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Saturday, October 04, 2008

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! - All-Star Kick Off on MyNetworkTV - Official Results (October 3, 2008)

My welcoming party

By: Michael Burdick
October 3, 2008

In an exciting championship extravaganza just two days before No Mercy, more than 50 Superstars, including every WWE champion, were in action to help celebrate SmackDown’s All Star Kick-Off on MyNetwork TV.

WWE Champion
Triple H def. ECW Champion Matt Hardy and World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho. Jeff Hardy and Vladimir Kozlov involved after the match. (WATCH PHOTOS)
Triple H proved victorious in the Champions vs. Champions Triple Threat Match, hitting the Pedigree on Matt Hardy as he was closing the door on Chris Jericho. But when Jericho attacked Hardy after the match, Matt’s brother Jeff Hardy came to his aid, staying long enough to hit the Twist of Fate on The Game. As Jeff prepared to go airborne from the familiar ladder, however, Vladimir Kozlov came from nowhere to delivered a vicious mid-flight head butt before laying waste to both him and The King of Kings.

Mark Henry & The Great Khali def. Chavo Guerrero. Big Show and Undertaker involved afterward. (WATCH PHOTOS)
With SmackDown General Manager
Vickie Guerrero recovering from the Tombstone she received last week from Undertaker, Big Show ruled SmackDown with an iron fist – forcing Chavo Guerrero to take on The Great Khali & Mark Henry in a Handicap Match. After the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior" lost due to the Punjabi Giant’s vicious Vise Grip, Big Show presented him with a devastating knockout punch. When The World’s Largest Athlete addressed The Deadman, his No Mercy opponent emerged with a chilling Throat Slash, indicating that Big Show would soon rest in peace.

Jeff Hardy,
Batista, Rey Mysterio & Finlay def. JBL, Kane, MVP & The Brian Kendrick. (WATCH PHOTOS)
The All Star Eight-Man Tag Team Match featuring some of the juggernauts of sports-entertainment proved to be an extremely intense back-and-forth battle. In the end, amidst a flurry of fast-paced attacks by both sides, Jeff Hardy ultimately prevailed for his team, following up Rey Mysterio’s 619 on MVP with an explosive Swanton Bomb on the Ballin’ Superstar.

Intercontinental Champion
Santino Marella def. United States Champion Shelton Benjamin. R-Truth involved. (PHOTOS)
Santino Marella came to SmackDown for a Champion vs. Champion Match with Shelton Benjamin, bringing the Honk-a-Meter along with him. But, once the action began, it looked like the visiting champion would be visiting the Heartbreak Hotel. However, as The Gold Standard was playing out a beat down, R-Truth suddenly appeared in the crowd, staging a lyrical interruption that caused enough of a distraction for Santino to roll-up Benjamin from the top rope and steal the win.

WWE Tag Team Champions
Carlito & Primo with CM Punk def. World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase with Manu. ( PHOTOS)
In a dynamic Six-Man Tag Team Match, the Straightedge Superstar joined forces with the new WWE Tag Team Champions. And, after the Colon brothers cleared the ring of Rhodes and Manu, Punk seized the priceless victory, hitting DiBiase with the GTS.

Women’s Champion
Beth Phoenix def. Divas Champion Michelle McCool. Maryse distracts Michelle. (WATCH PHOTOS)
The Sexiest Women on Television surrounded the ring in a historic Divas Lumberjack Match – the first time ever that the Women’s Champion met the Divas Champion head-to-head. At the conclusion of the match-up, The Glamazon took advantage of two different interactions between Michelle and Lumberjack Maryse to hit the Glam Slam and walk out of Green Bay triumphant.

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