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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Which WWE Superstar Represents A Major League Baseball Team (How are they alike)


I haven't written a piece on wrestling in a while and I saw it fitting that the next one I did also involved another "sports" love of mine: baseball. The playoffs just started in baseball and it got me to thinking, "Which MLB team is a representation of the WWE superstars?" So I compiled this list but for this submission I will only involve those teams currently in the baseball postseason and a few notable teams who aren't.

Triple H: NY Yankees

It is only fitting I start with the Bronx Bombers despite them being home at this time. The Yankees have won the most championships in baseball and which current WWE superstar has won more titles than HHH? Now this comparison would definitely go to Ric Flair but Naitch is no longer in the WWE and he wasn't going to be winning a world title anytime soon in my opinion.

Trips is the champion for the 12th time right now and just like the Yankees, when he is not champ, you know it's only a matter of time before he gets back into the picture.

Evan Bourne: Tampa Bay Rays

He came out of nowhere (for those who did not know him as Matt Sydal) and shocked the WWE world much like the current Rays did to the baseball nation. Will they ever be able to grab championship gold? That remains to be seen but they both have their respective worlds talking.

John Cena: Philadelphia Phillies

The fans in Philadelphia make this an ideal choice. Cena has tons of fans who cheer for him and then they can quickly turn to jeers. If you've been to or watched a Phillies game you can easily see why I make the correlation. Both are talented in certain aspects yet also have their shortcomings.

Jeff Hardy: Chicago Cubs

Ah, the lovable losers. The boys from Chi-town haven't won a World Series since before some of our grandparents were born. Both are tremendously popular no matter how many times they lose chasing the gold. There is always something that eventually stops the momentum whether it's a wellness policy or Steve Bartman.

Both Hardy and Cubs fans wait with bated breath for the day they eventually break the "curse" and grab the gold.

CM Punk: Florida Marlins

Anybody remember that the Marlins have won two World Series? They won in 1997 and again in 2003. And after both wins the teams were basically dismantled, cheapening the victories.

Punk was and will forever be known as a transitional champion for his first title run. The way the WWE creative team took the title off of Punk was horrible, much like what the owners did to the fans of the fish. The only difference here is that Punk has more fans than the Marlins. I know this because I am a fan of both and have been to many Marlins' games seeing as how I live around the corner from the stadium.

Chris Jericho: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Jericho is one of the finest wrestlers to ever grace the squared circle. He is exceptional on the mic as well. So why is it that he hasn't won more championships? The same question can be posed to the Angels. They have been a talented organization for the past few years, yet they only a championship in 2002. They are talented enough to win a second championship this year, so maybe they can secure a second one.

Shelton Benjamin: Los Angeles Dodgers

Here is a team with so much potential, so much star power year in and year out. They usually have what it takes to be championship caliber but that doesn't automatically make them a champion.

The Dodgers picked up Manny Ramirez this year and may actually reach the place many have felt they should have been a long time ago. Benjamin is in the middle of a wonderful push right now and it's about time. The man who Jim Ross has called the best pure athlete in the WWE has so much potential yet he's always stuck in the mid-card area.

Batista: Boston Red Sox

Now please don't bash me Sox nation. The reason why I chose "The Animal" is because do we all remember when Batista first broke in to the profession? How green he was. Go back to OVW and look at his days as Leviathan. Even greener.

Yet, here is a man who was able to improve tremendously and eventually capture gold. The Sox broke their curse and have never looked back since. Now we can expect to see both hanging somewhere around the title picture.

Matt Hardy: Chicago White Sox

What does the older Hardy have in common with the Southsiders? Well, if you know about the White Sox then you know about their manager, Ozzie Guillen. There's a passionate man if you've never known one. Matt has that passion and love for the sport as well. They also have that inability to control their emotions as well (heck, through in A.J. Pierzynski as well). Remember the whole Matt/Lita/Edge triangle?

Mark Henry: Milwaukee Brewers

Henry has been around for so long. He's bounced around from show to show, faction to faction, getting in the spotlight only to fall out of it soon after. Before this season the Brew Crew haven't made it to the playoffs since 1982. The "Silverback" was finally able to capture the gold a few months back and it was fitting with the mass improvement he has done.

The Brewers have had the potential for a few seasons now but somehow always seemed to regress when the big time came. We'll see if the addition of C.C. Sabathia will bring success like Tony Atlas' addition did to Henry.

The Great Khali: Pittsburgh Pirates

I just had to put my old favorites here. The Pirates have become a laughing stock of the baseball community. Though the Pirates use to be talented, Khali never was but he's also a topic of ridicule within his community (and I'm not talking about India).

Rey Mysterio: Minnesota Twins

Little Rey Rey is the scrappy underdog always on the brink but probably won't be attaining the highest championship glory for a while. The Twins are that scrappy, talented ballclub. They don't have a big payroll, they don't have necessarily huge household names, yet they seem to always hang around the top.

Tommy Dreamer: Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles have an impressive history. They seem to have been around forever and have some high profile Hall of Famers to their credit. For the last few years though this team has not excelled and made it to the show. Dreamer is the godfather of ECW and as much as his die-hard fans would love to see him involved more and get another title run, it really doesn't look like it is going to happen.

I can go on and on, but I'll save the rest for another day. But what do you think? Feel free to agree or disagree and counteract.

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