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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Guys, please view this video....IT IS VERY IMPORTANT


We must not encourage Islamic Extremists to rage war against Non-Muslims, even though the movie says "Radical Islam's War Against The West, The Qu'ran (Koran) says and I am sure, Surrah 9:5 says "Kill and besiege those who don't convert into Allah's religion" We must RESIST THIS!!!!!

"Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against The West" - Special Feature -Abridged Version


Anonymous said...

Muslims are trying to survive in world where people view them as terrorists.

Have you ever thought that we Filipinos used to be Muslims before we were invaded by the Spaniards? They almost succeeded in radicating all Muslims in the Phils. but the brave people of Mindanao fought hard.

Muslims or Christiam, they are all the same. They have their own agenda to achieve globe dominance. I already knew the real truth after reading the Bible. Religion is bogus and a fraud. The Bible was written by ordinary men and not inspired by God. Believe it or not most Christians don't read the Bible and have no idea how many hateful words are in it.

Do you ever ask yourself why there are so many religions that make us hate but not enough to make us love one another?

I believe that there is a Superior being in this earth. I call him God, but not the god in the Bible. My God is a loving Father who does not believe in hell.

My opinion does not matter much. But I encourage to find out the Truth. And you be the judge.

Anonymous said...

Actually we were not Muslims! We were Atheist or Pagans or Gentiles...We Filipinos worship Bathala!

Anonymous said...

But now we worship God The Father!

jansen said...

sometimes, i cant blame this muslims to be radical.. they have all the right to be ... they just want to protect themselves from invasion.. especially with the way they live theres lives and the way they believe in things.. for america, i just dont any reason why they want to conquer the mid east, they want to grab the oil cause they know that they cant survive without it..

Anonymous said...

America is not only the West....What about UK, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, the rest of Europe, and the Americas?...

Faith said...

Christian conservatives are even dangerous then Muslims.

History does not lie. The Roman Catholics and Protestants were in favor of eliminating the jews during World War 2.

The media also plays an important role in brainwashing people similar to what this video is doing. Remember it was the media who convinced us that there was really Weapon of Mass Destructions in Iraq.

So the video above is clearly bias and another type of brainwashing. Show two sides of the story so it's fair.

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