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Monday, October 29, 2007


GMA Network nangunguna na sa buong Urban Luzon!

NANGUNGUNA na ang GMA Network pagdating sa TV ratings at audience share sa buong urban Luzon ayon sa data mula sa AGB Nielsen Media Research noong Setyembre hanggang unang dalawang Linggo ng Oktubre.

Nasa Total Urban Luzon ang 76.2% ng kabuuang urban TV household population sa bansa, ayon sa AGB Nielsen.

Nagkamit ang Kapuso Network noong Setyembre ng 42.4% TV Household Audience Share samantalang ang kalabang istasyon ay nagtala naman ng 40.3%. Noong mid-October, umakyat pa ang audience share ng GMA sa 44.6% habang ang kalaban nito ay bumaba sa 39.4%.

Mula ika-1 hanggang ika-13 ng Oktubre, nanguna ang Marimar sa listahan ng top 30 programs sa buong urban Luzon. Nagtala ito ng 33.5% household ratings.

Pito sa mga nangungunang 10 programa sa nasabing period ay gawa ng Kapuso rin. Kabilang sa mga nangunguna sa listahan ang Mga Mata ni Angelita, Kap’s Amazing Stories, Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan, Bitoy’s Funniest Videos, Tok! Tok! Tok! Isang Milyon Pasok, at 24 Oras.

Tunay ngang mas pinipili ngayon ng maraming taga-Luzon ang programs ng Siyete kaya napapabilang ang mga ito sa listahan ng mga nangungunang palabas. Habang umuusad sa ratings ang GMA, patuloy rin ang paglago ng kumpanya. Nakapagtala ito ng higit na malaking net income kumpara sa kalaban nitong nakaraang 3rd quarter. Patuloy rin ang pagpapalakas ng signal ng GMA at pagtatayo ng mga istruktura sa probinsya para sa mga manonood nito lalo na sa Southern Luzon, Visayas, at Mindanao.

Samantala, patuloy pa ang pagiging lider ng GMA sa Mega Manila. Umakyat ang ratings nito mula 44% noong 3rd Quarter ng 2007 hanggang 47.7% noong mid-October. Ang ABS naman, bumagsak mula 35.3% hanggang 33.4% sa nasabing period. Sa Mega Manila pa rin, 22 sa 30 nangungunang programa ay gawa ng Kapuso. Ang Marimar, Mga Mata ni Angelita, at Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan ang nakakuha ng tatlong pinakamatataas na puwesto.

Sinasalamin ng mga resulta na GMA ang nagtatalaga ng pamatayan para sa programang pangtelebisyon, at wala itong kinikilalang hangganan kaya’t parami pa nang parami ang nagiging Kapuso.

People's Taliba


Oliver said...

This is great. Competition is indeed great for the viewing public, both kapuso and kapamilya.

I remember the time ABS was invincible, so the telenovela then would last up to two years and pinapaikot lang tayo ng stories. Ngayon because of the competition , we are seeing more and more great TV shows from both networks.

I have to give GMa network credit for this one for launching the fantasy series with elaborate plot and twists. ABS soon followed and make great shows themselves though not on par of Gma.

But this is a good thing, because ABS realizes that they should make great shows to beat GMA's unsurmountable lead.

I really hope ABS would retain their title when the talented Eric Quizon is finally a kapamilya. I hope ABS will wake up and realize that they don't need popular actors like Angel Locsin, Piolo, Judy
Ann, to beat Gma, - it's the creative people behind that they need. Hire Carlitos Siguion Reyna, Rory Quintos, etc. The biggest mistake they did was letting JOyce Bernal go.

ABS may be an underdog now, but I think they can still become number one. Gma has done it, so can they.

Damn I'm so addicted with these two networks' rating competition. I think I am addicted to this site as well. LOL

Anonymous said...

No matter what the surveys says i still believe that ABS-CBN is my No. 1 Network no one can ever take that away!

