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Saturday, April 19, 2008

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! - Results (April 18, 2008)

There would be no Punjabi Peace Offering tonight on SmackDown. The Great Khali sends Big Show to the canvas with a Khali Bomb.

Anarchy in the U.K.
By: Mitch Passero
April 18, 2008

LONDON – With Backlash just nine nights away, SmackDown traveled to the U.K. to the delight of a sold-out O2 Arena packed with more than 17,000 of our fans. Talk about getting your money’s worth. Our fans experienced a clash of the titans as The World’s Largest Athlete, Big Show (441 pounds), collided with the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry (392 pounds). Then, just when you thought the ring couldn’t hold much more humanity, The Great Khali (7-foot-3, 420-pounds) entered the fray to lift Big Show clear off the canvas and deliver a stunning Khali Bomb. (WATCH) The two titans are set to clash again at Backlash in what is certain to be an epic battle. (Match Preview)

Backlash bound
Matt Hardy looking on as a guest commentator, United States Champion MVP Montel Vontavious Porter pinned Tommy Dreamer after a vicious kick to the skull. Although Dreamer would have liked to make a better showing for his first-ever appearance on SmackDown, he had the misfortune of going up against a focused Matt Hardy – who has his sights set on arch-rival MVP and the U.S. Championship at Backlash.

Water wars
Coming off last week’s loss to
Finlay – which Matt Striker called an embarrassment – the former teacher was again schooled by some father and son shenanigans. To start his match against Striker, Hornswoggle playfully juggled tennis balls, which he then threw at the self-proclaimed smartest WWE Superstar. The hijinks continued as Finlay handed his son an array of water guns hidden under the ring, which Hornswoggle used to soak Striker. Finally, Finlay intervened in the action, knocking Striker out cold with his shillelagh. With Striker down, Hornswoggle went in for the Tadpole Splash and the victory.

My bodyguard
With burly bodyguard Bam Neely keeping close watch at ringside,
Chavo Guerrero got the pinfall over Jamie Noble after delivering a Frog Splash. Following Chavo’s victory, Neely – a former border patrol agent – maliciously slammed the vulnerable Noble to the mat. With the ECW Championship on the line against Kane at Backlash, what more will the bodyguard be willing to do for the Mexican Warrior?
First time’s a charmThings weren’t looking too good for
Cherry in her first one-on-one match on SmackDown. She fell victim to a relentless onslaught from Victoria, featuring two punishing sessions in the camel clutch and a brutal kick to the skull. To top things off, Cherry didn’t have friends Deuce and Domino at ringside. But, she did have the support of fellow Diva Michelle McCool – who proved to be her ace in the deck. While McCool distracted Victoria, Cherry was able to capitalize and get the surprising victory. (WATCH)

Russian superpower
For the second week in a row, the domineering force that is 300-pound Vladimir Kozlov put away his opponent with a reverse DDT. This week it was London local Leroy Kincaid who was added to Kozlov’s list of victims. With such a raw display of power, will anyone be able to stop this Russian juggernaut?

Never ending rivalries
Batista and Shawn Michaels have been at serious odds over HBK ending Ric Flair’s career, Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel has served as the stage for the Backlash opponents to take out their emotions. Unfortunately for the champion host, he has been at the business end of the aggression. On Raw, HBK delivered some hard-hitting Sweet Chin Music, knocking Y2J out cold. (WATCH). Then, on SmackDown, The Animal slammed the Backlash guest referee to the canvas with a vicious Batista Bomb. (WATCH)

Later in the night, The Animal was looking to carry his fury forward in a match against World
Heavyweight Champion Undertaker. Seated at ringside keeping close watch on the battle were Edge and his Rated-R Entourage. As the war moved outside the ring, both The Phenom and Batista were counted out, but this action didn’t stop their evening. All hell then broke loose, including Undertaker ripping Edge out of the front row and tossing him into the ring. Next, Chavo and Bam Neely came running into the ring, but their fate wasn’t a good one. In the end, The Animal and The Phenom were the only ones standing, while Edge slithered away. A furious SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero then ordered a title rematch next week on SmackDown, with the winner facing Edge at Backlash. (WATCH) Read the full story…

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