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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Is The CW ready for the ratings game for its returning (original) shows?

When the Writers' Strike began, the productions of the 5 major networks were put to halt.

The CW scripted originals such as Gossip Girl, The Game, Reaper and Aliens in America are returning with all new episodes. But the question is The CW buffed enough?

We saw Gossip Girl premiered with a 2.0 rating/3 share but then it fell to 1.8/3 and never went up again. This show has been praised by critics but unfortunately the 'major critics' (viewers) didn't. One reason is that The CW's demographic was adapted from its predecessors (UPN and The WB), which is targeted to the young adults of ages 18 to 34, particularly women. Another reason is it is mostly a teen-oriented show. And The CW is the only Broadcast network that aims to Adults 18-34.

The Game premiered during the Fall of 2006, which was the day when The CW was launched. This Monday night comedy is in jeopardy because it may be the savior in The CW Monday line-up scoring higher than its lead-in shows. But this show has potential of being in a 'waiting list' then going to a 'cancellation list,' its lead-in show (or the show before it), Girlfriends has been canceled announced 3 days ago by The CW after airing 8 seasons (6 in UPN, 2 in The CW). This show along with other CW Comedies are moving to Sunday nights. And they will just waste their all new episodes by scoring bad ratings especially in the Fall Season were CBS and NBC air some NFL Football Games or in my prediction it will pull about 1.0-2.0 household ratings.

Reaper, this show has also been praised by critics but the viewers, not really. This show premiered with 2.0/3 and also went crashing down (like Gossip Girl). Also a teen-oriented comedy with the devil on it. The protagonist's soul was sold to the devil by his parents and the devil begs him to do a very big favor for him, collect 'hell-escaped' souls. CANCELLATION CLOCK is ticking!

Aliens in America, is about the Tolchuck Family living in the state of Wisconsin (United States) and the Tolchuck son was a loner so his parents called for an European exchanged student but their wait at the airport was an irony, a Pakistani-Muslim student was exchanged instead. This show is kind of 'racist' to teach the racists to not be a racist, but bottom line, it is a comedy. I saw the show once and it was good but the problem is that the show only premiered 1.6/2 in the ratings. And some stupid encores are placed during Sunday nights (until the show returns with all new episodes on March 2) and it fares poorly (0.6/1, 0.7/1, 0.5/1, the show's ratings are nuts). This show can be a candidate running for the 'CANCELLATION LIST.' Love this show but with The Simpsons airing on FOX (it makes me watch The Simpsons instead).

For me, With this kind of strategy, The CW isn't buff enough to win in the ratings. And unfortunately, The CW shows that are doing well aren't CW originals (i.e. Smallville - WB & America's Next Top Model - UPN). I guess its GOOD LUCK and A LOT OF HARDWORK!


The CW is a combination of CBS Corp.-owned UPN (United Paramount Network) and Time Warner-owned The WB (Warner Brothers).

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