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Saturday, February 16, 2008

FAQ for ABS-CBN Line-up, GMA, and ratings, I answered them for you!

1.) What should ABS-CBN do their Primetime line-up?
* My Answer: ABS-CBN should pull Spring Waltz out of the schedule and put it on daytime instead and replace Pinoy Movie Hits. The Kapamilya network's primetime showing should end by 10:00 p.m (Philippine time), and once you pass 10:00 p.m., its not primetime in the Philippines. And count Maging Sino Ka Man to the moving van, put it on daytime.

2.) What about the Mega Manila TV Ratings, is it credible enough?
* My Answer: No, because AGB Nielsen only placed 3,000+ panel homes in Mega Manila and the whole panel doesn't represent the whole region. Mega Manila accounts only 23% of the Philippines's population but 72 to 76% of the panels are placed in that region which is awkward and doesn't make sense, too unfair for the #1 network! The panels for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao should be balanced. And for the weighted ratings conducted by AGB Nielsen, it doesn't make credibility to me.

3.) Is GMA-7 really the number 1 network in the Philippines?
* My Answer: No! The survey doesn't represent the whole Philippines and even the ratings are weighted, ABS-CBN is the #1 network in the Philippines ask people in Visayas and Mindanao and also count Northern Luzon. Sorry to Kapuso fans and no offense, GMA is always up for LAME PUBLICITY!


Oliver said...

I thought youre balanced. I was wronged, you are clearly biased. GMa is number one in both Luzon and Mega Manila where it has a higher ownership of televisions per household anywhere in the country.

You question AGB which is recognized around the world and used by big networks like NBC and CBS, among others, but you never question ABSCBN's boring shows.

I've seen Lobo, Kung Fu Kids, and Maging Sino Ka man, just to be balanced and find out why they are not rating much. Here's news for you: those shows are just not as good as GMA's lineup. Simple as that.

Moving MSKM and Spring Waltz won't make a difference. Even ABS fans themselves find them boring.

Give GMA credit for making fun and creative shows, that's why they keep winning in the ratings' game.

Josh said...

I am not being biased, I just got PISSED off!

Josh said...

That's why I said on the article that the ratings aren't balanced...

kelly said...

hey josh. here's my two cents. dont get pissed.. hehe^^

even though it might not make sense the way AGB does their ratings.. its all scientifically done. it is the same way it is conducted every where else in the world. afterall they are an international company.. we.. hmm. i have to respect then on that.

and why are you only questioning these numbers now that abs is not the number one..? why not question it years earlier.

i am not saying this because i am a kapuso.. trust me i am not. but ehhhhhhh. ^^

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