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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Triple Threat Match: No friends, you can't trust anyone!

Rey Mysterio spent 10 months rehabbing his surgically repaired left knee, but he only needed his first week back on SmackDown to win a Championship Competition and become the No. 1 Contender for The Great Khali’s World Heavyweight Title at Unforgiven. Squaring off against the 7-foot-3, 420-pound champion was an enormous challenge that Mysterio was more than willing to accept. But recent developments have motivated SmackDown GM Theodore Long to decide that Rey will play modern-day David against two of SmackDown’s mightiest Goliaths – Khali, and his longtime friend, Batista – at Unforgiven.

Despite an unsatisfying SummerSlam win over Khali via disqualification, The Animal has remained a persistent thorn in the massive side of the World Heavyweight Champion. So much so that he thwarted the Punjabi colossus from utilizing a near-two-foot, 250-pound advantage over Mysterio with a Khali Vise Grip on his masked skull. Despite Batista’s ring rescue, Rey looked badly injured from the brutal attack; this, in turn, prompted Long to officially declare that the World Heavyweight Title contest at Unforgiven – should Rey Mysterio still be physically able to appear – would now be a Triple Threat Match.

Batista and Mysterio have been friends for a long time, and clearly both Superstars would like to see the giant fall hard at the pay-per-view. But like most Triple Threat Matches, one needn’t pin the champion in order to win the championship. It’s hard enough to take a monster like The Great Khali off his feet, let alone pin him in the ring; however,
if push comes to shove at Unforgiven, will these friends turn on each other in order to seize a golden opportunity?

In terms of size and power, this three-sided tale of the tape favors The Great Khali. When it comes to relentless, unbridled fury, no man can match The Animal. Yet if either Khali or Batista expect Mysterio to be easy prey, then their heads are stuck foolishly in the clouds. Just ask the other “bigger, stronger” Superstars who believed themselves above the former World Champion, only to fall fast to a pair of 619-propelled boots through the ropes. Many three-counts have ended with Rey Mysterio standing head and shoulders above the competition…and Unforgiven may be his chance to once again stand tallest in all of sports-entertainment.

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