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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Rene Mariano Predictions

For 2007, ABS-CBN is starting to dominate Daytime. Now, ABS-CBN's ROUNIN is the most awaited series on TV. Like in 2004, GMA-7 started to dominate Daytime but ABS-CBN on the Primetime, try to remember Star Circle Reload (ABS-CBN) it posts a rating of 30% against Hunter X Hunter (GMA-7) 25%, meaning the daytime slot was very overwhelming, because for per day TV Ratings, SCQ & Hunter X Hunter posts 20-30% ratings. If Rene Mariano's Prediction would be TRUE, ROUNIN or other ABS-CBN Show/s would dominate DAYTIME SLOT, meaning the SUPER GAS GAS na Anime of GMA-7 would plummet on its ratings. Naruto is also the MOST-TALKED ANIME on TV. But we will see the fight of the two networks (ABS-CBN & GMA-7) in the ratings game for 2007.

By TFC Follower


Anonymous said...

walang kwenta ang mga predictions nitong manloloko ito!

Anonymous said...

He told me a lot of things...usually general and even worst things which are not my personality at all and I would have never dreamt of doing.....---If they were really seers they wudnt ask how old I am or what right? and they dont need to answers our questions--they just can read thru the layout of the cards..right?

This is not what happened with him.
He can't even tell me when I ask him what this guy thoguht abt me in the past and in the present...
Besides they wdunt charged as ridicullous amoutn if they're really gifted....cuz that wud be too bad and evil, like if u ahve a gift--u shud just share it for free for it to take effect and once u asked for sumthin in will be taken away.

Anonymous said...

Iam down and out so I decided to visit him for a consultation where I payed 2k Php. Everything that he told me made me feel the worst human existing on earth, and wanted to end my life right there and then.
I used to see him on tv when I was young, thought he was credible and hoped that he can guide me to a better life. He's old and obviously very sick

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