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Monday, October 01, 2007

Mega Manila TV Ratings: September 28-30, 2007 (Friday - Sunday) ---- TERRIBLE ratings for ABS-CBN!

For me, I am not really satisfied on ABS-CBN's Mega Manila ratings performance.

Friday, September 28:

SiS 10.6% vs Boy and Kris 9.4%;
Takeshi’s Castle 13.5% vs Game Ka Na Ba? 16.3%;
Eat Bulaga 22.9% vs Wowowee 14.9%;
Daisy Siete 20.4% vs Zorro 12.3%;
Pasan Ko ang Daigdig 20.9% & Kung Mahawi Man ang Ulap 20.9% vs Pinoy Movie Hits 10.7%;
Couple or Trouble 17.7% & Meteor Garden 22.2% vs Deal or No Deal 17.4%;
24 Oras 31.6% vs TV Patrol World 24.3%;
Zaido 33.7% vs Kokey 26.2%;
Mga Mata ni Anghelita 36.3% vs Lastikman 28.7%;
Marimar 39.6% vs Pangarap na Bituin 25.1%;
Jumong 28.9% vs Ysabella 21.1%;
Bubble Gang 16.8% vs Maalaala Mo Kaya 16.9% & Bandila 8.9%.

Saturday, September 29:

Takeshi’s Castle 17.4% vs Game Ka Na Ba 15.7%;
Eat Bulaga 27.9% vs Wowowee 20.4%;
Startalk 16.4% vs Entertainment Live 16.3%;
Wish Ko Lang 20.7% vs Saturday Afternoon Blockbuster 15%;
Fantastic Man 16.3% vs Komiks 18.1%;
Celebrity Duets 28.5% vs John En Shirley 19.8%;
Bitoy’s Funniest Videos 34.3% vs 1 vs. 100 20.1%;
Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho 32.1% vs TV Patrol 18.1%;
Imbestigador 28.7% vs XXX 18.4%;
Nuts Entertainment 17.7% vs U Can Dance 12.0% & Nagmamahal Kapamilya 7.9%.

Sunday, September 30:

Takeshi’s Castle 17% vs Love Spell 7.4%;
SOP 17.8% vs ASAP 14.1%;
Coke’s Ride to Fame 14.4% & Boys Nxt Door 13.7% vs Your Song 9.1%;
Showbiz Central 18.8% vs The Buzz 14.4%;
Kap’s Amazing Stories 30.7% vs TV Patrol 17.2%;
Tok Tok Tok 28.1% vs Rated K 21.6%
Mel & Joey 23.7% vs Goin’ Bulilit 19.2%;
All Star K 17.7% vs Sharon 11.6%;
Fulhaus 14.2% vs That’s My Doc 10.8%;
Sunday Night Box Office 10.9% vs Sunday’s Best 8.5%.


faith said...

I'm amazed at GMA's rating turnaround. They used to be always number 2 in the 90s but they fought hard and it paid off as they are now the undisputed number 1 show in Mega Manila. What surprising about this is their rival ABSCBN could not admit this fact. Instead they always argue they are still number 1 in Nationwide ratings. Sore losers I'd say.

Interestingly enough, when GMA was number 2 in the 90s, they humbly admitted it but worked hard to achieve to be the number 1 station in the country.

We all know how important Mega manila ratings are because the bulk of advertising is in Mega Manila. If your Mega Manila ratings is low, itong ang basihan na tsugi ang show mo.

I admire GMA's talent and humility. Their story is really an inspiration to all Filipinos that if you work hard, you will be number 1 in whatever you do.

bluedreamer27 said...

maybe ksi po naging over yung pagkakaroon ng reality show ng 2 kung saan they always discover new talents which means new faces uli
nakakalito na nga kung minsan di ko matandaan ung mga name ung iba dinadaan na lng sa charm at english speeking nila
which is bad na once tinangkilik na mass paniguradong colonial mentality yun
learn to appreciate our own
gawa kayo sariling contest na kayo talaga ang nagconcept hindi yung inaadopt nyo from other country diba
maganda nga show ng 7 at true na binibuild up parin nila ung talents nila kahit sikat na through their workshop

TFCGodSon said...

You know ratings are just ratings....the significance of Mega Manila ratings is nothing at all.....

This (Mega Manila Ratings) is to please ADVERTISERS, Money...for me ratings are just ratings..

Ratings are the NUMBER of households/viewers

But ratings aren't the QUALITY of the show...

Personally I don't care about the long as the network can represent themselves, and serve the people.

I just post the ratings for TV Addicts.....

Anonymous said...

Yap I agree with TFCgodson that rating is just for the advertizer and ultimately the money that it gains, however the rating reflect the viewing practice of the people that being part of the Mega manila regions, and that's why its important to both the advertizers and networks to have the number 1 spot or better rating than the other because of revenue profit and that the bottom line,,,, better rating more profit result and that's why GMA earned more profit than ABS coz its reflects on thier shows day after day, night after night.....

faith said...

I agree with Anonymous. Ratings are important that's why ABSCBN is desperate to attain their Mega Manila rating dominance in the past. It is very important for them because let's be realistics, TV networks survive if their shows are earning money.

No matter how good the quality of your show but if it's not high in ratings, it will always get pulled. That's reality.

I visit this site for ratings because itong ang basihan kun tatagal pa ang favorite shows ko. ANd I love GMA's comeback story how they retain their rating dominance day after day. It's quite inspiring!

Thanks for the post!

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