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Saturday, November 01, 2008

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! - Official Results (October 31, 2008)

A night for fright
By: Michael Burdick
October 31, 2008

SAN DIEGO – Just five days after Cyber Sunday, MyNetwork TV hosted a special Halloween-themed edition of SmackDown full of Superstar tricks, costumed Diva treats, and a wicked Casket Match set by devilish General Manager Vickie Guerrero.

Undertaker def. Chavo Guerrero (Casket Match) (WATCH PHOTOS)
Even with
Big Show becoming more than a casual observer, the fate of Chavo Guerrero in a Casket Match against Undertaker seemed set in stone. After punishing the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior," The Phenom signaled to the referee that the end was near. But, as he was about to send Guerrero to his doom, Big Show slammed the casket door closed. Then, when The Deadman countered his opponent’s attempt to use a chair with a vicious chokeslam, Big Show attacked. However, the trick was on The World’s Largest Athlete as The Phenom pulled the top rope down, sending the charging Superstar tumbling over the ropes and onto the top of the looming box of death. Undertaker then hit Guerrero with the Tombstone and rolled him into the coffin for the win.

Vladimir Kozlov calls out Triple H; General Manager Guerrero gives Kozlov an opportunity (PHOTOS)
Vladimir Kozlov came before the WWE Universe, demanding a title opportunity against WWE Champion Triple H. When The Game emerged and pushed for a face-to-face confrontation without securing a title match, the Moscow Mauler backed off. Later, after watching her nephew lose to Undertaker, Vickie Guerrero informed Kozlov that if he beats The Deadman next week, she will award him a chance at the
WWE Championship at Survivor Series.

The Miz & John Morrison def. WWE Tag Team Champions Carlito & Primo (Non-Title Match) (WATCH PHOTOS)
In a heated tag team match, the Shaman of Sexy grabbed the rope just as Carlito was spring boarding off it, allowing the self-proclaimed “chick magnet” to execute a Mizard of Oz for the win. Will the “Dirt Sheet” co-stars have the same luck against DX on a special three-hour edition of Monday Night
Raw’s 800th Episode Celebration? (full story…) (WATCH PREVIEW)

Six-Diva Tag Team Match:
Maria def. Victoria (WATCH PHOTOS)
The Sexiest Women on Television put their sultry Halloween costumes on display in a special Halloween Six-Diva Tag Team Match. Divas Champion “Army Brat”
Michelle McCool, “Bunny” Maria & “Cleopatra” Brie Bella defeated “French Maid” Maryse, “Police Officer” Natalya & “Wacky Banana” Victoria. In the end, Maria tagged herself in – much to the surprise of Michelle – and hit a cross body from the top rope for the victory.

Six-Man Tag Team Match:
Jeff Hardy def. MVP (PHOTOS)

In a ghoulish match, ECW Champion Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, & Rey Mysterio took on the frightening forces of Kane, Mark Henry & Montel Vontavious Porter. In the end, Jeff Hardy proved victorious; hitting the Ballin’ Superstar with the Swanton Bomb after his brother Matt delivered the Twist of Fate.

Jimmy Wang Yang def. The Brian Kendrick – DQ (PHOTOS)

Jimmy Wang Yang dressed up as the legendary “John Wayne Yang.” But after he hit the Moonsault and looked as if he would pin The Kendrick outright, it was Ezekiel Jackson who showed true grit. After pulling his associate out of the ring before the three-count could be completed – causing the disqualification – Jackson unleashed a devastating attack on the would-be Duke.

The Great Khali’s special Trick or Treat Edition of The Kiss Cam (WATCH PHOTOS)

The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh hosted a very special Trick-or-Treat edition of Kiss Cam in which the Punjabi Playboy plucked one Beatrix “The Wicked Witch of San Diego” from the audience and knocked her off her feet with a very haunting Halloween kiss.

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