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Thursday, October 11, 2007

ABC's "Private Practice" about last night's episode.

Ah, episode three of Private Practice, and Addison has hit the wall of realization: you can run from your life but you can't hide. It will catch up with you. It's almost like a tease of the old Addison coming out. She's still smart! No more naked dancing! This is an honest Addison, ready to deal with the life she's planted for herself.

Kate Walsh (Addison) of 'Private Practice' and 'Grey's Anatomy'

As a pouring rain falls on L.A., Addison confesses to Naomi that the dream, the magic, just isn't coming true, basically. Moving to a new city, changing your professional focus, and dismissing the past usually means that the new city becomes the old city, the job becomes frustrating and the past isn't that far away. Naomi says that she just needs to dig in, and make friends… and that it's really raining everywhere.

Pete, meantime, is out in that rain, at the cemetery, talking to his dead wife. He tells the headstone, engraved with "Anna Wilder, Beloved Wife" that Violet is making him come out to talk, and it's all Violet's idea that he be there, because he won't heal unless he says "this thing" to her. He then says that she was a lousy wife, and he hated her. Well, hello, deep seated pain and guilt! Sam the Zen master is hiding some demons!

Violet sees a long-time client, Doug, and seems to convince him, after years of therapy, that it's time to leave his wife. Again, I question her professionalism but I digress. After crowing to Pete that she's a "kick ass" therapist, the elevator opens to find Doug, and a very irate wife, Karen, who is bleeding profusely from her nose. It seems her nose started spontaneously bleeding when Doug demanded a divorce. Later, Violet tries to explain that their work hasn't been about him leaving his wife, it's been about getting him to say what he wants. The next day, Karen is back to confront Violet. During the heated conversation, the bleeding starts again, and she collapses. Sam diagnoses her with a blood vessel disease that affects the nose, throat, ears, and kidneys. Doug and Karen have a moment over her bed, reconnecting. However, we soon find out that she was diagnosed with the disease six months prior. Sam and Violet confront the couple, where Karen tells Doug she did, in fact, know about the disease. Doug, once and for all, tells Karen he's staying. Yes, staying. Doug comes back, once more, and tells Violet that she needs to be the therapist, and he needs to be the patient, and that it's his choice, no matter what. Projecting much, Violet?

Kathleen and Jeffery, married for three weeks, see Addison, and confess that they've not yet consummated their marriage. In fact, Kathleen says her "hoohaw" is broken. Yes! Her hoohaw. When talking with Kathleen, Addison finds out that she is a virgin (she uses the word "hoohaw", so no big shocker), who just wanted to wait for the "magic" to happen. Addison can't actually exam her either – the gates are "closed, locked, welded shut." Addison diagnoses her with basically, a severe case of muscle spasms. She prescribes a muscle relaxer, but that doesn't seem to work either. Violet recommends Kathleen see Pete. Addison shuts that idea down. Oh, the more you deny...

Addison discusses Kathleen's case, and the idea of magic and romance, with Naomi and Violet. Naomi accuses Addison of not finding L.A.'s magic because this time, she hasn't kissed Pete. It all comes around to Pete. On cue, he walks in at that moment, and accuses all of them of talking about sex. Addison freaks out on him, rambling on about needs and wants. Pete, obviously still smarting from the cemetery, coldly shuts her down. Violet says that this week, Pete needs a pass.

<---- Tim Daly of 'Private Practice'

Addison continues to work to a diagnosis for Kathleen, and talks with Naomi, who tells her to work with Pete, because that's what the practice is all about. She also tells her that the week's pass is because it's the anniversary of his wife's death. After dealing with Kathleen with medicine, she tucks tail and asks Pete for his alternative medicine help. While trying to thank him for helping her patient, Pete talks about the loss of his wife, but admits that his marriage was flawed from the beginning, and that nothing is ever perfect. More crashing realization that life in L.A. isn't going to all magic… until Violet tells her that Pete has never shared that much information about his wife with anyone.

Cooper sees a young girl who, strangely, has turned blue. The next day, her three sisters have also turned blue. Cooper makes a house call to try and figure out the reason. The mom says that the girls don't talk to anyone but each other, and during the visit, one of the girls has a seizure. While she is hospitalized, Cooper bribes the other sisters with fairy outfits to show him their "secret magic castle" – a shed in the neighbors yard filled with fertilizer. Magic fairy dust indeed.

In the end, we see Pete really giving the headstone the truth… and apologizing, Kathleen and Jeffery running in screaming their thanks to Addison and Pete for giving them their magical first night, and Addison making peace with the L.A.rain. Because no matter what, it's still not Seattle.

Source: Zap2it


Private Practice is the spin-off show of Grey's Anatomy

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