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Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Point-of-View: TV ratings issue! Learn a lesson!

Why are TV Ratings important? TV Ratings are the source of data where networks are ranked and give them suggestions where to improve their show or how credible they are. Not only TV networks account for TV Ratings also Advertisers. Advertisers look up to the ratings and what network should they do their advertising and when advertising is around, TV networks thrive and boost in sales to pay for expenses and have income for the network. Without the ratings, Neilsen or TNS or whatsoever can't monitor the behavior of TV households and what they are watching. Without also the ratings, the TV Industry can't get investments from other countries (like purchasing the rights of Big Brother).
To the cheater. You know, whoever cheated you, the network are PATHETIC! Why cheat if you have loyal viewers that support you from the bottom of their heart. DUMMY! You can't take the right of a person on what he/she watches. TV is for entertainment and fun, not for garbage and cheating in the ratings game. I hope you (the network) learn something about cheating. If you (the network's employees) are Christians, why cheat? It is the 10 commandments.
Effects on the industry and the people. If this ratings game still continues to be tainted the credibility of the Philippine TV Industry is in the near-to-doom situation. We don't know this industry will be bankrupt and imagine, no TV, that's gonna hurt: not watching your fave soaps on TV, so sad!
Why the truth should be out. The truth should be out and nothing but the truth! Because if the truth isn't out how would the Advertising Industry trust on people and how would other investors trust us if we commit lies? Think about it how could you trust anyone who doesn't know what the truth is.

There are more of these things above (I won't post them) but the important thing is: LEARN A LESSON! MAKE A STAND!

1 comment:

Oliver said...

I agree with your opinion webmaster. The truth should come out.

As for the advertisers, if they are really concerned AGB is tainted, they should consider having two independent survey bodies to monitor the ratings. So far, AGB seems to be reliable as it is consistent with TNS' survey data.

I will only worry if TNS shows a drastic change but it does not.

I encourage ABSCBN to bring their witnesses to the court para fair ang pagbatikos sa kanila if they are really telling the truth.

In my opinion, legal naman na mag promote ng TV shows. I worked in Advertising in Canada. We always phone our viewers and survey which show they like and asks them how we can improve ourselves, then we also give them souvenirs like pen or TShirt. That is promotion, and it's perfectly LEGAL.

Sa totoo lang ang tao hindi mo mababayaran para mag switch ng favorite channel nya. Do you think a network can pay me to watch Tyra Banks Show in exchange or WWF? I don't think so.

We may accept the money but we will never switch the channel. So AGB is very reliable and accurate IN MY OPINION.

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