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Monday, May 12, 2008

Season Finales That You Don't Wanna Miss!

Source: Yahoo! TV

America's Next Top Model
Cycle 10 finale airs Wednesday, 5/14 at 8pm ET on The CW
Do you want to be on top? Cycle 10 brought the girls back to the Big Apple, but even NYC couldn't save this show from its shrieking doldrums. Now the girls are in Rome and they must prove they have what it takes to be a true Cover Girl. None of the remaining hopefuls seem to have the whole package, so it should be interesting to see who the judges pick.

Season 7 finale airs Thursday, 5/15 at 8pm ET on The CW
The seventh season of "Smallville' found the ultimate hero battling villains like Bizarro and Zor-El (not to mention kryptonite) but no nemesis has been as driven to bring Clark down this season as Brainiac. In the upcoming season finale on May 15th, Brainiac gets "super" creative and impersonates Kara, whom he has imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. Disguised, he takes Lex to the Fortress for a showdown with Clark. Meanwhile, Chloe is arrested by the Department of Domestic Security and Lana awakens from her coma.

The Office
Season 4 finale airs Thursday, 5/15 at 9pm ET on NBC
It has not been a good year for Michael Scott. After he lost the big promotion to Ryan, he accidentally ran over an employee, then his relationship with Jan self-combusted, but not before she spent all of his money on redecorating and her dead-end candle business. Now, however, things may finally be looking up for him -- rumor has it Toby is leaving Dunder Mifflin. But let's get to the really important office gossip... will Jim be surprising Pam with that engagement ring soon?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Season 8 finale airs Thursday, 5/15 at 9pm on CBS
Before this procedural favorite takes a break from crime-solving for the summer there's one more murder to deal with... one that hits close to home. On the eighth season finale airing May 15th, the team's own Warrick is accused of killing a Las Vegas gangster, and the troubling truth is that Warrick isn't sure if he's innocent or guilty. Can the team figure it out?

Desperate Housewives
Season 4 finale airs Sunday, 5/18 at 9pm ET on ABC
The ladies of Wisteria Lane were shaken up this season by the re-appearance of one Katherine Mayfair (Dana Delaney), who used to live on the street and moved back under mysterious circumstances with her teenage daughter and new husband. She immediately clashed with Bree (because they were so eerily similar), but they have come together to form a business. Look for the true secret of what happened to Katherine's first husband (and Dylan's father) to be revealed soon, but the biggest event that could happen in the two-hour season finale on May 18th is a rumored 5-year time jump for the series. Whether it's into the future or into the past, things could look drastically different on Wisteria Lane (perhaps not all the ladies will be back, and it's rumored that Edie Britt might not return). Say it isn't so!!

Gossip Girl
Season 1 finale airs Monday, 5/19 at 8pm ET on The CW
In case you're living in a cave, do not have access to the Internet or television, and are totally uncool, then FYI: Serena just revealed to best friend Blair that she killed someone, Eric is gay, Little J has given up on trying to dethrone the Queen B, Vanessa and Nate are an item, and Rufus and Lily have settled on just being friends. But back to the whole murder part… is it true? Who could S and G have killed? What does that supposed 'sex tape' have to do with the murder? Hopefully the May 19th season finale will satisfy our curiosities. Until then, S resurrects some troubling old habits and goes on a downward spiral where love triangle members Nate, Chuck and Blair are forced to team up to help their friend. Unfortunately, Serena is too ashamed to share the truth with Dan, leaving him only to assume the worse about his girlfriend. And we're guessing he'll be turning to the next best thing for comfort… Sara, aka the evil Georgina in disguise! B and C continue to dance around each other and we have it on good authority that their relationship will get even more complicated in the season finale. Speaking of complicated, Rufus' band scores a high-profile gig, but Lily is the last person on earth he expects to see at the performance, especially since her wedding rehearsal dinner is the same night. Yikes! Looks like Lily isn't exactly over Rufus yet. Will she still be able to walk down the aisle and marry Bart Bass?

Season 4 finale airs Monday, 5/19 at 9pm ET on Fox
The season finale already? It seems like just a few weeks ago this medical drama returned from the writers' strike hiatus. Wait, it WAS just a few weeks ago. Oh well. As we say goodbye to "House" and the gang until the fall, the team has its hands full with a dramatic two-part season finale beginning on May 12th and ending on May 19th. House finds himself looking at medicine from the patient's point of view after he survives a serious bus crash, but sustains a major head injury and can't recall the events leading up to the accident. Though his flashbacks are fuzzy, he insists there was a fellow passenger on the bus who was exhibiting signs of a deadly illness. Jumping back into doctor mode, House sets out to find -- and save -- the person. On the personal front, will Amber and Wilson keep their relationship going, much to House's dismay? Also make sure to keep your eye out for the finale's rocker of a guest star.

