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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Mikah Dizon and Jeremy Hidano ended their 5 day stay inside the Big Brother house after the public decided to let Bodie Cruz and Maricris Dizon occupy the last two housemate slots. It was a chance in a lifetime for the four housemate hopefuls but sadly the lass from Baguio and the boy from Japan had to go tonight.
It was a grueling week not only for the four newbies but also for the 12 original housemates. Gee-Ann had to battle her own ghosts plus she and 5 other housemates had to accept Big Brother’s punishment for their violations. Her heart to heart talk with Kuya helped her come to a decision of continuing her stay inside the house. Afterwards she together with Kian, Bruce, Robert, Nel and Jasmin had to play a game of chance to determine which housemate gets an automatic nomination for eviction, a consequence for breaking Big Brother’s house rules. Nel almost broke down when he got a safe smiley card instead of Gee-Ann, who got a danger card with a bullet. Robert and Kian followed suit so the three had to play the next level of the card
game. Unfortunately, Kian ended up with the bad luck gun card, which meant he is the first housemate nominated for eviction. It was a secret kept between them Kuya revealed Kian’s fate during the live episode this evening.

After that it was on to presenting the 13th and 14th housemates,
with Bodie, Maricris, Mikah and Jeremy tightly holding hands for support. Host Toni Gonzaga finally announced Bodie and Maricris as the winners of the 3-day text voting. Bodie got an overwhelming 39.9% of the votes. Maricris, placing second got 25.08% with Jeremy following closely behind with 24.13% then Mikah with 11.46%. The rest of the housemates had to bid farewell to Mikah and Jeremy, who accepted their fates wholeheartedly. After quick hugs and pats on the back, Jeremy and Mikah left the most famous house in the land with their hearts full of unforgettable memories and experiences. On the other hand, Bodie and Maricris could not believe the results and are very thankful for the people who have supported them. Maricris sat on the sofa, speechless while Bodie got congratulatory remarks from the guys.

A new beginning awaits the two of them as they and the rest of the housemates face the first eviction night tomorrow. Dionne and Zeke, successfully completing Kuya’s secret housemate task got immunity with the right to still vote. Bodie and Maricris, having only stayed inside the house for almost a week also got immunity but they still don’t have the right to vote. However, Kian has an automatic nomination for eviction -- who will join him in the spotlight tomorrow? Don’t miss one of the season’s momentous events tomorrow! Catch the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 First Eviction night right after Sharon.



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