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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

International Television: Kris Aquino & Howie Mandel to host "Deal or No Deal" US Version (You don't wanna miss this!)

Howie Mandel, host of NBC's "Deal or No Deal" (Endemol USA)

Kris Aquino, host of ABS-CBN's "Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal" (Endemol)

Kris Aquino to host America's "Deal or No Deal" with Howie Mandel
Nerisa Almo
Wednesday, April 23, 2008
08:23 PM

Dubbed as Queen of Talk and Game Shows, Kris Aquino finally met her U.S. counterpart Howie Mandel of America's Deal or No Deal.

Hours after they arrived yesterday, April 22, Howie, Scott St. John, and the rest of Deal or No Deal group attended the media junket prepared by ABS-CBN for their two-hour special episode of Deal or No Deal—Around the World, part of which will be shot in ABS-CBN studio tomorrow, April 24.

For logistics reasons, according to Endemol (producer of Deal or No Deal), the Philippines was chosen as one of the three countries that would cover "around-the-world tour" in Asia, Europe, and Africa. The group has also taped an episode in Estonia in Europe.

KRIS'S EXCITEMENT. One of the persons who is very happy upon hearing the news was Kris, who hosted two seasons of the Philippine version of Deal or No Deal. The program ended late last year.

Kris related to the media that at first she did not let herself get excited until it was finalized.

"Actually, we were still doing the original Deal or No Deal when it was brought up. Then, I said, ‘Until it's really sure, don't update me because I don't want to be disappointed.'

"And then, it was only about seven weeks ago, to be precise, that Alou said, ‘Yes, it's gonna happen. It's real.' So I said, ‘Really?!' And then, I said, ‘So, what's gonna happen? Am I sitting in the audience?' Then, they said, ‘No, you get to share the stage.' And then, I said, ‘Really?!'

"I think dahil po sa isang Filipina, natutuwa tayong lahat kapag nakikita natin si Charice Pempengco [sa abroad]. We saw her in Ellen and soon she'll be in Oprah. We feel so proud that somebody from the Philippines is there in American television. All the more for me because I've always said that the happiest years of my life were spent living in America when our family was complete," said Kris.

Adding to Kris's excitement was personally meeting Howie, who hosts Deal or No Deal in the U.S. In fact, when the media asked about her feeling being seated next to the male host, Kris answered, "Well, when ABS-CBN first bought Deal or No Deal, what they showed me was the DVD of five of his [Howie] episodes. And when I first saw it, I was just so hooked, I really felt, ‘Wow! This is so exciting!'

"Now that I'm sitting here next to Howie and knowing that his show still currently rates as number one on primetime—because in the States they have syndicated shows and they have once, twice a week—three years now. Papasok na sila sa fourth year nila sa America and it's still number one. So, it's so good to be with somebody who is that loved in America."

DIFFERENT STYLE. After watching the episodes of Deal or No Deal's U.S. version, Kris said that she already decided to have her own style of hosting the show.

Kris also said that one thing she noticed about Howie's style of hosting is his "eye contact." She added, "He really, really relates to the player. And that's because he has the power, that's the difference.

"We only have 30 minutes and with me it's always, ‘Oh God, it's gonna be edited out anyway.' And I think, that was what I wish we have, and that's what he has the luxury of. You could really feel that he got to know the player, he was sympathetic to the player.

"I knew also, by watching him, that I had to really develop my own personality because I didn't want... It's so easy to see it on YouTube, di ba? Ayoko na sabihin nila, ‘Ay, ginagaya lang niyan si Howie.' I didn't want people saying that, ‘She's just trying to copy him.'"

ENDEMOL ON KRIS. Like Kris, Howie was also able to watch several episodes of the local version of Deal or No Deal. He had nothing but praises to the Philippine's Queen of Talk and Game Shows.

"Like I said, I'm a huge fan," Howie said. "I did watch DVD and she is beautiful and funny and charming."

He also mentioned in the early part of the press conference, "She's wonderful. I think she's funny and she has a great heart and she's energetic and beautiful."

Endemol's executive producer Scott St. John agreed. "I think she's really charming. I don't understand every single word she says, but I get the emotion and I think she's wonderful."

WHY THE PHILIPPINES? Aside from logistic reasons, Howie explained why the Philippines was chosen as one of the three countries to be included in their "around-the-world tour."

"The show [local Deal or No Deal] is so well-produced and the culture is so beautiful and it's very different than ours. That's what we're doing, you know, we wanna see things that are exciting and very different than what we see in the United States, so I think the Americans are gonna love seeing that," he said.

Aside from the dancing 26k Girls of the local Deal or No Deal, Scott also noticed its version of "the banker." Scott said, "We love the way the banker gets to move around. I think that's really fun element. It's something that Howie and I changed in our episode in Canada. That maybe that's something we'll try to incorporate just to give the person more activity.

"It's obvious that, you know, the folks here have put on a great show. We see DVD copies of the show and we really liked it."

THE PREPARATION. Part of the thrill to tape an episode that will air in the U.S. is ABS-CBN's preparation before showcasing the local version of Deal or No Deal. Kris's Deal or No Deal stopped airing last December, so most of the props for the set were already kept in a storage.

Kris revealed to Howie and Scott, "We're not taping right now, so they rebuilt the set for you. That set was already in storage and a lot of other shows got kicked out of the studio to accommodate your coming here. The past two weeks they were building the set and right after you leave, we'll say goodbye to that set again. It's really only for you."

The same goes with the famous 26K Girls. Kris said they were informed immediately after the taping of the special episode was confirmed.

She narrated to the U.S. representatives, "We called the girls six weeks ago to make sure that they hadn't gained weight. We asked them to come over for a go-see and to make sure that they'd fit it to their costume. And then, for the past month, they've been back to the rehearsals."

As an assurance, Kris told Howie and Scott, "The girls came back and they've been rehearsing and all off them look good. None of them got pregnant."

Everything that was used in the local version will be seen in this U.S. game show. Also, the same people who worked for the local version will participate in this episode except for the two contestants who will be coming from the U.S.

The two-hour episode of Deal or No Deal—Around the World is scheduled to air on May 7 in the U.S. Unfortunately, this episode will not be shown locally.

ABS-CBN Business Unit Head Alou Almaden confirmed, "As for the airing here in the Philippines, no. It's not gonna be aired here in the Philippines. But let's see, let's pray."

Since Kris will once again tape an episode for Deal or No Deal—Around the World, will this mean that a third season of its local version will start soon?

Alou Almaden replied briefly, "We're currently arranging for the third season."

Kris remains very positive. "The fact that they are using ABS-CBN crew, ABS-CBN engineering, and they're also using our directors [Bobet Vidanes and Winnie Cueva] and most of our staff, it's really such a wonderful pat on the back to know that our standards are American standards."

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