Dancing With the Stars
Season 6 finale results show airs Tuesday, 5/20 at 9pm ET on ABC
Can Kristi Yamaguchi dominate an entire season of "Dancing with the Stars" and add the Mirror Ball Trophy to her collection of Olympic gold medals? We think so. There isn't another star this season that even comes close. Although Jason Taylor is a favorite with the fans and the judges, his threat to her imminent title is only a minor one. The only thing that is still up in the air for us is which star will round out the Season 6 final three.

Criminal Minds
Season 3 finale airs Wednesday, 5/21 at 9pm ET on CBS
Joe Mantegna hit the ground running as Supervisory Special Agent David Rossi, who came out of retirement to rejoin the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit team (replacing actor Mandy Patinkin's character Jason Gideon). During the third season, the team dealt with child kidnapping, serial killers, and death by heart removal (eeek!). On May 21st they'll end the season with one of their toughest--and most riveting cases, in which people who seem to have nothing in common are being killed at random.

American Idol
Season 7 finale results show airs Wednesday, 5/21 at 8pm ET on Fox
The last few "American Idol" eliminations have been shockers, so at this point in the singing competition anybody could go home next. America can be fickle. Will the finale be the battle of the two Davids, or will Jason or Syesha miraculously improve their game, win America's votes, and find a spot in the Top 2? Whoever ends up battling it out for the Season 7 title, you can bet that the finale show will be quite an event! All 12 of the finalists will return for group numbers and duets alongside tons of celebrity guests. Rumor has it that with Paula Abdul’s first studio release in over a decade due in stores this summer, the Forever Your Girl star will debut a song from her upcoming album on the "Idol" finale on May 21st. And Paula fans can expect an all-out "Idol" extravaganza. We hear that this season's Top 12 "Idols" will perform with Paula on the brand new Nokia Theatre stage -- and two "Idols" from each of the past six seasons will also return to Hollywood for the spectacular season-closer.

Grey's Anatomy
Season 4 finale airs Thursday, 5/22 at 9pm ET on ABC
Forget the angst, forget "Gizzie" (Yes, please!) and forget gloom and doom. Executive Producer Shonda Rimes has promised a return to the Seattle Grace of old, when things were fun, light, romantic and entertaining, instead of the maudlin storylines we were exposed to during the first part of this strike-shortened Season 4. Look for on-again, off-again couple Meredith and Derek to finally find their way back into each other's arms (for good this time) once again, as well as a shocking kiss that no one will see coming in the two-hour season finale on May 22nd. The Chief tries to woo his estranged wife Adele back, while Cristina takes news of her ex-fiance Burke's career success hard. Oh and we're sure there'll be lots of trysts in the nurse's room and crazy injuries as well. (This is "Grey's" after all!)

Season 4 finale airs Thursday, 5/29 at 9pm ET on ABC
This whole season has been focused on the Oceanic Six who got off the island and the growing rivalry between Charles Widmore and Ben. In the two-hour season finale on May 29th, we will find out just how the Oceanic Six (Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sun, Hurley and baby Aaron) escaped, the circumstances of why the others were left behind, and why they had to keep what happened to them a secret when they returned to the real world. The flash forwards have added a whole new element to the show this season (Jack and Kate engaged? Hurley is back in the loony bin! Is Claire dead? And if not, why would she let Aaron leave the island without her?) We'll also find out who was in the coffin on last season's finale (speculation has centered on either Michael or Ben) and don't be surprised if the Grim Reaper strikes again, targeting one of our favorite castaways...

Battlestar Galactica
First 10 episodes of the fourth and final season wraps up on Friday, 5/30 at 9pm on SciFi
Yeah, you read the above right. The last 10 episodes of the fourth and final season is scheduled to air in 2009. Meanwhile, we're crossing our fingers and hoping that the writers will reveal at least one "Battlestar Galactica" mystery on May 30th before the show goes on another long hiatus. Will the humans' quest for Earth be fulfilled? What will they find there? Dinosaurs? Ancient Greeks? George W. Bush? Most importantly, eleven Cylons now have been revealed, so who is the 12th and final Cylon?

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