Even they GMA told that they are No. 1 then who cares..

try to see most of the commercial artist most of them are from ABS-CBN because many of the advertisers trust ABS-CBN Talents cuz they were trained so well.. they cannot take that away ABS-CBN Rules!

Ang Tunay na Number 1 Sa Puso man of sa PAMILYANG PILIPINO!

Ur the BEST ABS-CBN! Nothing COmpares!

Ria Marie said...

Though my Heart Belongs to Kapamilya, I have to give GMA a round of applause for their successful shows that gave them a lead in total Urban Luzon.
It is indeed a great development that Philippine TV is really improving. Not just on shows but on the content of their programming.
Although GMA7 is leading in total Luzon it is not yet sufficient to beat ABS-CBN when it comes to Nationwide market.
ABS-CBN concedes already to GMA here in mega manila but not in the whole Philippines.
Yes, ABS-CBN still holds the lead in the total household viewers of the country.
But take note, GMA7 is slowly taking away the lead.
On the otherhand, I don’t believe in the statements that says, GMA7 has beaten ABS-CBN in MEGA MANILA because they have a better shows.
My evaluation is, ABS-CBN loose in ratings game here in Manila because of poor quality of TV reception.
Look at the cable ratings, ABS-CBN is enjoying a wide margin in ratings against the nearest competitor GMA7.
If the time comes that Digital TV of ABS-CBN will be completed, you will see a great turn around.
Even though times now for ABS-CBN is getting tougher each day, they have manage to increase their nine months income to 100%.
Although GMA7 has a bigger net income, ABS-CBN on the otherhand has a bigger revenues.
When it comes to business, it is undeniable that ABS-CBN of the LOPEZ Group in the leader in Media Industry.
Giving the Company a 12.5 billion revenue in nine months compared to GMA7 which only have 8.818 billion collection in nine months.
I have to defend my Kapamilya Station from detractors because my Heart Belongs to ABS-CBN.

ABS-CBN in the Service of the Filipino.

Oliver said...

Ria Marie, Digital TV cable is owned by the Lopezes. Isn't it fishy they have a wide margin in the cable ratings against their rivals? Of course, they are bias.

You have to admit GMA has much better shows with ABS nowadays. I've seen Pangarap na Bituin, Ysabella, Kokey and Lastikman. Omigod, they have lousy acting and bad special effects. Sarah Geronimo is the worst actress I've ever witness. Her acting was so one dimentional. I remember one episode where she cried in from of her father without tears only facial expression. It was terrible to watch, I could not finish it even if I watch it for free on youtube.

Come on, tell me an ABS show that is worth watching and I'll watch it myself. The quality of ABS shows has deteriorated. It's just bad.

Anonymous said...

peoples taliba? credible ba ang article mo? parang hndi... Marimar lang ang tinutumbok mong ratings ehhh... Kung Luzon? ay sus ko po magresearch ka at magsurvey para malaman mo.... heheheheh di kc kapanipaniwal article mo... balak mo lang baliktarin ang Philippine TV ratings ehhh...

number ang Tv patrol nung OCT26 ahhh/... halos ABS ang nangunguna... Halos 3 shows lang ng GMA sa primetime ang lumalaban. yan ung 24 oras, marimar at zaido...

Wag mo ng takpan un dahil un ang mas credible kesa sa sinasabi mo lang sa article mo.

Mas ok pa rin ang show ng dos!!! kesa GMA, nagagandahan ko lang sa GMA ung marimar at ung 24 oRAS!!

Ok/?? wag nang mag-ilusyon pa sa ratings ng KApuso na number 1 kayo...

Tandaan nagbase ka lang sa ratings ng Marimar!!!

still rules ang kapamilya...

Anonymous said...

I Agree with oliver.....

Gma 7 has a better marketing strategy than abs now...

Gma 7 has more shows that pang-masa ang dating....

GMa 7 better show rating that resulted to better revenue...

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