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Saturday, April 12, 2008

WWE News: New Concussion Awareness Program, WWE SmackDown! Diva Torrie Wilson To Retire from Pro Wrestling?

Finally! WWE takes one more step to save its superstars! For Torrie, get well soon. (Torrie is freakin' HOT!)

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WWE To Institute New Concussion Awareness Program

Chris Nowinski's Sports Legacy Institute issued a statement this afternoon announcing that WWE will be instituting a new Concussion Awareness program. WWE superstars will be tested several times a year as part of the program. This is a really, really good thing for the company to be doing. A "wellness" policy in pro wrestling is incomplete without

Here's the official statement form the Sports Legacy Institute:


Chris Nowinski has heard from anonymous professional wrestlers in World Wrestling Entertainment that WWE management has instituted a concussion management program. At a mandatory meeting for all performers in early March WWE performers took a computerized neuropsychological testing protocol, which evaluates such things as memory, cognitive skills, and reaction time. They will be re-tested aggressively every 6 months to look for long term issues, as well as re-tested after suspected concussions to help determine when it is safe to return to in-ring action. Nowinski heard conflicting reports of whether or not any concussion education was provided along with the baseline testing. One current wrestler told Chris that if it wasn't for recent concussion awareness efforts by organizations like the SLI, he still wouldn't know what a concussion is or why he took the test.

Congratulations to WWE for taking a proactive step in protecting the health of their athletes. The Sports Legacy Institute is proud that the analysis they performed on the late WWE performer Chris Benoit's brain, which found extensive brain damage caused by concussions and other head trauma, directly led to this action. SLI believes efforts like these will help prevent events similar to the Benoit family tragedy of 2007 from happening in the future.

Upon hearing the news, Chris Benoit's father Michael Benoit said, "I think it's great. I think the industry has to embrace the medical science. If they don't take actions like this, they just care about the talent." SLI encourages other sports leagues to take similar measures to protect athletes, especially youth athletes, and is available at to help make it a reality.


WWE Diva Torrie Wilson teased that her in-ring career is likely over in a blog written on her account:

"My health is doing ok as far as back problems. I must say there are days that I wake up and ask myself why the heck I put my body through what I did the last few years but it's all worth it. I can never trade all of the awesome experiences that I have had in the WWE and of course all of the great lifelong friends that I have made along the way. I have been told by 2 back surgeons that I should never set foot in a wrestling ring again if I want to be moving around in a few years on my own. Pretty depressing if you ask me....I don't even have some awesome memory of what my last match even was or who it was with. Hopefully it was with Victoria and I beat her! (-: I guess everything happens for a reason for sure."

Wilson, who was in attendance at Wrestlemania XXIV, is working on a clothing line and is still doing WWE-related public appearances, heading to Japan the week of 4/17 to promote the company.

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