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Thursday, January 25, 2007

People's Taliba:

January 26, 2007
03:38 PM Friday

Kris panalo pa rin vs Angel, Binoe

By: Pete Ampoloquio, Jr.

Very ambitious project daw ng GMA-7 (ang network na nag-aalaga ng mga sikyo na mga ilu at feeling nagtatrabaho sa MalacaƱang kaya sobrang mangbaboy sa press) ang Asian Treasures.

Bida rito ang mala-tidal wave ang arrive na si Robin Padilla (hijo, ang maaangas ay sa kangkungan dinadampot at talagang nawawalan ng career, di ba Philip Salvador?) at ng angel-faced daw (kapag nakukulapulan lang ng emyas, otherwise, it’s Nightmare On Elm Street again ... Ha! Ha! Ha!) na si Angel Locsin na piki at mala-Regine Velasquez ang tayo. Ha! Ha! Ha!

And as always, 41.8% kunetch ang kanilang initial rating.

Para bang ‘yung Darna noon ni Locsin na 50% kuno ang rating ng initial episode, only to become hardly 30% later on because of the flimsiness of the material, horrible computer graphics and amateurish trick shots.

Sa ngayon, pilit kinukumpara nila (the GMA paid hacks of course) ang obra maestro raw nina Binoe at Angel ek sa Sana’y Maulit Muli nina Kim Chiu at Gerald AndersonKetbalites?

Hindi naman ito ang kasabay nila, ‘noh? At magkaiba naman sila ng genre.Action adventure series ‘yung sa GMA, samantalang light drama naman itong sa Dos with a little touch of fantasy thrown for good measure.Ang katapat talaga ng series nina Binoe ay ang game show ni Tetay na Deal Or No Deal.

And so far, ang latest rating, 35.4% ang Asian Treasures at 31.1% naman ‘yung KDOND.
And to think that GMA is spending truckloads of dough on that project, while ABS-CBN has got very little expenses involved in staging their game show knowing pretty well how very minimal the salaries of the 26K girls in there and Krizzy baby is being paid not on a per show basis but on a packaged deal agreement.In effect, who’s losing and who’s winning?

Channel 2, of course. Kadalasan naman ay barya-barya lang ang naiuuwi ng mga contestants sa KDOND, whereas GMA has to maintain the quality of their adventure series.Parang ‘yung Captain Barbell nila na eventually ay nilampaso ng game ni Tetayski dahil sa untakable special effects at gross CB costume ng, in fairness, ay gwaping namang si Richard Gutierrez.For your information, mga ining, Bakekang ang katapat ng soap nina Kim Chiu at as of presstime, lampaso nila ito with Sana Maulit Muli garnering an impressive 32.1% at ang Kengbakeks a tolerable 27.5%. Ang dapat talagang itapat sa series nina Angel ek ay ‘yung Rounin nina Diether Ocampo at Luis Manzano dahil belong sila sa iisang genre.

People's Taliba


Anonymous said...

this is bad sign for Ch. 7 because the NOONTIME SLOT belongs to ABS-CBN already ganito din ang nangyari sa MTB Ang Saya Saya noong December 2003 throughout the year, tinalo ito ng Eat Bulaga. pero ngayun ang EB na naman ang lubog!

Anonymous said...

wow grabe! NO.1 talaga ABS_CBN................. kahit ano pa pagmamaingay ng kabila, pwe!

Anonymous said...

Maling headline, kitang kita naman na ahead yung kay Angel comparing sa show ni kris...anong klaseng manunulat ang nagsulat ng ganyan headline, (kabobohan)ahead daw???, wala naman pruweba! dats the real deal ahead since nagsimula and Asian treasure sa DOND, and before kaptain barbell never pang nanalo yung show ni kris sa same time slot... show us any proof na ahead si Kris??? Shocking headline, obviuosly bias!

Anonymous said...


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