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Saturday, November 15, 2008

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! - Official Results (November 14, 2008)

Facing the extreme

By: Michael Burdick
November 14, 2008

As the headlining Survivor Series matches were being finalized, Jeff Hardy continued his extreme tirade throughout SmackDown, causing major disruption to several of the Superstars. And even Undertaker - emerging from a casket in the middle of the ring - was not as shocking as Jeff Hardy’s frightening new look to match his reckless insanity. (WATCH PHOTOS)

Contract Signing for
WWE Championship Match at Survivor Series (PHOTOS)
SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero had scheduled a simple contract signing for the WWE Championship Match at Survivor Series between WWE Champion Triple H and Vladimir Kozlov. But things quickly turned extreme when Jeff Hardy suddenly jumped from the top rope and put the Moscow Mauler through the table. Hardy then proceeded to rip up the championship contract and throw it in The Game’s face.

Jeff Hardy def. Undertaker (Extreme Rules Match) (WATCH PHOTOS)
As Undertaker and Hardy seemed to be reaching the climax of an absolutely brutal Extreme Rules Match,
Big Show charged to the ring. The World’s Largest Athlete chokeslamed The Deadman and caught the advancing Hardy in midair, before Undertaker nailed him with the steel chair. However, with The Phenom’s attention on Big Show, Hardy was able to clobber him with the same chair, paving the way for him to hurl himself off the turnbuckle, over the top of the ladder and down upon The Deadman – executing a breathtaking leg drop that sealed his amazing victory. Following the match, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero told Hardy that if he beats Triple H next week, she will make the WWE Championship Match at Survivor Series a Triple Threat Match.

The Brian Kendrick def. WWE Tag Team Champion Carlito (WATCH PHOTOS)
When Carlito became distracted by the attack on his younger brother Primo by
Ezekiel Jackson outside the ring, The Brian Kendrick seized the moment and executed The Kendrick to claim a strutting conquest.

Divas Champion Michelle McCool def. Maria - (Divas Championship Match) (WATCH PHOTOS)
Divas Champion Michelle McCool utilized a wrenching ankle hold on Maria to score a painful submission triumph in a match for the Divas Championship.
Festus & Jesse had journeyed down to ringside - teddy bear in hand - to view the match close up. But when the Corn-Fed Colossus realized Michelle had hurt Maria, he charged into the ring after her, forcing the champion to quickly dive out of the ring to safety.

ECW Champion Matt Hardy def. United States Champion Shelton Benjamin – (Non-Title) (PHOTOS)
ECW Champion Matt Hardy hit the Twist of Fate out of nowhere to overcome United States Champion Shelton Benjamin in an intense, hard-fought Champion vs. Champion Match.

Kung Fu Naki def.
Montel Vontavious Porter; Khali Kiss Cam (PHOTOS)
Thanks in part to the emergence of
The Great Khali, Kung Fu Naki surprised MVP with the Chain Kick, giving him a huge win over the Ballin’ Superstar - once again costing SmackDown’s highest paid athlete his incentive bonus. After leveling MVP at the conclusion of the match, the Punjabi Playboy presented yet another edition of Khali Kiss Cam. However, in an unexpected twist, after dropping MVP for the second time with a two-handed chokeslam – Khali decided to have the lucky lady from Manchester give MVP the kiss instead.

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