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Friday, November 16, 2007

WWE: SmackDown! Roundup

WICHITA, Kan. – Just two days before they both take part in the 10-Man Traditional Survivor Series Match, Finlay took on Raw Superstar and Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy in a non-title contest. The Irishman and two of his Survivor Series partners were on the losing end of a Six-Man Tag Match to Hardy and two of his teammates this past Monday on Raw, and he still hoped to make one last impression before the battle on Sunday. Hardy’s speed and agility gave him an early advantage, but on this night, the ever-physical Finlay resorted to using his trusted shillelagh, giving Jeff the win via disqualification. After the match, Jeff informed his brother Matt that he was leaving the arena because he had plans, and Jeff’s absence would lead to severe consequences for his sibling.

Enduring spirit
This past Monday on Raw, The Hardys teamed up with Rey Mysterio. On SmackDown, the Master of the 619, a member of Triple H’s team this Sunday, was in one-on-one action against Mr. Kennedy, who will be part of Umaga’s team at Survivor Series. The high-flying style of Mysterio kept Kennedy at bay for the majority of the match, and when it looked as if Raw’s loudmouth was going to steal a victory, Mysterio once again showed the heart he possesses when he pinned and defeated Mr. Kennedy. Will Rey’s success on SmackDown carry over to this Sunday on pay-per-view?

Existing demons
Also on SmackDown, Hornswoggle reluctantly took part in the official weigh-in for his match Sunday against The Great Khali. The usually fun-natured li’llegitimate son of Mr. McMahon was all frowns as he came face-to-leg with the largest man in sports-entertainment. (See photos from the weigh-in) Khali sent a strong message to Hornswoggle when he crushed the hat of the happy-go-lucky Superstar. If Khali applies his Vise Grip at Survivor Series, he may literally crush the laughter out of the Chairman’s bastard child. (Watch the weigh-in)

From the ashes to the top
The evolution of Beth Phoenix continued on SmackDown when the Women’s Champion teamed with Victoria to take on Torrie Wilson & Mickie James. The dominant Phoenix devastated Wilson to get the victory, and there appears to be no slowing down the Glamazon. Will Beth Phoenix and her Diva team destroy the competition on Sunday or will one of her opponents step up and try to thwart all of the Glamazon’s plans?

Tarnished gold
The uneasy partnership between Matt Hardy and United States Champion MVP imploded on SmackDown when the two faced ECW’s John Morrison & The Miz for the WWE Tag Team Championship. The self-proclaimed Shaman of Sexy and Miz capitalized on the self-destructing partners and became the new champions. Immediately following the loss, MVP challenged the new champs to a rematch, but the already beaten Hardy couldn’t overcome an injury to his leg and Miz & Morrison left Wichita with the gold. The prone Hardy was left wide open for a vicious attack at the hands of MVP, leaving the former tag champions and Survivor Series foes in complete disarray and Matt Hardy in pain. Read the full story…

King of the jungle
The World Heavyweight Champion Batista challenged Mark Henry to a No Disqualification Match just two days before he puts the gold on the line against Undertaker in Hell in a Cell. The Animal sent his destructive message to The Phenom when he destroyed the World’s Strongest Man. The time for talk is over on Sunday when Batista and Undertaker clash for the fifth time over the title in the confines of the “devil’s playground.” Read the full story…

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