would soon rest in peace.

Jeff Hardy,
Batista, Rey Mysterio & Finlay def. JBL, Kane, MVP & The Brian Kendrick. (WATCH PHOTOS)
The All Star Eight-Man Tag Team Match featuring some of the juggernauts of sports-entertainment proved to be an extremely intense back-and-forth battle. In the end, amidst a flurry of fast-paced attacks by both sides, Jeff Hardy ultimately prevailed for his team, following up Rey Mysterio’s 619 on MVP with an explosive Swanton Bomb on the Ballin’ Superstar.

Intercontinental Champion
Santino Marella def. United States Champion Shelton Benjamin. R-Truth involved. (PHOTOS)
Santino Marella came to SmackDown for a Champion vs. Champion Match with Shelton Benjamin, bringing the Honk-a-Meter along with him. But, once the action began, it looked like the visiting champion would be visiting the Heartbreak Hotel. However, as The Gold Standard was playing out a beat down, R-Truth suddenly appeared in the crowd, staging a lyrical interruption that caused enough of a distraction for Santino to roll-up Benjamin from the top rope and steal the win.

WWE Tag Team Champions
Carlito & Primo with CM Punk def. World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase with Manu. ( PHOTOS)
In a dynamic Six-Man Tag Team Match, the Straightedge Superstar joined forces with the new WWE Tag Team Champions. And, after the Colon brothers cleared the ring of Rhodes and Manu, Punk seized the priceless victory, hitting DiBiase with the GTS.

Women’s Champion
Beth Phoenix def. Divas Champion Michelle McCool. Maryse distracts Michelle. (WATCH PHOTOS)
The Sexiest Women on Television surrounded the ring in a historic Divas Lumberjack Match – the first time ever that the Women’s Champion met the Divas Champion head-to-head. At the conclusion of the match-up, The Glamazon took advantage of two different interactions between Michelle and Lumberjack Maryse to hit the Glam Slam and walk out of Green Bay triumphant.

CBS Wins Friday, CW Averages Low Numbers for Friday after SmackDown! left the network for MyNetworkTV.

Friday 10/03/08

-Total Viewers:
CBS: 8.10 million, Fox: 5.11, NBC: 5.04, ABC: 4.91, CW: 1.74

-Adults 18-49:
CBS: 2.2 rating/7 share, ABC: 1.5/ 5, NBC and Fox: 1.4/ 4 each, CW: 0.7/ 2


Ratings: CBS' Wins Friday Despite 'Ex List' Falter
The network also dominates the 18-to-49 demo

LOS ANGELES -- Fast National ratings for Friday, Oct. 3, 2008

A night full of premieres clinched a victory for CBS on Friday, garnering the network a 5.3 rating/10 share for the night in households. ABC was a distant second with a 3.4/6, while FOX and NBC tied for third with a 3.3/6 each. The CW finished last with a 1.1/2.

Among 18 to 49-year-olds, CBS was also tops with a 2.2/7. ABC came in second with a 1.5/5. FOX and NBC again tied for third with a 1.4/4, while The CW brought up the rear with a .7/2.

The season premiere of "Ghost Whisperer" started the night for CBS with a 6.0/11 for the eight o'clock hour. "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" put FOX in second with a 3.8/7, while the season premiere of ABC's "Wife Swap," 2.5/5, edged out NBC's "America's Toughest Jobs" for third place. The season premieres of "Eveybody Hates Chris" and "The Game" averaged a 1.3/3 for The CW.

At 9 p.m., the series premiere of " The Ex List" dipped CBS to a 4.7/8 for the hour. NBC rose to second place on the back of "Deal or No Deal" while ABC held on to third with the season premiere of "Supernanny," 2.9/5. FOX slipped to fourth place with "Don't Forget the Lyrics," 2.8/5, and The CW aired an encore of this weeks " America's Next Top Model."

The season premiere of "Numb3rs" gained back some of CBS' audience at 10 p.m. with a 5.3/10. ABC finished the night in second place with "20/20" and NBC's " Life" dipped to a 3.6/7 in its regular Friday night home.

Friday, October 03, 2008

MyNetworkTV Fall Schedule Update

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