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Thursday, November 01, 2007

COURTESY of Zap2it:

Forget about Wicked. The Tony-award winning play took a back seat to Ugly Betty's drama this week, which involved several people facing hard truths about themselves and, more importantly, the advancement of Betty and Henry's star-crossed illicit relationship.

Spoilers on my birthday today. Yes, I'm shameless.

Betty, the fine, upstanding citizen she is, has a very hard time lying. So hard, in fact, that she spills the secret that she's dating Henry deliberately to three people and accidentally in front of a crowd of theatergoers. Christina is in Betty's corner of course, wanting love to triumph. Unfortunately, Daniel is Anti-Henry since he's worried about her tender heart, so Betty's forced to lie when he overhears her trying to score Wicked tickets to advance her office romance.

Betty instead tells Daniel that she's dating sandwich guy Gio (yup, he's back!). Lots of wackiness ensues, which ends up with Gio paired with Betty at the theater as a cover when Daniel shows up and Henry paired with Gio's little sister Antonella, who appears to aspire to be as annoying as Gio. Okay, I get that Gio and Betty are supposed to have this crazy chemistry, but I'll be happy when he at least stops needling her every moment.

In the end, Daniel tells Betty that she's stupid for dating a guy who got another girl pregnant. Betty's seriously hurt, but after talking to Hilda, decides that she wants to pursue love anyway and goes to Henry's apartment to seal the deal. Finally -- even Justin was getting more action than her for a while there.

Meanwhile, Daniel tries to win back advertisers by man-whoring himself out to a potential client (Marlo Thomas), but comes to his senses that even he's not that low. Also revealed is that Wilhelmina's daughter, who was supposed to be the maid of honor, backed out with some trumped up excuse, leaving Willy sad and alone -- an observation Marc unfortunately makes within Wil's hearing.

Not that Marc is the smartest guy when it comes to relationships. He's having a fine old time with schlubby boyfriend Cliff, but is ashamed to acknowledge their relationship publicly. Cliff eventually figures this out, and dumps Marc, leaving our boy to reconsider his superficial ways. For shame.

And lastly, Justin discovers that his mom's new job isn't at the chichi Bumble & Bumble salon as she claimed (well, she was fired for offering suggestions), but at a Hooters knockoff establishment instead. Acknowledging that Hilda had to swallow her pride in order to make money, Justin and Ignacio surprise her with her very own hairdrying chair so she can open her own backyard business, The Sweet Hair-After. Thank Betty for that bit of marketing genius.

Some highlights:

- Justin RE: "bitchslap": "There's no other word for it."
- Christina getting all hot and bothered when comparing Henry to a donut and how Betty should dunk him in coffee.
- Marc to Cliff: "You know the fashion world: very homophobic."
- Wilhelmina chose "Ebony and Ivory" as her wedding theme.
- Daniel, after Betty wiped a smudge off his cheek using a bit of spit: "You didn't just do that."

- Both Gio and Antonella calling Henry "Egg Salad"
- Betty to Gio: "You're a very rude fake boyfriend."
- Amanda to Betty: "Why are you talking about that guy's pickle?"
- Marc: "What do I do -- let him go just because he doesn't use product?"

Did I miss anything? Your opinion on the two romances?


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