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Sunday, June 01, 2008

WWE One Night Stand 2008: Cena Gives JBL First Blood

Longhorn's Bloody Loudmouth
By: Aubrey Sitterson
June 1, 2008

SAN DIEGO – At One Night Stand, John Cena beat JBL in a First Blood Match, a stipulation that declares the winner as the first competitor to make their opponent bleed.

As one could imagine, this was a mercilessly brutal match, with both Superstars literally out for blood. The self-made millionaire had met John Cena, Triple H and Randy Orton in a Fatal Four Way for the WWE Championship at Backlash. The Chain Gang Commander forced JBL to tap out with an STFU, destroying the Longhorn Loudmouth’s chance for championship gold, and kick-starting the two’s rivalry.

When the two Superstars met for their First Blood Match, JBL dominated the proceedings with his infamous hard shots and big boots to the face as he shouted “I want my torch back!” referencing the symbolic passing of the torch when he lost the WWE Championship to John Cena at WrestleMania 21. But after all that abuse, Cena rallied, locking up JBL in another STFU while simultaneously wrapping a steel chain around the neck of the self-proclaimed “wrestling god.” With the chain tightening around his throat, the Longhorn Loudmouth began to spit up blood, putting an end to this vicious bloodthirsty contest.

Although he managed to silence JBL, Cena may have fueled the WWE rumor mill with a conversation with WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James. Displaying his generous nature, and proving that he wasn’t any worse for wear, the Chain Gang Commander promised to discuss submission holds over drinks with the Women's Champion.


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