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Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Love this moment! - Stewie and Brian Griffin at the Emmys 2007 (VIDEO)

Emmys '07 - Stewie and Brian Griffin


Brian and Stewie from "Family Guy" performing the opening number for the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards and poking fun at the "wide selection of trash" on television.

"You've got mega hits like 'Idol' where Sanjaya took his bow
Just a little boy from India who made us all say 'wow'
With a voice that makes you wanna just go out and kill a cow

Here's the plain situation
A simple declaration
If you want it you can find it on T.V.

You've got 'Scrubs' on NBC in season seven and a half
With the antics of the loveable and talented Zach Braff
Who reminds us that a sitcom doesn't have to make you laugh

You can try to deny it
But we can certify it
If you want it you can find it on T.V.

And if you start to crave a brand new T.V. thrill
They're always brewing up some brand new primetime swill
Like the GEICO 'Cavemen'

CBS was once a network that was reverent and clean
But today they've got some shows that are remarkably obscene
Like the show about a little boy who lives with Charlie Sheen

Oh, there aint nothing to it
You click it on and view it
If you want it you can find it on T.V.

ABC has got a line-up that's refreshing and alive
With its hits like 'Desperate Housewives' just continuing to thrive
And those women look sensational for being sixty-five

No we won't oversell ya
We merely wanna tell ya
If you want it you can find it on T.V.

Now the peacock's having trouble simply staying in the race
So I hear they're bringing 'Seinfield' back to save a little face
And I hear Isaiah Washington is taking Kramers place

Oh, you may not adore it
But, boy, you can't ignore it
If you want it you can find it on T.V.

Now the 'Sopranos' is a show I'd recommend
Because you never know just how it's gonna-

So to sum up the philosophy on which we're both agreed
All the garbage on the airwaves is a vital thing indeed
'Cause without it then Americans would have to learn to read

And so up with the curtain
It's absolutely certain
If you want it you can find it on T.V."

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