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Saturday, August 23, 2008

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! - Official Results (August 22, 2008)

All is Unforgiven
By: Michael Burdick
August 22, 2008

QUAD CITIES, Ill. – It was a night for seeking repentance and rising to the challenge as SmackDown stood witness to the return of Undertaker on Friday nights, and saw other Superstars looking for a new chance at championship gold.

As a result of The Phenom sending Edge to Hell at SummerSlam, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero underwent a dynamic attitude change, showing remorse for what she said was not the “real” her and blaming the Rated-R Superstar for all her past wrongdoing to WWE Superstars and the WWE Universe alike. She claimed that she was very excited about the return of Undertaker and hoped our fans would join her in giving him a standing ovation.

But, not everybody was ready to hear it. After reading a prepared statement and begging him for forgiveness on bended knee, the reemerging Deadman made it clear to Guerrero that forgiveness would not be granted when he decimated Chavo Guerrero, Bam Neely and WWE Tag Team Champions Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder.

Four chances at ultimate glory
Earlier, before bedlam erupted around members of “The Family,” Guerrero made the announcement that throughout the evening, a series of qualifying matches would take place to find out which four Superstars would join WWE Champion Triple H in the first-ever WWE Championship Scramble Match at Unforgiven.

The Brian Kendrick was proclaimed the winner of the first qualifying match – a 10-Man Battle Royal that included Hawkins & Ryder, Vladimir Kozlov, Armando Estrada, Jimmy Wang Yang, Funaki, Super Crazy, as well as newcomers Scotty Goldman and Ryan Braddock. Although Big Show was overlooked as a participant by General Manager Guerrero, he was not to be denied – smashing his way into the ring on his own accord and eliminating the majority of Superstars including The Brian Kendrick himself. However, because Ezekiel Jackson caught and deposited his associate back in the ring before his feet hit the floor, the reeling Kendrick found his hand raised at the sound of the bell – earning a place in the Championship Scramble.

In the second qualifying match, Montel Vontavious Porter stole a victory over Festus via count-out. Once the fierce battle made its way outside the ring and the referee began his 10-count, the Ballin’ Superstar seized the moment by kicking an unsuspecting Jesse, distracting the Corn-fed Colossus long enough to get back in the ring and pick up the win in the final second. Will MVP’s self-proclaimed destiny to become a World Champion come true at Unforgiven?

In his continued obsession with possessing all the championship gold he can get his hands on, United States Champion Shelton Benjamin beat Finlay in the third qualifying match of the night. Benjamin’s victory was assisted by the Belfast brawler’s rival, Mike Knox, who snuck down to ringside and grabbed Finlay’s son Hornswoggle, giving the Gold Standard the distraction he needed to hit paydirt and solidify his spot in the WWE Championship Scramble.

WWE Champion Triple H joined Jim Ross and Tazz at the broadcast table to witness the high-flying Jeff Hardy against The Great Khali in the final qualifying match. When Ranjin Singh decided to distract the Legend Thriller, The Game made his presence known, dropping Khali’s handler before nailing the Punjabi Giant with a chair to set up Jeff Hardy’s humongous win.

And, just when the storm was finding its calm, The King of Kings was interrupted by Kenny Dykstra, a move that led to Dykstra being on the wrong end of a Pedigree.

Diva down
Maria picked up the disqualification victory over Natalya, after Maryse blatantly attacked her in retaliation for the broken nose she suffered several weeks ago. Luckily for Maria, Divas Champion Michelle McCool was quick to even the odds. Will the rivalries between these Divas cool off as summer comes to an end, or are they just beginning to heat up?

Don’t miss the premiere of SmackDown when it makes its move to My Network TV on Oct. 3.

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