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Saturday, November 03, 2007

5 HOMEReasons why you should play The Simpsons Game

1. The Simpsons Love Games As Much As You Do

Games parodying other games is an old trick, but adding the Simpsons to the mix makes even the most ancient gag work. Here, as the yellow family realizes that they've been trapped inside a video game, they play out (mostly) loving jabs at everything from Joust to Grand Theft Auto, and the effect is as weird and entertaining as you'd hope. Our money for favorite scenario so far goes to Shadow of the Colossal Donut, where you'll battle a living Lard Lad statue with techniques hilariously like those in Sony's Shadow of the Colossus.

2. In-Joke-O-Rama

While there are hundreds of video game gags packed into this disc, longtime Simpsons fans will also uncover a treasure trove of references to episodes both favorite and forgotten. Venus di Milo gummis, Kent Brockman's commentary and Mr Sparkle all make appearances. And with an art style that looks closer than any previous game to the actual show, there are also signs, statues and other visual gags that bring the series to life.

3. Groening Is In On It

Most licensed games are made in a vacuum completely removed from the creators of the original property; not The Simpsons game, which was made with total participation from Matt Groening and the series' team of writers. The television crew suggested plots, characters jokes and other oddities, and refined what the game developers came up with, bouncing the evolving game back and forth like a ping-pong ball. The result is far more Simpsons than anything else to hit a console.

4. Powers, Powers, Powers!

It's no good to just have the Simpsons running around on foot slapping people with skateboards and fly-swatters, so EA has given the family a load of new moves. Marge can recruit and command a mob of Springfield citizens, Lisa can summon the Hand of Buddha, Homer's got his fat Homer Ball attack, and Bart's ultimate ability involved a robot suit and lasers shooting from his eyes. It's fantasy come to life for both players and their favorite characters.

5. No Need to Be Alone

There are five Simpsons for a reason - they're a lot more fun in groups than alone. (With the possible exception of Homer sitting at home on the couch, which doesn't make for a great game.) So each of the disc's sixteen levels features two Simpsons, and a friend can jump in at any time to play the second character and maximize the Springfield experience. While in solo play, you can swap between the two characters at will to get the most out of their abilities, and their jokes -- never forget the jokes!

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